Good target: Sinister Pyramid in Toulouse

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I’ve been reading a book, Stargate Conspiracy, written in the late 90s & I’m almost done with it. Carol had bought it for me a few years ago and I needed something to read to get to sleep with, one night in October, and that one was close to hand.

After a few pages I was astonished by some of the new (to me) info in the book, which was written by a couple of Brit authors who had acknowledged our Mark Bennett in the prologue, by the way.

Do you remember when Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock were showing up on all the radio talk shows and telling about the ‘secret underground chambers’ on the Giza Plateau? I was only mildly interested at the time because it was pretty clear that these guys were pimping a sponsored agenda, as Hoagland clearly also does. What astonished me is that these guys are all in the same foundering vessel (theosophy/masonry) and Edgar Cayce is part of that, too.
Cayce was quoted as claiming, repeatedly, that freemasonry is going to save the world. The authors pointed out that none of his predictions were actually fulfilled, though he did a lot of legitimate healing work. He joined the masons as a very young man–who didn’t in those days if he was white?

Another new item for me was information about ‘The Nine,’ whom Andrija Puharich started ‘contacting’ through channelers in 1952. The creepy material was evidently a continuation of what the sewer rats were feeding to Blavatsky and Bailey. After awhile, the main channeler became James Hurtak, who published ‘The Keys of Enoch.’ I don’t know if you’ve tried to read Bailey’s pap but you ought to sample some so that you’ll know that there’s nothing exalted or positive about any of it.

The authors evidently don’t know that Theosophy was created in the 1800s by the British freemason aristocrats who had subjugated India through subterfuge and mass murder in the 1700s on behalf of the City of London–the old Venetian (Phoenician/Babylonian?) cabal that came to openly call itself the New World Order. The disgusting roots of Theosophy is very well documented by Chaim Chaitkin, Margery White and a few other reputable authors, most of whom had been published by LaRouche’s Franklin Press before the feds destroyed it in the late 80s and railroaded the latter into federal prison. I think it’s gotten much harder for the corporate order to disappear substantive people that way, any more, thanks to the internet.

This book I’m reading puts Theosophy and freemasonry together properly, which is terrific. The masons you know are entirely clueless about the nature of their organization and their lack of personal discernment is obvious in that they dismiss those grisly blood oaths as something little boys might make up to allow other boys into their treehouses.

Don Bradley once offered to let me borrow the ‘real Keys of Enoch,’ which only high freemasons have (he’d kept his, along with the ruby ring and some very old British ritual devices), and told me that the popular version is just BS. I’ve never been interested in the occult so I didn’t take him up on that kind offer. Now I wish I had [Image Can Not Be Found]

‘The Nine’ are allegedly the nine ‘gods’ of ancient Egypt and Puharich and Hurtak, along with Hoagland, Hancock, Bauval and a host of other fakers are evidently motivated to ‘help them return to earth.’ Or at least they were until the turn of the millenium. We don’t hear of that stuff, any more and I wonder if it’s because the promised ‘gold capstone’ was not, in fact, set upon the Great Pyramid at midnight on December 31, 1999. Do you remember all that hype? It was supposed to sort of crown the masonic plan to come right out and create overt genocide and martial law throughout the planet.

I’m about to start readng one of Joseph Farrell’s books about the ‘Giza Death Star,’ shortly. He’s a terrific author who is evidently not one of the secret supporters of the New Orthodoxy (masonry/theosophy in hiding). I see that he’s having financial difficulty which s preventing him from doing the research on his current book project. I don’t know if you’ve considered that genuine history/conspiracy authors need to actually earn their money by doing research. The ones who pump out volumes of ‘free’ material on the internet are usually CIA, NSA, MI6 or Mossadomite employees, rather. Puharich got most of his money from teh CIA, as does Hurtak. The others I mentioned sell books but the material in them is awfully shakey. Hoagland relies on charisma but he uses the same material to base his freakshow on.

