Google Demonstrably Rigged Against this Forum

For a week or two now, when I type the web address for this forum into the browser, a page has been loading that says “there’s a problem with this website’s security certificate, are you sure you want to proceed?” I did not proceed, but rather went to Google, and entered “Etheric Warriors”. There, at the top of the list, is EW. When I clicked on it, it took me to the site.

Today, I went through the same routine, and the top-ranked site on the list was not this forum, but rather “Etheric Warriors and Ken Adachi (April 12, 2013) Apr 12, 2013 - I’m still fighting them. I am writing because there is a thread on etheric warriors where a statement was made about you that sounds very wrong.”

But wait, it gets better. EW is nowhere . Not on the first page, anyway. If you put the words together, as “ethericwarriors” – nothing there, either.

So then I go to the second page, about halfway down, I found - Welcome to Etheric Warriors . I clicked on it, and got to a screen saying “this website contains a known threat and has been blocked”, this being something I’ve seen a few times, once on a car forum I’m a member on.

The great thing about it, of course, is I get to point it out, and the people engaging in such chicanery are exposed to the about-to-be-forum rubes I wake up by talking about it.

Being a diligent scientist, I then opened the search engine “AltaVista”. I typed in “Etheric Warriors”, just the same as when I used Google. But will you look at that! Unlike Google, on AltaVista EW came up as the top-ranked site for that search. As it had previously on Google, prior to being replaced by anti-EW propaganda and slander by the clever folks at Google.

Maybe they’re mad about my posts clarifying for the credulous that Google’s “mystery barges” are not " floating product showrooms ", as they humorously aver, but rather etheric weapons platforms for use against the general populace.

The “funny, silly” name, Google, is comprised of two eclipsing Black Sun ‘O’s’ flanked by two Masonic ‘G’s’. I believe I may be the first person to ever mention it. Language, writing, is magic, something we’ve been trained assiduously to forget.

Let’s see if this exposure of the tactic causes the withdrawl of the tactic. Because parasites fear exposure, above all else.

Please consider sending them highest love energy as you read this.

Thanks, Jeff–good illustration of how the NSA tries to stack the deck against this forum in the search engines. The EW contributor who is prevented most often from posting on EW is Gare Clement, who intends to reverse the Gobi Desert and has the means to do it. An American fellow who spent a lot of years in China and still networks with people there has just told me, by the way, that the gov’t has begun confiscating orgonite cloudbusters from farmers. He also told me that there are other orgonite information sites on the Chinese internet, now. I hope they figure out that towerbusters are more discreet and that CBs are mainly just for balancing local weather, which is what Carol and I designed them for. I think that most Chinese still love Big Brother–unlike in the US, where most people (even the untold millions of ‘entitled’ people) justifiably fear resent the federal government. When I was a kid in the 50s the US was still a lockstep, fascist culture.

Last week, the forum went offline and when I contacted Azti about it he was kept on hold for quite a long time while waiting to get it resolved at the domain hosting agency. He was given a BS explanation about security. He’s shortly going to move it to the domain hosting agency that he uses for his own sites (GoDaddy), which maybe isn’t owned, quite yet, by the CIA and NSA . When they do buy it let’s hope that they’ll be as afraid to sabotage activists, there, as they are on YouTube.

The reason I use google mail is because the NSA is evidently afraid (fear of exposure while conducting surveillance) to hack mail, there, as much as they and the CIA hack the email on all their other public, ‘free,’ surveillance networks such as Hotmail & Yahoo and their paid-subscription ones like AOL and Earthlink. They’re also afraid to do much censorship on YouTube and they rely on inflating it with disinformation, instead.

Jeff had emailed me just before he posted this and asked me to post it for him because he was being blocked from the forum. I intended to post this and then contact Dooney to ask her to enable him to log on, again. When enough people on the internet will speak openly about the NSA’s constant intrference with our freedom of speech then I think that poisonous, parasitic agency will be exposed and seriously weakened. I don’t think it takes very many people to cause that to happen. If Thomas Paine were alive he’d be doing this. Ai Wei Wei is successfully operating this way in China and the gov’t has been unable to stop him, either.

Jeff, thanks for bringing this up. Hiding this forum under the search results has been par for the course since forever, of course. The new thing is if they are trying to scare people away by tagging us as the boogeymen, as you encountered several times when trying to enter EW.

