Good Books about Masonry

Monique in France kindly sent the following link:…=aboutjyri

These books and films by Jüri Lina, an expatriate Estonian in Sweden, look really good to me and I’m ordering some. The author exposes the masonic origins of communism, which is something I’ve had a hell of a time getting anyone to consider for the past 30 years or so.

He also wrote a history of the Templars, their eventual destruction and the subsequent rise of freemasonry in Europe. I’ll read that book, first. It’s hard as hell to find any material about this that isn’t either written by creepy masons or bornagain chumps. I’m hoping he’s objective.

He also has a book on the pervasive, insidious, filthy-ritual-magic aspects of masonry and how it ties into mind control in the world. One of the best parts of travelling to Africa and perhaps Asia is that one experiences cultures that haven’t been poisoned by this parasitic horror. The absence of that omnipresent influence in the West is refreshing to me in my travels abroad. The average mason is a chump by preference and his love of the alleged ‘craft’ is based mainly on a feeling that he’s part of something big, powerful and important. Infants. Only the nasty ones rise to the top of that dung heap.

I’ll try to send the author a zapper and an Harmonic Protector. I bet the sewer rats who used to run the world (before the Peking sewer rats bought them out) hate that guy worse than they hate us [Image Can Not Be Found]


good find D, I need to spread this around … 477492406#

here’s one of his films

Thanks for this tip! I note that those books are available in Swedish along with several other titles, such as one about the Soviet influence in Sweden.

I am a slow reader of English myself, so I haven’t been reading much of this kind of stuff before. I also note that he is writing some about freemasonic influence in Sweden which is something I just have had the most foggy ideas and limited knowledge about sofar. (Even though I suppose the tell-tale signs of Freemasonry and Illuminati have been omnipresent for those who have penetrated this kind of knowledge. One thing I do know is that the party that ruled Sweden most of the 20th century has the red rose as its symbol).

I vaguely recall having come across Lina’s website previously, but for some reason didn’t pursue the thread. He hasn’t been occurring so much in mainstream media. It appears that he has been portrayed as anti-semitic and a holocaust-denier, which is probably a very effective means to reduce somebody’s freedom of speech these days.

There is reference on his website that he had a booking of a lecture hall cancelled and that book shops have refused to list his books. (I find however that my favorite online bookstore lists one of his books. Also check Amazon if you live in the English-speaking world, I saw two titles there).

In the Swedish part of his website Lina refutes being anti-semitic. In a letter that he addressed to a newspaper he includes the following quote in English from the author Henry Makow:

[quote:1be4uq5j] “I am a 61-year-old Jewish Canadian writer. My four grandparents died in the holocaust and my parents survived only by passing as non-Jews. I am Jewish. My wife and
family are Jewish.
I am very familiar with Juri Lina’s work. I regard him as a benefactor of humanity for exposing the pervasive influence of Freemasonry in our society.
He links Freemasonry with organized Jewry but makes a distinction between ordinary Jews and organizations that pretend to represent them. As a Jew, I can assure you
that his work is not anti-Semitic. In fact, he is does Jews a service by exposing the forces ultimately responsible for their persecution.”[/quote:1be4uq5j]

Jüri Lina also wrote a book about UFOs (I think its only available in Swedish). It seems to deal a lot with Russian research and encounters. According to the website, the book contains materials from the Soviet Union never before published in a Western language. Supposedly the attitude towards UFOs was more free and open in Eastern Europe.

I’ll definitely will be ordering some of his books.

I’m usually at a loss to find ways to convince people to look more objectively at conspiracy information. I’m currently trying an approach that suggests that all of the terrorist scam presentations are ‘conspiracy theories’ on account of the lack of real evidence for their claims. The corporate world order’s media and academic prostitutes who support this hoax have gotten otherwise-intelligent people to ignore factual data by deriding people who share factual information about how the world operates as ‘conspiracy theorists.’ Even that shows the conspiratorial nature of the creators of that murderous terrorist scam.

Lets see if it’s harder for them to do with Libya what they ultimately failed to do with Iraq, though [Image Can Not Be Found] since the Evil Axis (US/Brit/Israel) are now aerially bombing civilians for their own good, there, as they did in Baghdad repeatedly; you know, ‘For Democracy.’

Dirk in Holland has posted reports on EW and worked as a psychic in the chats we correspond from time to time. He asked about meeting us in Southern France, where he did a lot of gifting that I hadn’t known about. It’s a good gifting report, so I told him I’ll post it. I’m posting it, here, because he tells about the masonic connection to some good gifting targets:

Hi Don,

…I hope you don’t mind me telling a bit about my ‘adventúres’.

…We used to live near Toulon, that was before my orgonite period, so gifting has been during my holidays, there are still a lot of gaps…

Between Marseille and Toulon is an interesting region if you pass through. Especially the villages of Le Castellet and La-Cadière d’Azur. I’ve gifted a bit there, but I’m convinced that underneath the Formula 1-circuit of Le Castellet is an underground basis, it still needs to be done. I saw a ‘white ball’ UFO near La Cadière.

Story goes members of the royal family spent the night at La Cadiere during one of their voyages (1600’s I believe) and one can understand easily because the region is loaded with satanical symbolism. In the centre of this small village alone (La Cadiere) are no less than 4 or 5 of the main houses that have an inverted pentagram carved in stone above the entrance. In clear sight, for everyone to view! Before it was gifted, there was a devilish figure showing arising above this village about 100-150 feet tall.

Le Castellet is not that big, attractive for tourists, and has been gifted by me. It was a Jesuit HQ I believe.
Not far from there, besides the ruins of St Anne d’Evenos I found a little church that has old paintings of skulls and stuff on the wall. Behind the altar, embedded in the (rather new) wooden floor, a pentagram. Nice. Lots of TB’s there, but still not a place I would go live. Another entrance to the UG suspected there…

Thinking about, wishing I was there with a car and a lots of orgonite….