All of the fakers attack the Messengers of God, have you noticed? Freemasonry pretends to promote the Messengers but it’s actually just a parasitic attempt to vamp them. Vamp is a good word. I don’t have a good dictionary at home, so I look stuff up online. The good ones tell that a vamp is someone who puts a cover on something in order to claim ownership. The original meaning was the Old English word for the foot portion of a stocking. I like this one:

A femme fatale character in movies or books. The character is a woman who, while not necessarily attractive, has a certain allure (usually this striking, exotic, overtly sexy glamour), and is usually a heartless, man-eating seductress

I think it’s appropriate because theosophy and masonry are not essentially attractive; they’re seductive and play on human weakness, like ego and the desire to dominate others. The authors point out that even though newagers are flakes (the ones who think they’re not flakes say, ‘I’m NOT a newager!’) they’re a force to be reckoned with, simply because they believe that crap.

Remember that our forebears in America, Europe and Japan also believed in crap and that enabled the corporate order to commit genocide from 1939 until the middle of 1945. You probably realize that they’re failing to get us excited by their terrorism scam to get that agenda rolling again [Image Can Not Be Found]

Geneocide, racism and exploitatoin are the root of freemasonry and Theosophy. Most people are afraid to say that because Theosophy’s doctrines are so popular, now. I doubt they’d be as popular if people understood the orirgin and intention of Theosophy but once someone has taken a belief to heart, he owns it. Most of the many undscerning, self-seeking people who believe that they’re God and that human souls keep reflexively bouncing back into the physical realm have absolutely no idea (nor interest, in most cases) that this ‘New Orthodoxy’ was stuffed into their heads artificially. Any successful con artist knows that he has to get the mark’s confidence by trickery and the Theosophy/Masonry cabal perfected this in India in the 1700s, then exported it to the planet, later on.

I’ll finish this in another post–we have houseguests, now. This has been percolating in my little head for weeks [Image Can Not Be Found]


Just about that pyramid, it’s not the first time I hear someone talking about it, but it should be noted that the picture doesn’t show that this pyramid is not really pyramid(ic), it’s actually a flat pyramid as anyone can see on google street view:,+ … e&t=h&z=20
Still well aligned though, the larger sides pointing south/north, the slimmer sides east/west

Thanks, Braikar–very helpful.

Jean has just sent me some more info about this monument, which reminds me of the Georgia Guide Stones, a bit. … id-in.html

I sill think it’s a terrific target for an orgonite flinger. After all, it seems to be extremely important to the freemasons.

People who unwittingly follow these Luciferic paradigms (masonry/theosophy) are wearing blinders and have traded a few kneejerk endorphin squirts for genuine awareness. It’s kind of like how bornagain chumps resist using their own rational faculty and the heart’s discerning searchlight to explore divine matters; LaRouche said that ‘They’ve traded immortality for bad infinity.’ [Image Can Not Be Found]

We’re living in an incredible time when, probably thanks to the internet, it’s becoming fashionable to examine reality independently instead of blindly muttering packaged ideologies. I don’t know if you’re old enough to remember the hippie phenomenon but I was in my late teens when it sort of exploded into Western culture and my initial impression was that these were interesting people with open minds. Then, after I started meeting some I was shocked to realize that the level of dogmatic imitation that they exhibited was actually destructive, just like with the Hitler Youth. On top of that, the rigid exclusion of anyone who didn’t parrot the ‘I Am God,’ and stultifying reincarnation rhetoric was excluded with some finality. Can you see the mark of Tavistock programming in all that behavior?

Alice Bailey set up the Lucifer Trust in 1939 with the mandate to publish all of the United Nations’ official literature. I wonder if you knew that Theosophy is Luciferian, as freemasonry obviously is. The two are joined at the hip and both of them employ lying and disinformation–they even attempt to justify it. Lucifer Trust’s name was changed to Lucis Trust after WWII, after enough people became aware of it. It’s still called Lucis Trust and it still publishes all the UN literature. ‘Population reduction’ was or still is a UN program and in the 1990s the old corporate order’s agenda to reduce the population of our planet down to a half billion (clearly engraved in several languages on the Georgia Guidestones) was evidently behind schedule, so in the early 1990s the UN hosted a conference in Africa, attended by all the Third World countries’ government’s representatives. They were told that birth control just isn’t enough, any more, and that those governments were now required to actually reduce their populations. When that was announced, a whole lot of the delegates walked out in disgust–good for them!

