Gridding Maps (UK)

Good old [Ordnance Survey

now produce custom maps centred around your chosen location for £16.99. They are available in 2 sizes; 20x20 km & 40x40 km.

I just ordered one for my local area and was able to customise it with a picture of clouds and the Whale Orgone logo, nice touch! Next step will be to use the [OFCOM Sitefinder Database/url:25dihnco to plot the locations of all the towers in my 400 square kilometre locality, add to that the masonic lodges, police stations, churches and schools - each one will receive an HHG. The energy is nice around my place as you might expect, but I want to achieve the effect I felt when I got of the train in Chiang Mai, Thailand last year. (thx Gare!) These maps are divided up into 1000-metre squares. At 20x20 km that’s 400 intersections and 400 squares. Putting a TB on each intersection and the centre of each square will use 800 pieces of orgonite, and they will be roughly 500m away from each other. That should be enough for a grid but 800 TBs will cost me nearly $800 and that’s about all I can stretch to this year. Last year I did most of the towers to the west of me and at Christmas all my friends and family got an orgonite selection pack so there is quite a lot in the region already. I enjoy visiting my friends and family more now than I did before I started making this stuff on a regular basis.

Based on that, it’s clear that large scale gifting runs in the UK are prohibitively expensive (for me at least). There’s SO MUCH tech on this island as population density is huge, and fuel is over $2 per LITRE. Having a detailed map centred on the right place will really help to plan efficient routes and keep the costs down.

Your welcome Thommy, Chiang Mai is not nearly as completely Orgonized as Regina Saskatchewan yet
but it will be… Regina most of the TOWERS got gifted 3 and 4 times before the CHEMCRUD wouldn’t stick
Anymore… Mostly cause tb’s were being removed [Image Can Not Be Found]. Got to be careful who is with You when on a gifting mission…
according to some of the Phychics THEY can use certain eyes as video cameras to recover Gifts… the eyes being used
Has to be in an MKID or anyone who is under the influence of whatever!

the number of Gifts in Regina is astronomical and only just now are We putting out numbers greater than that
But for an entire country ~Thailand… Regina is a city of only 200,000… Nevertheless everytime I spend a season
There inevitably another drum gets poured up! summer 2012 We added extra large ep’s made out of
Old galvanized fence poles… No wonder regina got 6’ plus of snow last winter [Image Can Not Be Found]. Biggest contributor to the massive snow
Was earth piping all around the airport where the weather ball is I think?
Saskatoon only got 4’ and it is 250 km
North of Regina but not nearly as Orgonized! Can’t say these facts enough eventually Alll will see whats going on with this
Amazing simple but powerful basic Orgpnite …