Green Smoothies

Experiences with orgonite tend to be “grass roots” yet quite profound and away from all the hooha of the mainstream media. We have a lot of testimonials to back up our idea that something positive is indeed happening with orgonite.

It’s similar in some ways with the experiences people are having by drinking green smoothies. I’m having profound and positive shifts in health, awareness and vibrant being. Other people are too.

Thus I would like to offer you all this link for your consideration. It’s simply people talking about how they have benefitted from drinking the SIMPLE green smoothie:

Hmmm…simple orgonite…simple green smoothie…enjoy.

All the best…Hong Kong Johnnnny

Amazing to read some of those stories, some folk just get used to being ill all the time. I know my brother in law used to get the ‘flu’ every winter, just so he could pig out on Night Nurse I reckon! Some of those flu remedies used to have things like morphine in them.

Not sure what green smoothies contain (avocado?), I do carrott/beetroot/garlic/ginger juice in the mornings now, found bread/wheat depressing, and energy sapping, especially in morning. I logged raw food

Trying to work towards this: “I wake up feeling clear and energized in the morning … What is most profound for me about this light eating pattern is the flow of cosmic energy I feel coursing through my body. … During the day it feels as if joy is simply running through every cell independent of external factors.”——Gabriel Cousens (rawfood medical doctor), Conscious Eating (North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA, 2000)

Some way to go!

When Stevo was here last weekend he commented that I’ve got a really long-term ‘wait and see file.’ I think he gets a little frustrated when I don’t immediately follow his recommendations but he knows that I’m listening and considering all of it.

I’ve known him and gotten occasional treatments from him for almost six years and this year I asked him to fix my damaged heart, which he’s doing beyond my expectations.

Hong Kong Johnny told me over a year and a half ago that David Wolfe was promoting our zapper and that he, John, was consuming the superfoods that David was recommending. A few months later the Raw Spirit Festival organizer asked us to sell our zappers at their Sedona event, where we heard and met David, then DAvid invited us to make presentations at some of his subsequent weekend events in LA. We just did another in November and our buddy, Andy ( filmed our little stage presentation and put it on YouTube again.

Carol and I just started doing the superfoods this fall and now we’re doing it every day, using the canned version from in Santa Monica. We just mix the stuff in juice from a carton. Both of us feel better alfready from it and that’s the telling factor for us [Image Can Not Be Found] though David puts a lot of time and effort into evaluating stuff befoe he decides to promote it and we think all of the products he promotes are beneficial and genuine.

I’ve also been mulling over Hong Kong John’s green drink recommendations all this time and last week Carol and I started consuming ‘soup’ of my design from the Vitamix. We know that greens are the best food that one can eat but that nobody likes to eat it, much, except maybe Southern Blacks and Arabs, who eat a lot of it. I figured that if I can make it tasty enough we’ll be able to eat fresh, raw greens for the duration.

I’ve downed barrels of raw carrot and other vegetable juices over the years but that’s never produced effects as vitalizing as the superfoods and green soups has done in such a short time.

Each day, I experiment a little more and our favorite recipe, so far, is boxed, organic tomato/bellpepper soup as the stock, some sundried tomatoes, pickled artichoke hearts, pink salt, a bit of rice vinegar, honey, peanut butter, onion, garlic and then a pile of assorted fresh greens: chard, mustard, dandelion, colard, kale, parsley, beetgreens, etc. The VitaMix purees it and also heats it up. I let it run about four minutes until it’s slightly warmer than body temp. I figure that if my wife will enjoy it then we’re golden and that’s been achieved. I’m a typical male who can eat anything.

We tried organic chicken soup as the stock but we like the other better. I’m going to sneak some anchovies in one of these days without telling her. I know she likes the taste when it’s in commercial sauces but the thought of the anchovies revolts her. I really like that Vietnamese fish sauce, too, but it’s loaded with bad salt.

The superfoods have more immediate benefit but I think the daily raw greens will. show us some benefits over the longer term. It’s already reduced our appetites, though, and we’re losing pounds. My main motivation for weightloss and heart repair is my desire to finish my hang glider training in the spring but of course I’ll keep this food regimen up and will improve it over time. I need to get down to 200 pounds because my Doodlebug won’t take off in a suitably short run if I weigh much more and am carrying orgonite ‘ordinance’ with me [Image Can Not Be Found]

My daughter in Boston, who’s a lot smarter than me, advises me to avoid becoming a food nazi and of course I will but anyone with a brain knows that organic food is preferable to Pajama People food. As gifters we all know that the quality of energy is a key factor in our environment, so we can assume that the same principle applies to our own bodies.