I think the less polite word for that sort of program is ‘genocide.’ If you’ve never read any UN official literature you’re in for a surprise: the authors are a Who’s Who of prominent Theosophists and the content is absolutely heartless and insulting to the human spirit.

I rag on doomsayers a lot because they seem to want so badly for people to overlook the powerful positive trends that are so clearly in motion in our world. Some folks think I’m a bully to direct attention to Theosophy’s rotten heart. After all, 'What’s wrong with ‘love and light?’ The public-consumption literature, movies, ‘workshops,’ etc. are full of sweetness and ego stroking and it looks entirely harmless. Who even notices that the ‘spiritual’ alpha personalities among them are constantly stepping on each other’s heads to get a personal advantage and following? [Image Can Not Be Found]

The reason Carol and I have captured some people’s imaginations over the past eleven years is that we’ve simply been following our instincts instead of regurgitating newage dogma. The people who are drawn to to this work are mostly the same way and it’s been an incredible ride for us. I don’t know where human inspiration comes from, exactly, but I know that it can’t be institutionalized or ‘encompassed’ by the finite mind and any dogma you can name is created to explain everything in finite terms.

Aside from the love and light neurotics there’s a seamier side of Theosophy as seen in organizations like Crowley’s OTO and in Eckankar. Carol and I had been acquainted with a skilled psychic who had been active in Eckankar for his entire adult life. He told us that during one of the massive gatherings, when everyone else was in the auditorium participating in a guided meditation session, he felt antsy and walked out into the lobby. He saw a bunch of blond, blue eyed people standing around, chatting and drinking what appeared to be wine mixed with blood. He had the impression that they were very old but only looked youthful. He also had the impression that along with their beverage they were soaking up the energy of the directed mass ritual [Image Can Not Be Found]

Carol was at some newager gathering, years ago, and one of them confided to her that during a guided meditation she and two friends were comparing notes at lunch, afterward, and one of them mentioned that when she turned around (she was in the front row) during the exercise the people in the room all had reptile heads. Her friends evidently had seen the same thing.

I don’t even believe that Lucifer exists. I think the only evil in the world is produced by physical people. A storybook devil pales when next to someone like Mao Tse Tung, for instance, who murdered at least 70 million people by forced starvation in The Cultural Revolution. His protegé, Pol Pot, exceeded him in brutality, if not in scale.

The fact is that masons and Theosophists who are above the chump level do believe in Lucifer, though, and they make up a huge demographic in the West and control the media, academia and all the major corporations. Human belief, even when it’s infantile like masonry/Theosophy, is a force to be reckoned with. Popular belief in unsubstantiated myths make mass-scale horror possible, as in the example of fascist American, Russian, Brit, German, Japanese and Italian populations in the middle of the 20th Century, quickly followed by Mao’s unquestioning masses.

I think the pyramid symbol that’s so beloved of freemasons is essentially grisly and elitist and if you’ll scan that second website that I posted you’re going to see some obviously heinous things symbolized at that ‘pyramid facade’ location.

What is being demonstrated on this obscure international orgonite forum is the opposite: it’s inclusive, inspiring and empowering for our visitors and contributors.

Most people are afraid to openly criticize Theosophy, which has quietly and efficiently become the de-facto, official religion of the West. Newagers are afraid to question their programmed assumptions and I think it’s because of the herd instinct, which is still pretty strong in a lot of people. Herd instinct is vestigal and hasn’t been useful since we lived in caves. Independent thinkers have always been ostracized and scorned by conformists, who will probably always be the majority. On the upside, conformity itself is getting dilluted. When I was a kid in the 1950s the population was terrified of expressing an independent thought or hearing one expressed. Reich had a lot to say about this. Now, when one expresses an independent thought one will more likely just be ignored by someone who won’t struggle against the herd instinct. That’s an improvement.

Thanks to the internet, though, people who examine reality more independently can actually talk to each other for the first time in history and it’s been heavenly for me. I literally had never met people who were interested in a dogma-free, unfettered search for and discussion about truth until I got a business website in early 1998, then I became aware that there are lots and lots of people in the world (all over the world) whose minds and hearts are vital and who have a visceral disgust of conformity and being lied to.

