Good Example of a Gifting Report

This is from David n Quebec, a new acquaintance. I like the report because it represents how a self-starter approaches this healing work when the information has become available. I’m inviting him to post more reports as he goes; he can also post the photos he’s referring to. He didn’t ask to join, by the way, but a lot of people ask me. I always tell them that the criterion is to contribute consistently good gifting reports for our readers and for the record. David is the guy who sent me the ‘Monarch: The New Phoenix Program’ link.


In 2003, I came across an article in a free natural health newspaper about a book on chemtrails from François Pierre AKA Nenki, webmaster of Two years later, I found it at the library and took it home. I didn’t learn about orgonite in that book though. Taken from his website, here’s a picture of him with slit looking eyes, looking happy in front of a chemtrail gridded sky. [include picture]

On two occasions in the spring of 2006 when I was at my mother’s place trying to get away from the overt surveillance, I saw a spew plane lay a trail over our house. I was angry about it so I went on Internet looking for a solution and during my search I found and their page about tools to counter chemtrails: orgonite. On that page there was a link to Alexandre Emard’s forum and orgonite store at

Following are some observations I’d like to share.

Harmonic Protector
One day after wearing it full time, I sensed a warm feeling in my chest that I can still feel today. DB’s reptoid repellent is excellent in that regard too.

Orgonite gardening
It’s been a while already since my mother was surprised because her orchid had been blooming for more than 3 years, so I have to ask her if it still is.

Succor Punch/boosting
The day my mom came back from the hospital after an emergency hysterectomy because of a sudden infection, she told me about a creepy experience she had had the night before: while in a state between awake and asleep, she struggled to prevent an entity entering her abdomen. Before going to bed, I boosted her for the purpose of providing her with peaceful sleep. In the morning, she recalled a nice dream: people had cleansed a part of the St-Lawrence River so she could swim with the dolphins. She said she then knew I was part of it. Right on!

I once contacted a young man near Montreal who was electronically tortured, to tell him about orgonite and offer him moral support. One night I boosted him and one night during the week between our phone calls, he reportedly sensed a different energy coming at him: a “good” energy as he said. The electronic attacks were not bothering him as much(at all?) that night and he woke up feeling good, which sadly, was unusual.

Cloud Buster
Within ~ 25-30 minutes of putting the CB, all the clouds and the whiteout around were gone, excepted in the far distance, and from there cumulus formed and returned occupy the space they had left. A blue hole piercing the stormy dark sky just above the CB. SYLPHS !!! (I so much wish I had had a camera to take pictures of those). Lenticular clouds: possible cloaked “good guys’” alien ships. An man with a cell phone sitting in a white mini van parked in front of our house the day the CB arrived at the post office; another one in a white pick-up truck waving as he passed us when returning from picking it up…

Dreaming about someone in a car passing in front of the house and giving me the middle finger. I wake up and I hear a car leaving the driveway. I inquire about it and my mom says it was a woman with a cellphone. Psychic?

Weird stuff
My mom bought three brand new lawn mowers of two different brands in two different stores and all of them were dead broken for different reasons.

Night-time-100km-crappy-bike gifting run

Gifting is fun: it’s the primary reason why I had that urge to take my meager six TB and go on a old crappy bike random gifting expedition at night, having as only guide the blinking red lights on top of the towers across the fields, which had ignited my desire to go gifting by being, as the secondary reason or… trigger, the last reminder of those weapons’ transmutation in waiting I could tolerate. How poetically ironic is that!? [Image Can Not Be Found]
I hadn’t planned this to be such a grand tour but after the first death tower gifted, I decided to continue on the freeway until the next one, after which I decided to continue up to a city named Drummondville, located between Montreal and Quebec, busting one more mast in the process. There, I gifted a cemetery and one tower on the outskirt of town across the Saint-François River.

On my way back home, I took a wrong path(or so I thought) making me waste 13 kilometers by having to go back. I was tired at this point so it was a particularly bad time for such “bad luck”. Once the freeway stretch was completed at last, I lost a pedal, making my progression way more difficult when I still had 25km to travel on a bumpy Quebec country road, the imperfections of which I was feeling acutely. When I finally reached my home at 3:30 AM, more than 7 hours after I had left, I was so exhausted that my eyes were more red than those of Mrs. Pepperpot after drinking a very special green tea…

The next day, I went to the village to get the bicycle fixed. The sky was typical of those glorious days following a gifting mission: blue with cumulus everywhere. Just as I was making my way onto the main street, I witnessed a rainbow seemingly bridging the sky with the other end of the street, in the direction I was heading. I saw it as a “thank you” confirmation from Nature. After all, wasn’t I deserving of a little acknowledgment or display of gratitude for my passionate efforts? I think it makes sense too, that in response to lending a hand for changing the ether with matter, heaven would quite literally extend its own and touch the earth.

Here I have reproduced the sight I had, taking care to be as accurate as possible.
[include picture]

Happy gifting!

Thanks Don.

I’d like to add that in addition to the daily air traffic above our house, at least twice we have had the visit of three choppers at night hanging behind the house or choppers passing at low altitude above our place. One of my mother’s acquaintance living three kilometers further, had told her the unusual frequency of air traffic she was noticing (presumably since I had been in the neighborhood).
Note: In the above report, “surveillance” was used as a generic term.

[image removed because it wasn’t clear enough that his pupils were slit]

[Image Can Not Be Found]