Stevo eats a steak just about every time we visit and he’s incredibly healthy–even lost his little paunch, recently. He inspired me to add butter to my green soup and he, too, likes the soup. He says that when the body gets proper nourishment hunger is under control but when the body gets crap corporate food it’s constantly hungry. This might explain the increasing obesity among Americans, most of whom hope to remain oblivious to the dynamics of health, so are corporate cannon fodder, lining up for ‘treatment’ by the serial killers (MDs) and shoveling poison pills into their gullets.

The old Afrikaaners I saw in Namibia were all skinny and energetic and I think they eat mostly meat, often from wild animals. Some of them are really old, too, so it’s just not correct to claim that one can only be healthy on raw vegetable food. Some folks sure can pull that off and I applaud them. Carol and I even encountetred a fellow who is reputed to live on air and he looked healthy, too, though it looked like it was impossible for him to relate to anyone on a personal level. Life is stranger than science fiction, thankfully.

In some isolated cultures people live on monodiets (rice, wheat, blood/milk from cows, yams, etc.) and they’re typically healthy, too. Even chickens can transmute elements in their bodies, by the way—when calcium is not available in their diets they just change silicon into calcium to make their eggshells.

Everyone I’ve known who is passionate about diet seems to proclaim one or another paradigm and most of them are quite confrontational about it. Reminds me of hippies at Rainbow Gatherings who get into fistfights when one claims to be more spiritual than the other.

Carol’s considering taking the two week course in San Francisco for raw food chefs. When we went to the thing in Sedona in Sept of last year we were astonished by how tasty and satisfying some of those raw food concoctions were. Our favorites were made by a young Turkish guy, there. I love to get a chance to tell someone, ‘Salaam Aleikum!’ by the way

‘Salaam Aleikum,’ means, ‘Peace be upon you,’ and it’s the traditional greeting in Islamic cultures. The response is ‘Aleikum a’s Salaam,’ or ‘Upon you be peace.’ If Pajama People knew how lovely and poetic those cultures are they’d generally stop condoning the corporate/military Jihad against them, fueled by bornagain chumps and zionists. I’m sure it will happen someday soon, just like how we no longer consider Japanese to be less than human and Germans as bloodless killing machines.

When I was a raw food maven in the 70s none of it tasted very good or was genuinely satisfying but I liked how it made me feel. That’s changed: now more people are eating it because it tastes good, not just because it’s medicine

I doubt Carol and I will ever give up bacon and eggs and we certainly won’t give up coffee voluntarily.


Hi there,

I just finished the translation of a book by a french MD that put some 2500 patients on a diet. He got some great results, asks people to eat as much raw food as possible, and to avoid all dairy and cereal products. He’s dead now, and I’m pretty sure his dead has been quickened by psychic intervention. He had a ‘distinguished’ career as a researcher already, but somehow did not manage to publish his results anymore when he started advocating food as a medecine. He was Dangerous, the kind we like here. If you’re interested, you can read about it here, there is a small section in English.

I’m not telling you this to tell you what to eat, but there is an often overlooked aspect in the whole dietary discussion you should realize. Your intestines contain a lot of bacteria , and half of them are dead. Apparently half of you poo weight consists of bacteria! Their corpses and severed members are just floating inside of you. Depending on what you eat, you have different bacteria proliferating. Some are a source of dangerous molecules that cause health problems. The small intestine cellular wall is very thin, and stress among other factors causes it do become too permeable. So it is not only what you put in your mouth that is important, but also the type of bacteria that you are growing in your belly. Luckily most alternative healers know the importance to reestablish a healthy bacterial population, and prescribe Lactobacillus among other good bacteria, so those can beat the dangerous species more easily in their competition for food (simplification here, but you get the picture).


