Greetings, I am Elysian

Located in England, American born.
I do a large variety of healing work, be it on the physical body-posture work, yoga, qigong, breathwork, myofascial release, muscular skeletal strengthening and balancing, nutrition, bioenergetics, the mental body- trauma release, inner child work, different forms of therapy and energetic modalities, qigong, pranayama, reiki, jinshin, seiki etc. I’m unaware if its bad form to promote myself on here so I wont post any social media, if anyones interested you’re welcome to pm me

I’m fascinated by knowledge, my most current endeavour is to teach myself electro physics.
My relevant research would be related to figures like Maximilian Hell, Anton Mesmer, Baron du Potet, Wilhelm Reich, Slim Spurling, Nikola Tesla and Viktor Schauberger. I believe free energy has been discovered countless times and I am fascinated by Tartarian history. I am also extremely interested in Vrilology and have had a rather difficult time procuring information on that

I have a ton of theory but have yet to execute it which is why I am here.

I have plans to build a cloud buster and other devices- I have the 6 pieces of copper pipe, the quartz etc but I would like the advice that comes from the fine tuning all of you have had to do to make it most effective, things like should I add mobious coils or tensor rings- should i plunge the thing straight into the earth or use something like a terracotta plant pot, I’ve heard about people having to adjust their cloud busters as the effectiveness wore off for some people, would welcome advice on that as well.

I have plans to create tensor rings and orgonite aswell

I am quite young and for me personally going from reading schematics to executing these ideas in the physical can be a bit challenging which is why I’m here to try and learn from people experienced in this.

I am extremely energy sensitive and also happen to have a number of leylines running through my property!

Finally I wanted to query this: In England our heating is done by upright radiators. being near them makes me feel ill. They feel extra terrible when they first get switched on in the fall. I’ve also noticed when ants invade our home every summer, every morning I find dead ants under the radiators in our kitchen, like 20+ every morning. The radiators aren’t even outputting heat in the summer. I do not find dead ants anywhere else. To me this appears to be DOR, The metal these radiators are made out of is magnetic. I wanted to know if anyone has had this problem and if any of you have any ideas or solutions?


Thank you for joining us.
I do look forward to reading about your experience with a cloud buster.
FYI I’m in USA