It really is refreshing to hold all personal beliefs and assumptions, like all that creepy Theosophy programming that infects millions of people, accountable as often as necessary. The useful ones can be kept and refined and the parasitic ones discarded. I don’t think it’s difficult to do that.


I often wonder why so few people are willing to take that giant leap away from packaged dogma. I see all dogma as a sort of cage and the curious thing about bondage is that most of the time it’s voluntary. People protect their perceived territory, which is their cages, with passion and aggression. Real freedom is something that only an independent thinker can experience and I doubt any of us are essentially free, right now. Maybe the best we can do is to catch glimpses of genuine freedom in those moments when we forget ourselves and approach reality with truly open minds and hearts. Flinging orgonite in the field has the curious ability to put us into those moments and I suspect this is made possible with generous assistance from truly benevolent and wise entities in the unseen realms.

Another good example of that process is firewalking, during which one has undergone some preparation to connect with these Operators. I’ve done a couple of those and I was careful to observe the people around me. I also talked to people who had done firewalls, before, and most of them fell right back into their dogmatic personal paradigms, afterward–I don’t know how long it took for them to fall, though.

I’m not particularly psychic but I often do get a clear sense, when I’m ‘in the field,’ of presence and help from The Operators, probably because I humbly ask for it. During the preparations for the firewalls I felt sure that a departed Native American medicine woman was overseeing the process. The 3D facilitator was a newer, probably psychic. She bought a lot of zappers from me but we weren’t kindred spirits, except on those days. It’s similar to how I feel around people I fly with and among–personal beliefs take a backseat to the common love of flying. I do look forward to knowing more pilots who fling orgonite, though [Image Can Not Be Found]

We probably have to each make a covenant with ourselves to discard all parasitic programming when we discover it inside of us; otherwise why would anyone question the ‘comforting’ parasitic beliefs, like ‘I Am God,’ and ‘It’s okay, I’ll just come back here after I die.’ I know that newagers and other unwitting Theosophy proselytes get pretty sore at me for talking this way. If I were affected by the herd instinct I’d just shut up around them but ever since I was small I’ve loathed conformity and despised arbitrary authority. People who know me, by the way, think that the notion of setting me on a pedestal is hilarious. A lot of the same folks bow and scrape in front of anyone who exhibits charisma and promotes flaky mysticism, though.

The corporate order, and especially masons and theosophy pimps, hate the words, ‘covenant,’ ‘commitment,’ accountability,’ ‘discernment,’ etc. Is it any wonder why? Masons, in particular, remind me of hooked fish.

A covenant is something deeper than a contract. The corporate order favors the latter word because it’s so easily broken. Breaking a covenant as consequences. Try it if you doubt me. They’ve managed to convince most Europoids that marriage is just a contract, for instance, but compare a broken marriage with a broken business partnership or business deal and the difference is pretty clear.

I"m almost done with Stargate Conspiracy and I think I figured out why the authors didn’t dig deep enough to see the common source of Theosophy, masonry, the CIA, ad nauseum. Chaim Chaitkin and Margery White dug a lot deeper [Image Can Not Be Found] . The authors of the Stargate Conspiracy personally hate the Biblical God; they call YHWH vindictive and spiteful and I’ve only seen some of their other book titles, not read the books, but this seems to be a driving force in their writings. They do favor ‘shamanism,’ and the use of hallucinogens to ‘reach higher realms,’ and also believe that they’re on par with the Creator. I rarely find people who believe this way who are not Theosophy-programmed. Maybe a God-hating, clever professor got to them in college or something. Atheism is just like any other dogma, after all–self-perpetuating and aggressive.

I think a lot of Europoids fall into the God-hatred trap because they’re genuinely disgusted with what clergy, especially Christian, have incited in God’s Name throughout history. But if one will consider the Old Testament and Qur’an in the context of history it will be obvious that, compared to the surrounding culture, Judaism and Islam were phenomenally enlightened and liberating. The Israelis and Muslims were literally besieged on all sides by enemies who engaged in large scale human sacrifice, for instance. Arabs, in Muhammad’s day, habitually slaughtered their infant daughters and buried the remains in the foundations of new houses, for instance, and we all hopefully know about fake gods like Moloch who ‘required’ large numbers of child sacrifices. Also, women were considered chattel in all of those surrounding civilizations and I believe Muhammad was the first to declare that women have rights. He established the right of women to own property, for instance.