Let me know in case…

All the best,


…permit me to complete if this is going to be a report…

Surrounding the village of La Cadiere were also several old ‘towers’ (in stone) without apparent use. The ones that creative people end up finding on a map making part of a pentagram or so. They have obviously energetic importance. In Holland, where I live a the moment, these hollow stone-walled edifices are ‘disguised’ as windmills, and they need gifting. As in the stories surrounding Rennes-le Chateau, these towers might have been paid for by members of the royal family, and erected by local clergymen or other people of influence. I gifted two of them.

Also more or less between La Cadiere and Le Castellet (I think it were Templars instead of Jesuits btw), on the highest hill top of the whole region, a very ancient church site that puzzled me a lot. There was a kind of corridor in a building near the church, now housing a friendly insignificant museum. The corridor led to a place outside that can only be interpreted as a ceremonial ground: stone circles, a stone ‘table’, the lot. My imagination did not need much help to see sacrifices being performed here, although I did not get a clear energetic image. I think this might have been a place of good before it got ‘hacked’ ‘In case of doubt, gift.’ [Image Can Not Be Found] Check out the very interesting picture I got for that site from Google Earth! Isn’t that cross awesome (stones lying on the ground), could it be a Templar’s emblem?



Dirk, the cross is in an oval. I’d never seen that combo & thanks for the additional data.

As far as we can tell, the Templars didn’t use the Cross that Constantine introduced into Christianity, which some reputable historians tell was an older, Mithraic symbol, carried by Roman soldiers. The Templar cross was more like the Maltese cross, also more like the cross symbol used by native Americans. Carol found variations of these crosses in Southern France (I think mostly west of where you were) especially on certain homes and in the gift shop at Rennes le Chateaux. The variations were called Cathar cross and Magdalene cross. The Languedoc region is woefully deficient in orgonite, by the way. I think that’s a good place for aerial work.

We know that the Templars defended the last of the Cathars on Montsegur with their own lives, not long before the roundup and near extermination of the Templars. There are obviously a lot of Cathars in Southern France and I think there may be Templars but in our view these are in no way connected to masonry or Sion, which seem to be corruptions. I’m pretty sure I won’t get certainty without going there unless the alleged historic proof, which some say exists in the bowels of the Vatican, is released. One can’t imagine masons defending anyone but their own buddies [Image Can Not Be Found]

So much of what we come across in our discernment efforts has to be put in the ‘Wait and See’ file, sometimes for decades, that it can be discouraging, sometimes, but most of the fun is in figuring it out, hopefully in a collective effort.

In his letter to Don, Dirk is referring to “St Anne d’Evenos”. The word ‘evenos’ is the greek word for ‘ebony’. Many times it is being used instead of ‘black’ when someone wants to describe something dark.
My point here is that many names of places, villages etc. are not being picked at random. In many cases the name describes the quality of the energy that a place might have. So, I think it was good that Dirk gifted that specific area.

As for the oval shape around the cross, I suppose is a reference to the [Vescica pisces/url:k0cd5bna.

The Templar’s cross is widely known as having its points split. It’s a very curious thing though, the cross on Dirk’s picture.
Was it perhaps made to be viewed from above?

Could it be related to this (I realise I’m extrapolating).
[Image Can Not Be Found]
The maker of the picture – made during a “group retreat” – states the picture is from a “tombstone” on the floor in the “Church or Basilica of Sainte Nazaire” (NW of France)

Regarding the Cathar and Magdalene cross, I’d like to know more about them but reliable information is hard to find.
On more then one occasion the Cathars are paired with satanism – disinformation, no doubt. If the Catholic Church brands a group of people as heretics and then throws a crusade at them, they can’t be that bad.

The widely known “Cathar Cross” is disputed as being actually the Cross of Toulouse. Of course they could have just “borrowed” it from the Cathars I suppose.……l:9gywcagf
There is apparently a very big one outside the Capitole in Toulouse where each of the 12 points stands for a zodiac sign.

The Magadlene cross – it’s really hard to find anything about it. Unless it’s in a book, probably.


“The maker of the picture – made during a “group retreat” – states the picture is from a “tombstone” on the floor in the “Church or Basilica of Sainte Nazaire” (NW of France)”

Wow – skull and crossed bones…I know that in Hawaii, in the old days, after one died, your closest friend or family member would hide/sequester your skull and femur bones after death, lest they be stolen and used for ill purpose by black magic practicing Black Kahunas. Fast forward to Yale University’s famous “Skull and Bones” fraternity…same Black Kahunas, different day. Prescott Bush’s theft of Geronimo’s skull not the ‘fun college prank’ it has been made out to be, I’m afraid.

The flying discoid object in the center is also interesting. To me. In that I have come to the subjective conclusion that ‘Flying Saucers’ and ‘little green men’, or at least a notable subset of them, are demonic, with “Lam”, the strange little grey-alien-esque entity that Aleister Crowley was communicating/visiting with being a good example. I think that the “shining ones” , the “shining wheels” described by the rabid Zaddikim in the (furiously but fruitlessly surpressed) Dead Sea Scrolls are the very same demonic entities.

That these themes should be worked out on the floor of a church are, to me, even more interesting.

To add my 2p:

I found another film by Juri and bundled it together.

Here you have a link to torrent if you wish download them and watch offline (really good stuff from East Europe!!!): … 6715e50b7b

By the way – I could not upload this torrent to PirateBay (hahaha – it looks like after semi-genuine guys sold this website to BIG boys some kind of control was initiatied – but zipping the stuff and pushing it on btjunkie solved the problem).