Good News! This… I have to share with you

Polar Bear
02 Mar 2008 07:48
Subject: Good News!
Hi there,

This… I have to share with you. The weather has been pretty horrible lately here in Scotland. Last Friday it was raining horizontally and the trailer, with a wheel-lock and rocks under the wheels had moved considerably. The Chembuster had fallen over a couple of times as I normally keep it vertical. Well, we decided to give it a go and timed ourselves for 10 minutes for holding the CB against the wind, it was so bad, that was all we were going to give it. Because of the timer, I know for a fact that the CB stopped the wind in only 4 minutes. I then just left it in some bushes in the same angle….and yes, you guessed it….we have had no wind whatsoever since, where we live.

Saturday, I heard on the news that only a few hours after the fact, a train loaded with containers had blown off the track only a few hours drive south from us. I guess nobody in that area has a CB. Idea

Just for fun, I kept listening to the weather-report and it was satisfying when it was changed from this to that to this again, but no……maybe………hmmm Rolling Eyes


02 Mar 2008 14:22
Subject: Re: Good News!
Well, folks, I wasn’t going to post this just yet, but the ‘coincidences’ are building up so fast that I feel I shouldn’t hold back any longer, so this is a reaction to both Elen’s and Carolien’s post……php?t=1208 as well as a recent post in Dan’s Bali Gifting … 3&start=60 bottom of the page.

Last week, we had two occasions on which the forecast was for gale to severe gale with gusts of up to 70-80 mph. After having read Dan’s posts about creating an etheric draught by pointing his CB at a 45˚ angle away from the rain in order to attract it away from the sea and over land – which did happen – I decided I would point my CB against the oncoming wind. I had read about that in Don’s adventures a while back. It worked on both occasions in the sense that at least the wind was not nearly as strong as it should have been according to the forecast.

While two seeming successes is nowhere near enough empirical evidence and I don’t want to make any claims, I’m nevertheless very encouraged. The fact that three other warriors have now posted on this is just too remarkable to be put down to mere coincidence, so I am encouraged to continue experimenting and hope that you all are also. I’m not interested in making sensational claims, I’m only posting this because the time seems right. This is a clear piece of work that we can tackle right now and continue to compare notes on. Perhaps the weather psychos will now step up their Haarpigales but that should encourage us even more. If that happens, we know we’re on the right track.


02 Mar 2008 19:50
Subject: Re: Good News!

Paddy mentions my CB-pointing experiments to try and drag the rain back over the land (after it had been moved away by rampant chem-spraying) and this is the last Google Earth shot I sent him:


The CB location is marked with a blue star and it’s pointing in the direction of the red arrow.

Since then the monsoons seem to be coming to an end for this year although the wind still blows predominantly from the west (when it reverses to blow from the east; the dry season begins).

There are still pockets of rainfall around Bali and I’ve been trying to keep the rain here as close to constantly as I can by checking the satellite images and pointing the CB accordingly (45 degrees to the horizontal and in the direction I want to drag the rain) and have had some success; it’s rained at least part of every day since I began the exercise.

Of course any measure of success can only be indicated by circumstantial evidence as there’s no way of running a ‘control’ experiment; each weather event is unique and can’t be repeated but the results, set alongside close observation can show much (to the careful observer at least).

I’ve tried pointing the CB this way and that and have consistently observed that the clouds do tend to move in the direction I’m pointing the CB at the time regardless of the direction of the wind.

I have to add that I’ve never tried sending clouds up-wind though and I don’t think this would be possible (there are also no gale-force winds in this area so I haven’t had a chance to try stopping any).


Don Croft
02 Mar 2008 21:48
Subject: Re: Good News!
Excellent contribution to the empirical evidence record, Dan, thx!

CB pointing is always good to apply and it gets results.

When we’re faced with particularly vehement HAARP assaults we add a succor punch, by the way, and that seems to get quicker resolution.

It may be that HAARP, underwater transmitters (?) and distant land arrays, aimed at you, are more responsible for manipulating Bali’s weather than chemtrails. I haven’t seen chemtrails do that since 2002 and it was pretty striking, then, the way the spew jets, in areas where there weren’t yet any cloudbusters or busted death towers, could dissolve a thunderhead in about five minutes.


03 Mar 2008 04:55
Subject: Re: Good News!

You may well be right that chemtrails couldn’t shift the rain away from land and out to sea and that it has to be underwater or distant land-based HAARP installations that are responsible.

I rather doubt if there are many undersea platforms still working (at least not the way they were designed) as I passed the 3,000 TB mark in my ocean gifting late last year and another couple of hundred were dumped from the Java ferry on the weekend.