There were other civilizations in Biblical times that were not murderous, by the way. We know that the Ethiopians had a nicer civilization, as did the Persians after the appearance of Zoroaster (another descendent of Abraham). The knee-jerk God-haters don’t want you to look at these [Image Can Not Be Found]

The corporate order wants us to despise Islam. They certainly cooped Islamic clergy in recent decades, though most Islamic clergy have always been slightly less reprehensible than Christian and Jewish clergy. The sudden ‘conversion’ of all of the Mideast countries to repressive fundamentalism was accomplished as efficiently and quickly as the hippie ‘movement’ was. I’m astonished that so few people noticed but I’ve known a lot of refugees from Iran who told me what it was like in those days. Iran seems to have been the main target. One of them told me that the Khomeini who had to flee Iran was missing a finger but the one who showed up to take over had all his fingers [Image Can Not Be Found] . He also told me that when the old $#!+ mercifully expired the crowd that accompanied the corpse to the graveyard dumped the body on the ground and tore it to pieces. According to CNN, the reason the crowd rushed to get close to the body was because they were grief stricken. How funny is that? Who owns CNN? [Image Can Not Be Found] The media whores also neglected to mention that dumping a body on the ground on the way to burial is a sort of curse, according to their traditions.

The Arabs went, in one generation, from being casual baby killers to being the engine of civilization, the sciences, the arts, philosophy, medicine, hygiene, education, etc., in the world and the positive effects were even eventually felt in Europe, where they helped cause the end of the Dark Age; the stranglehold of the Roman church. I"m not sure, but I don’t think Byzantium ever went through a dark age. According to Farrell, who was referencing the work of other reputable historians, all of the money in Europe was coined in Constantiinople, not Rome. The Venetians and Genoese later arranged the destruction of Constantinople, as we know, then the scheming Venetians took over England a few centuries later, hence the ‘New World Order.’ I hope you’ll read some books by reputable authors if this is not abundantly clear to you. Only pajama-clad fools argue against factual information, by the way. The good, empowering information is corroborated by many reputable authors.

They didn’t do that by drinking ayahuasca and getting into a trance, either, and all of the religions are guidebooks to developing character, conscience, positive behavior, fearlessness and certainty if one will look past the poisonous clergy and read the original teachings. Nothing in the world except religions can have such an influence on the human spirit, which is why the corporate order fields so many clever liars and fearmongers to distract people from this simple truth.

The masons have evidently been obsessed with destroying Islam for a very long time. I don’t know why but it might have something to do with the crusades and Templars. My gut feeling is that the Templars got along with the Muslims, though, at least in the beginning. The Templars protected the innocent Cathars from the mercenary army from Rome that was mandated to destroy them all and a century later Rome managed to essentially destroy the Templars, remnants of whom fled to Scotland and perhaps North America. I don’t think I’ll get a clear picture of all that until I learn French and live among the Cathars for awhile, though. Carol met some in Southern France, last summer, and was very impressed with them. I know they ‘know something’ and are not telling, probably for the sake of safety.

Masons ape the Arabs, of course, which is why they name all their ridiculous ‘lodges’ in Arabic. We see that sort of flattery in all sycophants, of course, and sycophants are more lethal than murderers, in case you didn’t know.
Freemasonry, historically, is nothing but lethal in spite of the backslapping and funny hats.

I don’t have a beef with Amazon tribes who use hallucinogens, by the way. I read, in the same book, that the women who accompany the male shamans on their psychic journeys don’t need to take the drug to have the experience and that they later help the men remember what they experienced. We’re all free to pursue interests and are responsible for the outcomes and effects. If shamanism is so great, though, why aren’t indigenous people who have shamans all free of disease, internecine war, grinding poverty, etc? I did spend some time with tribal people in the Southwest Pacific (the islands of Belau) who use shamans in their native religion and those people tremendously value education, livelihoods, travel and political harmony. I don’t know whether the shamans use drugs but I kind of doubt it. They’re psychics, of course, and I was told that there are two of them in the country and that they mainly settle disputes by contacting departed souls. I particularly enjoyed staying on one lovely island, Kayangel Atoll, where this was the dominant belief–there were only two Christian families there (two hundred families lived on the island), so they weren’t a problem. A Belauan friend in my high school took me there one summer. Twenty years later, I heard from a Peace Corps volunteer that he was the headmaster of the local school. Tomas Ermang.

