Growth stimulation liquid of Orgonite fermentation

Vegetation activity liquid
I developed the liquid which promoted growth for vegetation. A microbe in liquid continues multiplying fermentation by a special method consistently repeatedly.
This liquid will double crops such as vegetables.
Mix some organic matter (it is not manure) with in the soil and is completed by a method to spray this liquid on. Organic matter is OK in the thing which crushed a weed.
This will become effective means for a country suffering from starvation.
This liquid is affected by “Orgonite-CB&TB” and works more lively.

A photograph prints it in “Iyashiro Honpo”.

A photograph prints it in “Iyashiro Honpo”.

Congratulations on your discovery Tetsuzi-san!

It would be ingteresting to see an experiment where one plant received the liquid without CB-charge, and another plant recieved the liquid with CB-charge.


Hello Laozu-san.
I thank for comment.
Can a thing of my blog comment, too?

Laozu Kelly did the initial, solid research around the subject of energizing water with orgonite, three years or so ago, also accomplished some astonishing results with orgonite into which a small amount of energized water was cast as part of the resin mix.

Tetsuzi’s development might be a ‘next step’ accomplishment, though of course more experimentors could help us see some parameters.

We’re wishing, for you, plenty of success, Tetsuzi-san. Perhaps if some growers who lives in the Southern Hemisphere or tropical regions will read this thread and may wish to try your new product, then send you some feedback. If so, can they contact you directly? If not, I’ll be happy to facilitate the connection and I can be contacted at [email protected]

I think anyone in the arid part of Australia who has a garden or farm would be happy to experiment with your new product.


Hello Don-san. I thank for comment.

If there are people needing this liquid, it may supply it.
However, about the overseas transportation, there are many problems.
As for it, liquid is checked by an anti-terrorist measure.
Liquid(muia liquid) may ferment by a temperature change in a transportation airplane. It may explode.

An experiment by this muia liquid competed with a member of group of EM (Dr. Higa) and tested it.
The area where the result was obvious and sprayed muia liquid on was excellent. An agriculture beginner can easily treat muia liquid, too

I want to save children suffering from starvation.
I may teach a manufacturing method of this muia liquid.
If a great investor coordinating this plan appears, children suffering from starvation will be saved.
At first I will teach it by producing raw materials of muia liquid.