Gunfire @ browns house

Law enforcement DENY shots were fired in the woods surrounding the Browns last night around 11:30 p.m.
Someone is lying and I doubt it is the witnesses who reported the gunfire.
Local WMUR latest news

If I had the money I’d fly there and put myself between them and the Fuds. We need a hundred thousand people to converge on that property with their weapons to aid the resistance.

Or, the Fud bastards could SHOW THE LAW!!! There in no law.

Leave the Browns alone!!!

Chief Gillen’s version of events surrounding the gunfire incident change more often than his underwear

Gordon A. Gillens, Chief of Police
Gordon started his Law Enforcement career in 1971 with the Windsor Police Department, leaving that department in 1985 to become the Chief of Plainfield. Over the last 21 + years as the Chief of the Department has seen a continued growth in the community yet he has maintained the department with strong fiscal responsibility. He continues his proactive approach to Community Policing with a strong emphasis on the youth in the community.

BIO and Photo Taken from Plainfield NH homepage

How can the citizens of Plainfield NH tolerate their top cop’s TREASONOUS behavior and constant lying ?

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