Apart from Bali and the eastern end of Java, the only other part of Indonesia to be gifted is a slowly increasing area of Jakarta; thanks entirely to the efforts of Maikel, a lone Indonesian gifter in the city (terima kasih Maikel dan selamat melanjutkan) so they’ll still have a lot of useable towers on dry land.

The good news here is that even if they can still manage to modify the weather (at huge expense and effort) we have a much cheaper perpetual free-energy mechanism to counter their pathetic attempts.


Manfred Hotwagner
03 Mar 2008 08:02
Subject: Re: Good News!
This weekend we had also severe storm warnings in Austria.
Within the gifted area where we are living there was no storm at all, just some stronger winds with some gusts now and then.
Sunday afternoon I had to drive to Vienna and I was a little afraid, because there were predicted gusts up to 90 mph for this region.
Vienna is always a very windy area, as well as the austrian flatlands in the northeast.

But I was confident because one of the austrian gifters has systematically nailed down the whole flatland region with earthpipes within the last months. So I decided to go.
There were only heavier winds to observe around Vienna, included some stronger gusts. But one couldn´t call this a severe storm, as it had been predicted.
The gifters in Vienna are doing a good job! Lovely atmosphere there.

Don Croft
03 Mar 2008 13:04
Subject: Re: Good News!
Good reports from Elen, Paddy and Manfred, too, of course, thx.

I haven’t tried the 45 degrees technique and I think there needs to be more experimenting to determine some range parameters. We’re all still quite new at this, after all, and nobody has capitalized an extensive, systematic series of experiments. That will surely come, later on, after enough of these subjective but solid reports have circulated. I’m very grateful that you guys are putting it in the record!

About six years ago, a HAARicane-type storm was approaching England’s Southwest region and some orgonite cloudbusters in that area were hastily turned toward the approaching storm, which almost immediately lost its punch by the time it reached shore. This was before the HAARpies had started engineering contingencies for cloudbusters.

I think their ultimate success against cloudbusters was achieved right after Carol adn I arrived in Florida. HAARPicane Wilma came ashore in an area that has several cloudbusters. It was diminished to a tropical storm designation but somehow the HAARPies managed to keep it spinning and even increased its intensity as they directed it in a ruler-straight line, across the Florida peninsula to us, on the opposite coast.

Before a year had passed, of cousre, we and Jeff McKinley completely obliterated the HAARPies ability to generate their storms anywhere south of Orlando, which is quite far north of where we were. Two more HAARPicane seasons have passed without any eventful storms, even though the one after we kicked their butts was predicted to be ‘The Worst Ever.’ Cool Have you noticed how the Weather Channel runs shows, almost daily, predicting the demise of humanity through bizarre weather? I think they actually increased that scam after we defeated them in Florida. By the way, Dave Emmett has been working from the ‘other end’ of the Caribbean on Barbados and we feel sure that if the dolphins hadn’t distributed thousands of towerbusters from Florida and Barbados during that year we’d have seen a lot of HAARPicanes thrown at the islands. NOte that no HAARPicane has ventured farther north than Jamaica and Belize.

This is apparently how far south the dolphins took the stuff. No HAARPicanes have been generated from African waters, either, and Carol told me that when she ‘goes up’ to look down on where the towerbusters are seen as little points of light, she sees a lot of Dave’s TBs in the waters where HAARP generally creates those storms.

I don’t know of anyone who has gifted off Mexico’s Pacific coast, south of Baja and you can see that the HAARPies are still generating nasty storms in that area. It’s a good contrast to what we’ve been seeing in the similar area off of Africa’s Atlantic coast, north of the equator.

Carol and I intended to go to Cabo San Lucas (South tip of Baja Peninsula) to toss hundred of towerbusters from our boats in February but have opted for another project in April. I’m confident that someone, at the appropriate time, will go destroy HAARP in that region, perhaps by a happy couple, simply taking turns tossing TBs off the fantail of a cruise ship that passes through there.

I also hope a few Europeans will bust up all the coastal HAARP facilities in France, Benelux, Germany and Denmark so it will start raining again. The HAARP towers along the Mediterranean coast, especially in Spain, are so numerous that they’re said to look like a bad haircut Wink but it’s so ridiculously easy to disable all this stuff! The Weather Channel promised us that the last big HAARPicane of the latest season was going to hit Houston–remember? You could see how the HAARPies tried their damndest to push it up around the tip of Yucatan but failed.


03 Mar 2008 13:23
Subject: Re: Good News!
Don, when you say adding a succour punch, can it just be sitting on the base or does it have to be connected in any way?

I don’t have an SP as such but I have a mini wand from Georg, will that do as well?