There are some odd things about this, though. First, EW website - by default - does not use a security certificate. You can tell it doesn’t because otherwise when you type on the address bar it would automatically change to start with “https://” and there would be a little icon of a locker or something like that next to it. If your browser is redirecting you from to then it’s the browser that is playing tricks on you - the website itself does not ask the browser to redirect.

Secondly, I’ve tested by typing into the address bar and the browser does indeed detect an invalid certificate. That’s because the HTTPS (or secure) connection is provided by a certificate which was not issued to but to - being Chuck’s business site. Chuck (Cap. Azti) probably uses the secure connection to safely do his administration work on the server but he can answer that better.

So… that certificate error warning? If you type in the address bar and you don’t get but instead get redirected to the HTTPS version, then your browser seems to be the tool used to play this chicanery. I’d be curious to know what browser it is and what happens if your clear the browser cache/cookies/history. Maybe try another browser.


Thanks Don for adding to this. It’s an interesting dynamic when the sewer rats can’t risk sabotaging too openly otherwise they will prove through their actions how serious the whole thing is Cool I think the confiscation of CBs in China can only accelerate the adoption of TBs and gifting generally so they’re shooting themselves in foot… again!


Don, Carlos, thank you - Carlos, browser is Internet Explorer, I cleared the cache, same results as reported previously. I’m now going to shut down, reboot, and try again.

Thanks, Jeff. I’m not putting too much stock on these simple measures though. It might perfectly be that you are personally targeted by the hackers.


I cleared my cache, shut down, restarted/rebooted - same results as in the first post on the subject: using Internet Explorer as browser, if I type the EW address in, “there’s a problem with this website’s security certificate…", etc.

Go to Google, enter “Etheric Warriors”, and the top-ranked site on the list was not this forum, but rather “Etheric Warriors and Ken Adachi (April 12, 2013) Apr 12, 2013 - I’m still fighting them. I am writing because there is a thread on etheric warriors where a statement was made about you that sounds very wrong.” EW not on first page. And a search using the same nomenclature on AltaVista has EW at the top.

We can prove scientifically if someone’s monkeying with my browser and search engine, or hacking, if someone else uses the same parameters I’ve outlined above and gets different results.

I’m going to log onto a different computer, myself, and try it, also.

I’m also consciously boosting the person or persons I have theorized are doing the hacking, right now, in the case that they exist, which I believe they do.

Hi Jeff,

It was page 4 of google search before i found a direct link to this site, and it was a link to this thread. This site is top of the page on ixquick which is the same as startpage.

You do your computing much different than i do though.

Internet explorer, using google, typing in all that http://www? Really?

Plus it seems to me if someone knew the name etheric warriors, they could get here without a search engine. The real question is how far down the list is ew is you type in orgone or orgonite into google? Oh i see orgone is not considered a word by the auto spell check. We are obviously involved in some sort of fantasy.Wink

Did you try just typing into the address bar? No prefix, the browser fills in the rest.

My comments don’t mean that you haven’t got a heckler or bots on your case though.

Thanks for the positive column that you write. I do have a problem with the way you refer to some magical sigils though. Many symbols have both a positive and a negative version. A star, a cube, a circle that looks like a snake eating it’s tail are examples. No question we are bombarded with symbols that do have negative magic on them though. It is just that the symbols aren’t automatically bad on their own.

David, thanks for your positive feedback, and I apologize, I should have been more clear, and will note it in my next post in the thread. In that I’m saying Wal-Mart uses the six pointed sigil found in many black magic Grimoires, because they are practicing black magicians, but that my slight is to the fact that it’s black magic, not that it’s using a six-pointed sigil. As that six pointed sigil is just as effective when used for white magic, including at the heart of the orgonite ‘108’.

I tried doing just in the address bar, takes me right through to EW.

We can prove scientifically if someone’s monkeying with my browser and search engine, or hacking, if someone else uses the same parameters I’ve outlined above (IE browser, Google search engine, “Etheric Warriors” as search criteria) and gets different results.

