Good, Usable Info On Inadvisability Of Fear Of IRS

Don Croft
05 May 2008 18:06
Subject: Good, usable info on inadvisability of fear of IRS
Yasel sent me this and a couple of other useful links. I hope you’ll watch the entire film, especially in light of what the corporate criminals in Washington, DC, did to Irwin Schiff and the Browns:

Lately, Wyoming Sherriffs are assuming their lawful duties by preventing these thugs from molesting the people in their jurisdiction, which is a huge positive step back toward freedom in America. That’s covered in another thread.


Don Croft
07 May 2008 07:12
Subject: Re: Good, usable info on inadvisability of fear of IRS
This is quite a long film, loaded with good intel and it’s probably spreading far and wide, already.

Note the impulse to ‘organize resistance’ and the reference to ‘civil liberties’ and ‘implants.’ What we know from experience is that no organized effort will succeed becuase organizing invites the world odor’s sewer rat agencies in the same way that having an open-membership orgonite forum does.

We also know that everyone who has ever expressed curiosity about how the world operates has already been implanted, many times.

There’s been a world government for hundreds of years, or longer, but they’ve only lately identified themselves; before that, they operated vi the etheric realm with infantile satanism, mass murder, coordination with alien predatory races, etc.

When power has returned to legitimate governments then coordinating between these governments will be a function of an agency similar to the internet–non-intrusive and without the power to tax.

Local governments will have the most power, of course, because they’re directly elected. Under those circumstances, who cares whether there’s a world government or not? Who feels threatened by the internet, after all, except tyrants? The internet is already a de facto world government, of sorts. We laugh at the United Nations, though of course we don’t laugh at their attempt to destroy the Africans with AIDS and sponsored bloodshed.

National governments will be less powerful than local governments after we wake up and take responsibility for discarding this ruinous economic/political regime. I’m an American because that’s the culture I was born and raised in. What’s that got to do with politics?

China probably has America’s gold since October, 2004, and we might be buying it back as Chinese gold coins by now Wink

As long as we keep and bear our arms nobody is going to invade us. Carol and I keep an unloaded shotgun in the bedroom and just having it there probably does more to keep the felonious feds out of our house (while we’re in it) than ‘allegedly voting for Good Federal Politicians’ could ever do.

Until we get rid of the federal government we won’t even be able to elect the local dog catcher because they control all the poll booths, electronically.

It’s really too late to save this predatory federal government, no matter whether there are politicians who will make a show of ‘signing up’ to reverse this horror. Every elected and appointed federal official has used the US Constitution as toilet paper by now and are eligible for the noose, according to that document’s explicit requirements. We don’t need to kill the bastards, though. Elected Sherriffs can simply round them up when they set foot out of Washington, DC, otherwise why not let them keep that city for themselves? They can get out to sea from there, perhaps on little inner tube rafts, without risking arrest, after all, so it’s not like they’d be imprisoned.

They could even still have a president of their little corporate country. Maybe that one could keep sheep on the White House lawn, like Woodrow Wilson did. I doubt the flock would last, though, becuase American politicians haven’t learned the basic lesson that you can sheer a sheep many times but can only skin it once.

Let’s stop dreaming about ‘fixing the federal government’ and start gifting their assets off more, okay? Every dynamic in this world is an energy dynamic, after all, and orgonite is the magic bullet that changes bad energy into good energy. The current regime lives on bad energy. The lovely part of this unorganized grassroot movement is that the bulk of the work is being done by people who don’t consider themselves warriors and who probably also pay those unlawful taxes on account of implied corporate extortion.

Meanwhile, a few people will keep doing what we can in the internatinoal sessions to prevent these government people from initiating World War Three in a bid to hang on to political and economic hegemony or to destroy as many innocents as possible on their way to oblivion.

If this wonderful film is a signal, as I believe it is, this year is already turning out to be a watershed of new awareness and commitment for humanity.

Watershed: a dividing ridge between two drainage areas

Remember, in the fascist white Depression Babies’ prime years, when everything was going the felonious feds’ way? Cool


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