Good Indicator Of Where To Put Earthpipes ;-)

Don Croft
28 Jul 2008 08:55
Subject: Good Indicator of Where to Put Earthpipes
Mystery vibrations have Green Bay couple spinning
For two years now, the Ehrfurths have been enduring an annoying, persistent noise in their home – a low, motor-like rumble accompanied by a vibration. They can’t figure out what’s causing it, and it’s been a challenge getting others to believe them because the problem starts and stops.
Posted Jul 24, 2008 04:11 PM PST

There is no mystery here. I have heard that sound myself and know what it is. it is the sound of deep earth boring machines making tunnels for the military.

Story is at:

Manfred Hotwagner
28 Jul 2008 10:27
Subject: Re: Good Indicator Of Where To Put Earthpipes
This is what happened here in our small town two years ago.
Everyone in our house did hear it.
Our neighbours did hear it.
Many people did hear it.
It occurred espacially in the night hours, or maybe was only better to hear in these hours.
It was also interesting that many people didnt hear it immediatedly, because they didn´t listen. But they heard it when they listened with attention.
There seemed to be no explanation for the sounds, but we knew what was going on.

This was the start of our more intense earthpiping.
In the meantime they show us exactly, where they have moved to after we have driven them out, because the produced DOR is visible.
We follow them with our earthpipes……hehe

Don Croft
28 Jul 2008 12:25
Subject: Re: Good Indicator of Where to Put Earthpipes
Outstanding, Manfred, thanks, and good work! Very proactive!

I wonder how many billions of Euros you’ve made them expend, so far, just to find a secure place to do their underground mischief.

This will encourage and empower a lot of our readers who may have been scammed into being afraid of this parasitic activity Cool , assuming they’ll start driving earthpipes in the ground or dropping orgonite plugs into open fence and sign posts to stop the chicanery underfoot where they live.

Phil Schneider claimed, before he was murdered in 1997, that the largest underground base at the time was in Sweden and was thirty cubic miles in volume, so these aren’t just ‘tunnels’ they’re making under us, of course.

The US Navy’s underwater/underground base near us is still struggliing along even after we dropped 200 towerbusters, five earthpipes and an 18 on their heads, so it’s a big one and perhaps quite ancient. Carol says 13 more EPs will finally make them all go away.


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