David, good point with the symbols. It’s true the generations of babylonian cults (freemasonry, etc) have been trying to co-opt many vital aspects of life, including powerful symbols like the number 13, five-pointed stars, etc. They try to own these things but in fact they’ve only been borrowing them. It’s also a matter of perception, I believe. One day I told an EW member the images of butterflies on her website reminded me of monarch programming - we discussed it a bit and afterwards it was obvious I had let myself be guided by the perspective that “they” somehow own that symbol. Despite all this, spotting some symbols or words under context can be a valid red flag for finding the work of the secret-handshake clubs. Jeff is perfectly right when he says language is magic. I guess in the case of the parasites’ work it can also be called ‘programming’.

About typing in the address bar, I’m under the assumption we all type ‘’ (without quotes) into the address bar. Do that and you should get an address starting in HTTP:// - this bit may be hidden depending on your browser. On the other hand if you type in ‘’ you’ll get an address starting with HTTPS:// - this bit is probably displayed - which indicates the use of a secure connection. I hope that cleared some.


Jeff, I’ve tested searching for ‘etheric warriors’ on google, and it’s nowhere to be found, in the first pages at least. It doesn’t matter which browser is being used. As for the certificate error you encountered, I am unable to reproduce that - I’ve tried following links to EW from pages in the search results and I’ve tried searching directly for the address ‘’ and opening EW, which is the top result. IE was one of the browsers used to test these behaviours.

The way how EW is buried in the search results is not suprising or new but it bears repeating once in a while, thanks for doing that.


For the last 5 years if you googled "metakaolin static " you would find my post on EW, all those links seem to have been scrubbed.

For the last 5 years if you googled "metakaolin static " you would find my post on EW, all those links seem to have been scrubbed.

Brent, I believe they had upped the ante recently. It seems, however, this thread has served its purpose because not only EW is showing up again on google search results but it’s actually #2 when searching for ‘orgonite forum’ (no quotes used). The metakaolin thread shows up too and I bet the whole of EW is no longer blacklisted. Cool stuff eh? They probably noticed they were shooting themselves in the foot by providing hard evidence of censorship and had to reverse full speed Laugh Thanks Jeff for starting this priceless thread! Uttering the truth and the internet are a powerful combination indeed!


I went in to a small health food store and gave the clerk some tips about orgonite. He asked me if he could read more about it, so i told him to search for etheric warriors at a search enine. He went to microsoft’s Bing directly on the shop computer. I pointed out directly to him that the search engine’s autocompletion text results were lacking for this site. He immediatley understood that this was due to the effectiveness of orgonite neutralizing the bad guys.

The clerk was a bit pissed because the politicians in our hometown Halmstad decided to build a bicycle track right outside his shop so his customers have nowhere to park. Just to put him and other good buisnessowners out of buisness. Now he have to close. Sorry for the bad guys, i bet two new health food shops will open in the near future.


“this thread has served its purpose because not only EW is showing up again on google search results but it’s actually #2 when searching for ‘orgonite forum’ (no quotes used).”

“I pointed out directly to him that the search engine’s autocompletion text results were lacking for this site. He immediately understood that this was due to the effectiveness of orgonite neutralizing the bad guys.”

Carlos, the pleasure is sincerely mine! What’s even cooler is this thread is part of an entire subforum filled with such stuff. A “preponderance of evidence” for the skeptical.

Tomas, I particularly like the instantaneous realization on the part of the person you were talking to.

I introduced the subject of orgonite to my Mother in Law. Then I said “the guy whose work they based it on was jailed, and killed in jail, and they burned all his books.” She instantly replied “well, it’s all true, then.”

Someone is making a documentary about Google’s gestapo tactics and yesterday I posted something in the Sabotage section about it from one of our distributors, Justin, who also wrote this for his readership: http://www.extremehealthradio…soring-us/

Google has destroyed a lot of legitimate businesses in recent years but doing business in a war zone (today’s world) is probably impossible for people like us unless we exercise some streetsmarts and stay a little light on our feet. People in the healing/empowerment trade who don’t know there’s a war or deny it are setting themselves up for extinction. Growing a business by referrals rather than advertising creates its own protection but unless one is willing to hit back (in this case by exercising free speech) one will be at a disadvantage these days.

I hope the fellow in Sweden with the health food store who was sabotaged with a bicycle rack by the town fathers will take the opportunity to move and expand his business. Victories like that are very important, I think. The market itself has more influence than politicians or corporate parasites can control, after all. Even the orchestrated, online slander campaigns against Carol and I have mostly been backfiring for the past 14 years. They’ve won some minor battles but are losing the war in our case but we hit back, of course. Part of our counteroffensive strategy is to never publicly mention our detractors’ names, with one small exception and unless that lettered blowhard tries, again, to get one of our associates imprisoned I won’t even mention his name again.