Belau is the only country on the planet that successfully defied the New World Order, by the way. After Kissinger paid a visit in the 1970s he Brits and Americans tried to set up a navy base and strategic bomber base, there. The Belauans declined, so a succession of their elected leaders were murdered after each referendum. I think it only took three or four rounds of that until the New World Order gave up. This was a few years before Subic Bay and Clark Air Force Base n the Phillipines were destroyed by a volcanic eruption so the scaly schemers in London probably saw that coming and wanted to relocate their chump-American mass murder apparati. There were only 20,000 people in Belau when I was there in the mid-1960s. I also stopped in Yap for a few days on the way and coming back. Yap wasn’t as fortunate after Kissinger’s visit; their culture was obliterated and the people were turned into welfare slaves. When I was there the men wore a loincloth, called a ‘the,’ and the women wore pandanus skirts and no tops. All those lovely breasts were distracting for a day or so, then it wasn’t remarkable to see them, any more. The only Americans there, then, were some creepy missionaries and a few Coast Guardsmen who looked after the radio navigation station. The Yapese were still making those incredible dugout voyaging canoes, then. Ten years later it was turned into a hopeless ghetto. I don’t know if there’s a new navy and air force base there.

I got acquainted with two shamans in Africa: Ouma Lahia, the xhosa witch in Namibia whom Carol also met and Kizira Ibrahim in Uganda. Both of them deplored the use of drugs but were pretty impressive in terms of being gifted and highly trained healers, psychics and spiritual warriors. It may be that God-haters are vested in convincing us that it’s impossible to achieve anything worthwhile without ingesting drugs. If that’s so, then they’re serving the ancient corporate agenda very well. Kizira dislikes clergy as much as I do and he tells people that no human can ever be a link between the individual and the Creator.

What little I know I’ve learned mainly from reputable authors, traveling and meeting substantive people, paying attention to my own intuition, rational faculty and heart responses and then just staying as observant as possible. People who got hooked by Theosophy and other stifling dogmas are rather afraid to do all those things, typically, and feel most comfortable when some distant strangers will dictate all his beliefs and assumptions for him. I think that the death/rebirth process that got bastardized by born-again chumps and theosophy/masonic ‘chelas,’ (Sanskrit for ‘slaves’ and this is how newage-sewage initiates sometimes refer to themselves) has mainly to do with the destruction of parasitic programming to make way for genuine, pristine, first hand knowledge. The bastardized version are just infantile.


Carol likes to celebrate the winter solstice, so we exchange gifts, then. She got me a Kindle and I downloaded more of Joseph Farrell’s books. You probably have noticed that when it’s time for you to learn something the right books literally come into your hand. I started Stargate Conspiracy almost out of boredom and it grew on me. It turned out to be a goldmine of new (to me) info and some fine corroborative information about the seedy nature of channeling, also its essential origin after WWII with the then-new CIA, mostly under the direction of creepy Puharich. The authors feel that Alan Hurtak, whose career was spawned in that milieu, is carrying forward the putrid effort of Alice Bailey [Image Can Not Be Found] and all of that is blatantly misogynistic and racist, in case you didn’t notice. Theosophy/masonry offers the strongest argument for ‘racial cleansing’ in the world but you need to do just a bit of digging to see it in its most literal form. The UN official literature has a lot of that but who the hell bothers to read that stuff?

Do you remember when Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval and Richard Hoagland were omnipresent on the talk shows in the late nineties, gushing about the coming ceremony at Giza on 12/12/1999 at midnight? In Stargate Conspiracy’s ‘Afterword,’ which is in the edition of the book that was published after the turn of the millenium, the authors explain why that didn’t happen.

