Good Topical Maps for the Entire Globe!

Carlos of sent me this incredibly useful map link, which I bookmarked:

For those of us who like to explore our world in a more intimate way this adds a new dimension. I’m going to use it when I read field reports, also for planning our own orgonite-flinging expeditions. Google maps, including the satellite imagery, is very useful but these topo maps have more clarity.

Thanks, Carlos

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Carlos tried to post a response but he’s getting hacked so here it is:

Thanks, Don. I needed a way to approach bicycle gifting around here… it’s a bit hilly and finding the more level routes would allow for more kilometers on the same effort.

My thoughts went to paragliding when sharing it but I’m glad it has more uses.



I was glad to know that Carlos has taken up bike riding to meet this challenge. Sometimes, orgonite flinging simply requires us to get into better shape. I’ve gradually been doing that since nearly being scragged with beryllium by the FBI in 2004, especially with Doc Stevo’s able help in recent years, and next weekend, when Carol will be doing a semi-annual psychic fair in Hamilton, MT (not far from Dooney and Stevo’s place) I hope to fly with the Missoula paraglider club, whom I’ve been in touch with. Those (mostly young) maniacs actually like to hike up to mountaintop launch sites, carrying wings and harnesses in packs, so I’ve had to toughen up some more and I think I’m ready to go with them. I modified my rucksack (took me 8 hours) for more comfortable carrying. The entire thing is only 32 pounds but I’m a softie.

Paragliding is making me a better pilot, which pays off because much of the aerial gifting I’ve done has been in wilderness areas, which puts a premium on staying aloft and knowing something about micrometiorology. My very rugged little yellow Kitfox airplane now has a more powerful engine, bush tires (including a big tailwheel) for taking off and landing without the need for airports and much longer range, so by the time I can afford another aerial desert-reversal campaign I’ll get a lot more done. I can later add amphibious floats to that plane, which is going to make me even more dangerous to the Old Parasite.

Thanks for stepping in and posting it, Don. I don’t know what it was but I can post again as normal.