There is a bit of a postscript to Fridays tamed gale: it did actually get stronger through the night, though I slept through most of it, and we lost a pine tree, which is a shame. Perhaps if I’d had the SP/PW that might not have happened.

I’m a weather nut, I look at forecast maps every day, I will now look at every approaching depression/cyclone with a view to moderating it. I don’t know how far one CB can reach, in Elen’s case it was quite a localised effect. I have a friend in town with whom I sometimes co-ordinate his and my CB’s position, we did it last Wednesday and it seemed to work, forgot to tell him on Friday though.


04 Mar 2008 04:45
Subject: Re: Good News!

I guess Louis Onder’s latest post should get a reference here.

Don Croft
04 Mar 2008 20:22
Subject: Re: Good News!
This is just a hunch, mind you, but it seems to me that Dan in Bali is getting hit hardest by the HAARPies these days. Wow, 3,000 TBs in the sea around your island is impressive! I feel sure that the underwater platforms were disabled by the dolphins with your devices.

Since the world odor literally has unlimited material resources (they’ve been raping an entire planet, after all) they can spend a billion bucks on a psiop campaign to discourage and distract a single gifter in a sensitive area. Bali is no doubt one of those locations and the evidence of that was the especially intense deadly orgone radiation matrix that Dan transmuted, also the destruction of the tourist trade, there, before he got started. Bali was a paradise before the CIA directed a baleful eye (and some bombs) at that island.

This sort of molestation isn’t unprecedented, by the way. When I was in high school I spent my last summer in Micronesia and visited Yap Island a couple of times, on my way to Palau and back. It was one of those islands where the traditional culture and mores were still vital and evident. The people are very attractive and the gals wear nothing above the waist. I was pretty distracted for a day or so, then it wasn’t that intriguing any more because it was just a custom, after all and not an invitation Cool

Some years later, after Killer Kissinger paid a visit there, the US turned the island into a welfare $#!+hole and the lovely culture disappeared, literally overnight. Bali’s culture is probably a lot more durable and, anyway, Dan undid all of the poisonous molestations that the world odor had inflicted. Watch the economy revive, now.

In cities that are thoroughly gifted the economy flourishes because people are suddenly happier. We watched it happen in nearby Spokane after we gifted it, six years ago. It’s never been this nice and, before, it was a real dump, full of miserable people walking around in soupy smog. Yuk.

Georg apparently turned around the entire economy and agricultural conditions in most of Southern Africa. Before he got started, the economy was going down the toilet and a famine was predicted for the near future.

Paddy, there’s a spot, usually about a foot above the base of the cloudbuster, where a Succor Punch gets the most bang for the buck. You can easily dowse the location and if you put the SP in there, even loosely, you’ll likely see immediate results, unless you’re under severe HAARP attack. A few weeks ago, Cescso suggested to me that pointing the Succor Punch at the base might be more effective, so I’m going to try that on my
plane’s mini-cb and ask the sensitives to compare the two effects.

Years ago, before the HaARPies took us seriously, their weather assaults were very easily and even instantly disabled but, now, most of us are in the crosshairs, unfortunately, so the only way to make progress against the HaARPies is to get to ever-more-distant facilities and disable them.
Still, we all can see that thunderstorms generally lose their punch within many miles of an ordinarly orgonite cloudbuster. These storms may produce soft thunder but the rain is very ionized, so it soaks in the ground. We don’t see much hail, any more, which means that the thunderheads aren’t as high, and the clouds above are generally not dark and oppressive, as before. No tornado can form within many miles of a cloudbuster, though Carol and I have seen the HAARPies try their best to get that done. Those are teh very dark, low clouds that have undulating bottoms. A tornado’s surrounding clouds have a greenish tint, which indicates really nasty DOR.

We found out directly in hte Bahamas and in the Gulf of Mexico that the HAARPies and/or their offworld bedmates are capable of creating bad weather from underground/underwater bases for which there is no sign on the surface other than odd fields of deadly orgone radiation. It’s a good idea to hunt for these telltales. It’s great that they can’t hide, after all Wink


05 Mar 2008 20:27
Subject: Re: Good News!

Below is another one of my weather satellite images of Indonesia and not for the first time; I notice an anomalous line running through the exact location of my CB and in the exact direction that I have it pointed:


The line I refer to is just to the south of the red line I added for emphasis; the CB location is marked by the red star and pointing in the direction of the arrow.

There are other mysterious lines on the image further north and running in a similar direction (are these produced by chamtrails?) but none so pronounced as the line of cloud currently running through southern Bali.

Incidentally; this image was obtained by running Google Earth with everything disabled except the Clouds in the Weather menu.


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