Here are some details from the planned event: at midnight a helicopter was to lower a gilded ‘capstone’ (a sheetmetal-covered framework) onto the top of the Great Pyramid, accompanied by music from a famous newage performer and a laser-light projection of the Eye of Horus on the side ofone of the nearby, lesser pyramids. The heads of state were planning to attend and a crowd of other bureaucrats and masonic parasites.

Here’s why it didn’t happen: the public in Egypt were in an uproar about their government allowing a bunch of freemasons to commit that act in that country and the government eventually withdrew their permission. On top of that, the entire plateau was covered in dense fog for that entire night [Image Can Not Be Found]

Typical of how the masonic order does things, none of this was ever mentioned in the media. Instead of making excuses for why the Big Event didnt’ happen it was simply never mentioned, again.

Another bit of egg on the face of freemasonry was that they were supposed to have achieved genocide well before the year 2000. Their stated goal was, in fact, to reduce the population of the planet down to half a billion–isn’t that saying that they intended to murder 3 out of five people? I suspect that the percentage of people in the world who would ever support an agenda like that (you know: the ones who join theosophy, the masons and/or the bornagain chump churches and zionist synagagues) is quite small–maybe the same percentage as the number of people who have consciences and wish to do right. If the ‘other’ small minority were allowed to commit genocide, then that would get rid of most of the people of conscience along with the vast hordes of Pajama People–the ones who happily go along with any regime as long as they get Bread and Circus and are given a dry place to sleep, junk food and all the sex they want. I don’t think the corporate world order can rule a large population that are still even mildly influenced by people of conscience.

When I started reading Farrell’s ‘Giza Death Star Destroyed,’ which is the last of a trilogy of well-researched books, speculating intelligently on the true nature of the Giza Plateau’s structures, I offered a prayer of thanks because this was obviously the ‘next step’ after having been versed in the recent history surrounding all that masonic/theosophy attention on Giza. I got nervous when Farrell quoted Hancock, Bauval and Hoagland but felt reassured when it was obvious that he doesn’t go along with their strident premises. I suppose scholars often quote people who don’t have a reputation for honesty and who twist factual information to fit their irrational claims.

I found out in the Stargate book that Edgar Cayce was very deep into Theosophy and freemasonry for years before he started giving out predictions. He also is on record claiming that the answer to mankind’s problems is to establish freemasonry as the only world religion. You probably know that his reputation as a ‘prophet’ is almost unsullied and that’s in spite of the fact that most of his predictions failed to come true [Image Can Not Be Found] but I bet you didn’t now that Dr Zawi Hawass, the present Director of Antiquities in Egypt, was educated with funds from ARE, which is the churchish organization that has turned Edgar Cayce into a religious figure. A good Arab friend of mine, whose wife I helped get into the country from Jordan in the mid-1990s (I lied to the CIA–oops, I mean the US State Department–saying she was going to work for me) was kind of astonished when I showed him a photo from Cosmic Conspiracy (Stan Deyo’s first book) of King Hussein in 33d degree Scottish Rite regalia. I explained to him how all the heads of state in the Mideast, including the Israelis, are brother masons in British orders. Now, I wonder if the old SS (Vryal) men whom the Brits moved into the secret police organizations of those countries following WWII also had to become freemasons.

When I told Carol about the capstone scheme her first impression was that the masons were trying to hold down all the energy of the Great Pyramid, presumably to pirate it. She agrees with Farrell, too, that the main reason for all the precise proportions in and around the pyramid that relate to the size of the earth, the orbits of the planets, etc., are for the purpose of sympathetic magic, not to ‘teach us something we don’t know.’ Egypt, Babylon, Sumer, the Maya, the Inca, China, India, etc., had residual civilizations in the days when the known pyramids were built, of course; they started out complete and then declined. I think we’re in for some treats after the grassroot archaeologists in Bosnia, China and other places start sharing factual data about those much older and much larger pyramids that they’re examining. I don’t think anyone’s even started to research the even more ancient ruins of the high civilization that existed in Southern Africa.

