Gorredijk Vortex

Gorredijk vortex (Going for a spin)

During our annual holiday at Heerenveen, Holland, we daily take our bikes to explore the extensive surrounding countryside. One day we decided to visit Gorredijk village. According to Dutch leyline – or earth grid – investigators, Gorredijk should have a vortex nearby. So we took some gifts and went for a spin.

Approaching Gorredijk at about two miles distance, I worried how we could find the vortex, lacking “the eye� to see. I didn’t pay much attention to the sudden heavy feeling I got, for it was probably fatigue hitting me. And I had made sure to bring a map of all Gorredijk transmitters, anyway. At the village centre we skipped a sunny terrace, committed to earn our coffee and cherry-pie with gifting first.

To our astonishment, this big transmitter raised above the trees at the industrial area a mile ahead. Imagine: Gorredijk has only about 7000 inhabitants. Whereas this antennae was loaded. Why is it that I never seem to be prepared to encounter the obvious?

After thoroughly gifting the place and another single drum beamer across the street, we took our coffee break at the village centre. As we settled, a sense of deep relaxation came over me. My body –especially my tailbone – felt more heavy each minute and we watched the sparrows pressing their little bodies to the ground too. Some spreading out their wings a bit, like they tend to do when they are sunbathing. Me and the sparrows were immobile for half an hour before regaining liveliness. Instead, my man got very active and went off to gift the remaining transmitters in town.

Back at Heerenveen, we both found ourselves in what we came to call our “orgone nap�: a stare which you can’t shake off, like sleeping with your eyes wide open. Definitely unlike being tired. To us, it sort of resembles the radiant feeling after a long sunny day at the beach. We’d felt that a lot when we first began gifting last year, but I guess we’ve adjusted to the presence of orgonite by now. However, this time the orgone nap was very overwhelming and endured overnight. I also felt pressure in the palms of my hands and soles of my feet, whenever I mentally connected with Gorredijk. Like my body was beaming energy. It was all gone the next morning.

Later, at home, I looked up the exact spot of the presumed vortex. There happened to be a leyline crossing at the village centre, right where we had our coffee. That’s when I decided to minutely report our experiences. Not to bore you or impose, for anyone can throw tb’s. But to account for what I consider proof of an energy connection – a united field if you wish – between us, the sparrows and the gifted vortex. You decide for yourselves.