Good, Confirming Progress Report from Hong Kong

I got this CC from John Burchell, who has started gifting in HOng Kong and has been in touch with Didier, who is on his way to vacation back home in France:

Hello Didier!
Yes beautiful sky in hong Kong…yes and so many natural formations in the
clouds…tons of sylphs. The wild thing is too the spew planes sprayed
over Lamma island yesterday and it didn’t even stick! It’s like the
sylphs were transforming the chemtrails. Also on the lamma island ferry
yesterday morning I observed there were parts of a chemtrail over Hong
kong island like dotted lines on a highway…so much of that didn’t stick.
This morning on my walk at 5:40 am I observed spew planes doing their
deed over KOWLOON…now if you are spraying over kowloon!! (one of the
most polluted city places on the planet) you KNOW its desperate for them.
Then i took the star ferry across to Tsim Sha Tsui (Kowloon) (at 7:35
am)and saw zero evidence of a chemtrail…just white puffy life-force
filled clouds and some sylphs…dragons, turtles, angels
amazing…beautiful deep blue sky.
Have a great gifting time in France my friend…bring the beauty of the
Hong kong sky with you and the spirit of dragon to grace the energy of
France. I will continue to gift the water in your absence, pouring “love
and gratitude” into every TB that kisses the sea. I’m off to Canada july
14th…I’ve got a date with a spring-fed lake there that is in need of
deep gifting and love…time to awaken that jewel…
I’ve cc’ed this email to Don…as I’m sure he’d love to hear about the
activities of reclamation and awakening in the land of the dragon…
Bon chance…with love Hong kong john

hi don,

am writing to you from no less than a free internet cafe up here in victoria peak
hk!! i can confirm that the sylphs are here and are in great numbers. just a
couple days ago when our plane swooped in to land, our plane banked right showing
a huge sylph eating up a chemtrail. i was so close to it and said hi to it. it was

the skies are clear, although on the 2nd day we were here it was kinda hazy and of
course this time of year it’s hot and sticky. but yeah the healthy clouds are out
and i gotta thank whoever is doing all this gifting here!!


btw, another huge confirmation was in the hk news last night. they were
talking about ways to cut down on pollution especially during the summertime
although as the announcer said, the skies have been unusually blue lately.

hmmm, i wonder why. lol!!

btw, anyone doing china proper? we’ll be there for a whole month checking out
various cities.

Peter, thanks for that, too. I wonder if Didier has noticed these fruits of his labor. Sometimes we gifters need them to be pointed out by others before we’re prepared to accept our own victories. A few travellers have gifted in China and a few Chinese nationals have contacted me before returning to China but the main difficulty in knowing whether this movement has taken off in Mainland China and Russia is that each ofthose countries have their own internet, which is entirely self-contained and not connected to the world wide web. I that this is why I don’t hear from anyone in those two countries. A fellow who does a lot of business in Russia told me about this odd feature.

Also, you and I understand how thoroughly the NSA and CIA surveille all of our email butthings are much worse in China and Russia, apparently, because surveillance is quite overt and implies a direct threat among those unarmed populations. The mind control protocols are probably still much more effective there, too. Dr von Peters will shortly return to Harbin, in Northern China, for more instruction in traditional Chinese medicine. He took quite a bit of orgonite with him on last summer’s trip to Harbin and distributed it locally, noting the sudden appearance of Sylphs, afterward, implying that the energy in the atmosphere was already pretty good, at least in that area.

He also spends a lot of time teaching in Russia’s medical schools. Since he’s a veteran gifter his observations are particularly valuable to us. Beijing is a mess, with loads of smog; death towers on nearly every street corner. I’ll ask him to watch for chemtrailsin his travels in China, this time. He found no death towers in Russia, on his travels between St Petersburg in the westand Ekaterinburg, which borders Siberia in the East. Nor did he see any chemtrails or smog in Russia.

I wish we had more contact with people living in Russia and China but that will no doubt happen in due time.Kelly and his friend, Lap Ping, travelled quite a bit in China last year, repairing the ch’i canopy and currents by putting orgonite in primary vortices, some of which were actually in good shape, already. That implies that there are still cost-effective etheric warriors in that beleaguered land. There’s tremendous pressure within the world odor to expropriate and pollute every single vortex on the planet. Until orgonite came along, they were mostly successful and mostly unopposed. Now they’re losing ground (literally) at an accelerating rate.

In China, one can still be gratuitously imprisoned or executed for saying the wrong thing, so it’s probably unlikely that we’ll soon be getting enquiries or reports from Chinese living in China. Hong KOng is part of China, now, and it’s possible or even likely that gifting will spread to the mainland from there sooner or later. Similarly to what Kelly and Lap Ping found in China’s healthy vortices Carol and I found, six years ago, that the major vortex at Four Corners, in the American Southwest, was being well maintained by traditional native American magic practitioners and healers from the surrounding tribes. They had restored it in recent years, effectively taking it back from the world odor, who had pirated that energy some time before that. The Indians were actually occupying the vortex. The first time I went there, in 1968, there was nothing but a government-installed monument, there (on US Route 666 Cool, which has since been renamed).

The best part of this spontaneous, unorganized global healing revolution is that one person can accomplish phenomenal victories and these are generally affordable, also fairly risk free. A side benefit is that the relative lack of reprisals from teh world odor indicates their parasitic nature. Once a person understands that teh world odor, including such otherwiswe heinous, treasonous regimes as the US and British governments, are only parasitic one feels freer to do this work.

I don’t know whether the Chinese should feel this confident in their safety if they start gifting. I think any Russian could do so with impunity, though. I personally consider China to be THE economic superpower on the planet, the way the US had become after World War One.


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