Hancock, Bauval, Hoagland and the rest of the ‘New Orthodoxy’ are fixated on Atlantis and even on the date, 10,500BC, but the authors of the StargateConspiracy make it clear that this is only because they’re trying to validate the aggressively insistent but unfounded claims of masons and Theosophists about Atlantis (they’re the same benighted corporate bunch, actually) that the remnant civilizations had survived an Atlantean cataclysm. All of them bend factual data to make it fit that paradigm. There’s plenty of ignored evidence that there have been advanced civilizations on this planet since the time of the dinosaurs, though, and the old insistence that everything starts and ends in history with Atlantis is just infantile in the face of all that.

That’s not to say Atlantis didn’t exist, of course. Just because Theosophy/masonry vamps an idea doesn’t mean the original idea isn’t real.

Farrell suspects that offworld civilizations are more instrumental in the founding of our early-history vestigal high civilizations, rather, and that the earthly remains were established on account of a war between them. He doesn’t specifically make the claim because it’s probably impossible to back it up but he offers an astonishing array of circumstantial evidence, at least, and just having all that in one place is a wonderfully inspiring and informative service.

It’s tough to get any useful history about masonry because they’re such liars but Farrell notes a gap in their history during the Dark Ages in Europe and in that gap the answers to how masonry became despicable (and later spawned theosophy) probably lie [Image Can Not Be Found]


Target acquired and dispatched with extreme prejudice, already [Image Can Not Be Found] :

Dear Don,

The sinister piramid in Blagnac near Toulouse has been heavely overgifted by me. Nearby within view of the surveillance cameras en further away with no surveillance camaras looking on. I will not tell you how many TB’s and HHG’s I distributed, but I had to drive 460 Km. there and back again so I wanted to be certain I would not have to return.

It is a strange “work of art”. It looks a bit shabby and the Christmas decorations were still hanging in the frame upholding the piramid. There was some soap in the water bassin beneath so I could not see the map of the world on the bottom. Water was streaming from the top of the piramid down the four sides and falling in the bassin beneath. As this “work of art” was not very well maintained it was remarkable that the waterflow down the sides of the piramid was functioning very well. This must be an important part of this witch work or spell.

Also this “witch work” was surrounded by four hotels were arriving or departing passengers of Blagnac Airport can stay. To my mind this has some connection to the map of the world in the bassin beneath.

On my way to Toulouse I took the A61 which I did gift some time ago. Very heavy rains (intemperies) followed several days after my gifting.

I reported then that there were no rectangular ponds alongside the A61, but this time I have seen two “water treatment ponds” under construction. Also both the resting places along the highway as well as the highway itself were heavely worked over and were being cleaned intensively.

This is something I have seen before. After I did gift an important place afterwards all kinds of public works started up on the places I had gifted. The thing to do is wait until construction has ended and then gift again, but not in exactly the same places…




‘Enk’ is the nom de plume of a prodigious gifter who has a working farm in the Languedoc Region of Southern France. He had done a controlled experiment in his part of the region, last spring and summer, similar to what the Africans are dong, after which the grape harvest in the gifted area was the most bountiful in decades, due partly to very localized rainfall patterns that he had enabled. I don’t know how open-minded French farmers are, there, but it will eventually catch on everywhere in the globe, in spite of the generations of brainwashing accomplished by the global chemical cartel. I bet those corporate freaks now wish they’s spent more time and money brainwashing East African farmers, too [Image Can Not Be Found]

He declined my invitation to post, here, but allows me to share his reports. Like most gifters, he evidently prefers to do this work more or less anonymously. I’m pleased to say that he reads a lot of good conspiracy books. I’ll be so happy when the open-mouthed Pajama People finally stop believing in Non-conspiracy Theory at The Party’s behest.


Mike my writing partner says there’s pyramids bloody everywhere so obviously being used at some point in time.


Found a chapel pyramid in a cemetery. City of Desio, near Milan.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

The pyramid that is visible inside near the top, is another pyramid that is built on the roof of the cemetery entrance. In this new cemetery of the city of Desio (outskirts North of Milan) there are pyramids also un the private chapels family/tombs.
The graves are arranged in a emicircle in front the pyramid, quite an unusul design. Notice the X(hex) on the pedestal of the book stand.
Either there is a meaning or the architect graduated in a hurry and can only do triangles and X.

[Image Can Not Be Found]