Fantastic! I get my wild raw cacoa from Bali by the big bag. This stuff ROCKS! I can see now why the Mayans revered cacoa…hmmm and the Mayans disappeared, maybe through a shift in frequency…who knows. I mix this with goji berries from china, coconut oil from Thailand, maca root from peru, honey, squeeze of lemon maybe some kale for green and WHOAH! In the blender she goes…

I’ve been making a lot of green dips lately like hummus but using spinach, corriander as a green base with fresh coconut milk from a little shop in Wan Chai (the canned stuff is good too). I then use a coffee grinder to grind hemp seed (Fau Ma Yeung in Chinese), (it’s chinese hemp seed cos its still in the hull and ALIVE…only in USA do they outlaw in the hull ALIVE hemp seed and make you DE-HULL it)…along with CHIA seed (potent stuff), flax seed, black sesame seed, cummin seed, coriander seed. Hey think of it…its the seeds that re gonna give you the MOJO.

also my boosting parteners grandma died last month at the age of 119 and her other grandma died at 129…both quite healhy until they departed. both grandma’s drank a green elixir called sirih from Indonesia. I’m drinking a pile of it today and I would say that from my research the key is GREEN GREEN GREEN…since they contain the potent alakaline minerals. Have fun and also as Don points out DON’T live in a raw food box or become a raw nazi…

Sorry for the spelling…time to fly to Thailand. I do hope we inpsire one another to explore this path…cos pajama people food is a MAJOR way in which the controllers keep the matrix in tact and lock in our potentially expanded awareness…

love and hugs… (ahhh what the hell…I’d hug you all…really and truly)…HKJ

but somehow did not manage to publish his results anymore when he started advocating food as a medecine.

hehe that’s something that will always keep me [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found] shocked, I know many medicine students and none of them in their 4 to 7 years of study ever had a nutrition course… It seems university like to skip the basis of a living body on purpose and go straight to the study of dead bodies instead (which most often starts in second year) and on how to make a dying body survive, compared to the logical thing that would be to keep a living body alive and well [Image Can Not Be Found]

That topic on Green food is also very true, at least it applies very well to my body.

Since I read that page: (I think I already mentioned it somewhere?)
[The Top Fifteen Biggest Health, Nutritional and Medical Lies

  1. Eating protein builds muscles.

Wrong again. This is another fictitious distortion based on faulty observation based on a) preconceived notions about how the body works and b) the failure of science to sufficiently isolate variables when making so-called scientific observations. Tell the strongest animals in the world–vegetarian animals–that eating protein builds muscle. Eating protein actually makes you weak and eventually sick and tired from the debilitating acids of sulphuric, nitric, phosphoric and uric acid. The body builds muscle from blood and not from plant or animal protein. At the Ranch we grow avocados. We give our avocados minerals, water and sunshine – no protein. Yet, our avocados are 80% healthy fat and 15% protein. If you want to build muscle you have to build blood. And to build blood you have to eat green foods and lots of them.

Eat green (and quite raw) and it’s true! Well, muscle build slower than on steroids… But they don’t transform into fat when you stop and don’t disappear either! And I guess building blood is good for anything anyway

I don’t know if you have ever read anything about Arnold Ehret or practised his teachings but I see many points in common with what you are talking about in this thread so I thought it would be nice to share this knowledge. Ehret too advocated raw food of course but maintained that cooked food (vegetables and fruit) will slow detoxification when the body expels too many toxins, for example. I’ve read his famous books “Mucusless Diet Healing System” and “Rational Fasting” the last one being one of the most interesting reading ever. I’ve also practiced ehretism a couple of years ago and intend to start again as soon as possible because I agree that you can cure your body with a correct diet. There’s a lot to say about Arnold Ehret (another Austrian btw) but this series of eight photos speak for themselves I think; it is the chronicle of how he healed himself from the Bright disease (kidney chronic inflammation) and other health problems he had by fasting and applying his intuitions about the correct diet:

I’ve found his “Mucusless Diet” book in the American site so here’s the link:

Nevertheless, Ehret’s untimely death in Los Angeles is a real mystery. The official version states that on a foggy evening, after a public lecture, he slipped and fell backwards onto his head because of a oil-soaked street. Others say that his disciples (Ehret had embarked upon a very popular and successful lecture tour at the time) created this version to hide a possible ipoglicemic crisis which, according to them, made him fall and hit his head. I think that the second version is more realistic. Whatever may have caused Ehret’s death, his intuitions about the correct diet, his theory of the vital energy and the way to gain perfect health are worth sharing in my opinion.


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