Goodness Gracious, Great Ball of Fire

(louisonder) #1

We are in the process of clearing the south east from future tornadoes, haarpicanes and global WORMING (another description for clearing parasites from the host).

Our latest endeavor was performed with a little overkill so we could compare it to future gifting missions and make adjustments when necessary.

For this one in particular, we used 20 intercontinental tbs in the form of a figure eight like the infinity symbol, and 4 BALL-istic earth pipes in 4 different directions.

Weatherball trying to hide behind elite owned trees

Full View

This water tower and several others were in the vicinity of the weatherball, all were producing quite a bit of DOR and registered on my zapchecker so we busted them.


(jackson) #2

louis… see, you are a bada$$. thanks for getting that rexnad…

i mean nexrad ball. we will complete the arc on the gulf in a minuite.

will you please join us in BLASTING this stuff? i know you have the ways and means.

pm me . i want to go over some new stuff, ok? your work is world class and 'in their

face’. i think you would like what we can and will do next.