Azti set me up with the DuckDuckGo search engine, which is less filthy than Google, and no matter what the NSA (Google’s owner/operator) does to divert enquirers to their own orgonite poseurs on the internet the accountable people seem to keep finding this forum. I get grateful emails every week about this from readers. We need to do our part to expose all aspects of the corporate order’s crimes against humanity but this orgonite movement is growing at a steadily increasing rate no matter what we do or are prevented from doing.

The tiny demographic of accountable people (this forum’s target audience) are always sufficient to overcome the tyranny of parasites and when the internet was seized from military/corporate control in the mid-90s and given to humanity I think the Babylonian baby eaters knew that they were going to lose this ancient war because the empowered few finally have a global means to break out of isolation and meet each other. Only the Chinese contingent of this criminal syndicate seem to have come to terms with it, which may be why they were able to purchase the New World Order at a fire sale over a decade ago and then prevent the incredibly bloodthirsty Britain/US/Israel cabal from achieving global genocide with their then-escalating terrorism. I can’t think of any sygil that’s as disgusting, right now, as the American flag–the proud symbol of blind, Babylonian brutality.

To me, it’s a blessing that this forum is entirely ignored by the media and suppressed on the internet. To hunger for fame and fortune is a human weakness that’s easy for the enemy occultists to manipulate and exploit. They try their best to own all of the sygils, by the way, with a few exceptions, such as the Cathar crosses, the ancient Neahallenia (dolphin/protection) triskelion, etc. Even though we intellectually understand this and may want to identify ourselves with one of the pirated sygils the public are going to unconsciously identify us with what the sygil popularly represents and I think that’s counterproductive in our case–confuses our readers. It’s only a small problem, I think.

Jeff is pretty obviously being hacked because he shares good news in a public way–a big taboo in a brainwashed society. Gare Clement gets hacked the same way and I think it’s because he’s so committed to flinging orgonite throughout China. Another EW contributor, bodhitree, is the only other person I’m aware of who is getting personally hacked this way and I think it’s got something to do with his professional position rather than his prodigious gifting accomplishments. I imagine it takes a full time staff to do this sort of personal hacking. It also takes several people, including a commanding officer, to operate a single surveillance drone, by the way, and probably more to operate one of the murder drones. I think there’s a correlation between drones and hackers. The corporate order’s human (sic) resources are severely limited but the potential for humanity’s liberation from the control of these parasites is unlimited and continues to bear fruit. Simple field orgonite, intelligently distributed by anyone, obviously speeds up the liberation process.

I’m patiently waiting for more people to be openly disgusted by the CIA’s ubiquitous Wikipedia, which is one of Google’s main brain-police paramours. A few years ago, Wikipedia conducted a fake fundraising appeal, similar to what the Corporation for Public Broadcasting does four times per year. I think the scam was that nobody pays the countless thousands of people who write Wikipedia’s ‘free’ material Wink. Meanwhile, legitimate authors who expose and document the ancient corporate order’s crimes and pioneers in liberating technology (assuming the CIA/NSA/FBI & counterparts haven’t murdered them) rarely make enough money to pay their bills. An example of he latter was the Bulgarian inventor, Yul Brown, who developed the Brown’s Gas Generator, which revolutionizes several industries, including gold mining and welding. American corporate parasites marginalized him, so the Chinese sponsored him and I have a theory that this directly relates to the way that stores that sell gold mostly sell Chinese gold since the mid-90s.

Wiki-Lies, the veritable Ministry of Truth. Re: fake fundraising appeal, in the dim past, when I was addicted to Fear Porn websites, I gave money, which I had not a lot of, to “Kent Steadman” of Enterpriseorbit, I think it was, in response to his “just trying to get by, help a brother out” appeals.

I felt dirty and taken later, when I realized it was just another “Controlled Opposition” mouthpiece, filled with many true things, but always leading research away from the real, empowering stuff.

By the way, readers: if you go to google, and type “etheric warriors”, EW now appears at the top of the search list. Can you see how parasites fear exposure, above all else?