Good Gifting Report from The Netherlands

I get a lot of these good reports from people who prefer to remain anonymous and to not participate in forums. I think these people are the norm in this quiet, global revolution. Note his concentration on the observable effects of his work! :

Greetings Don,

Let me give you just this one gifting report.
After I walked a long the coastline near Scheveningen
for an hour I started gifting into the shore lines.
In distance there were very .Very dark rolling clouds
at the sky above the sea. And a good half hour later
when I made a stop at the harbour of Schevening I could
see that right above some cargo ships (economic collaps
no use parking space) there were holes punched in the
clouds and the sky was clear at two spots above two ships.
So my idea is this; these ships create DOR on massive scale.
Confirmed by my walk along the sea shore where in the
distance two other walkers on the beach targeted me with
radionics which gave a freezing feeling. This is september
2012 temperature was fine and cool-warm no wind at all.
I am followed every and anywhere I go the last months/year due
to the work I am doing. The old Atlantik wall bunkers
around Scheveningen are intensively used by dark brothers.
It is a massive DUMP under the harbour and much along the
coastline. My earlier gifting of the DOR did them no good.
And they don’t like that. It has many minions here
in the city who are controlled by perversion. The greater
part of them are satanists who eat humanflesh or drink blood.
My intuition on this subject is almost 100% correct and
there are Many Many of these walking around here in the city.
So that is one story. Beware of the classic ‘backstabbers’ as
sung by the OJ’s in the sixties. That is one of the exact
markers that give away the satanist here.