HAARP Manipulates Gravity For 'non-seasonal' Tornadoes?

Don Croft
24 Mar 2008 14:07
Subject: HAARP manipulates gravity for ‘non-seasonal’ tornadoes?
Carol and I have seen these characteristic , bumpy-bottom clouds, mainly around here, but no tornadoes were formed in our area, perhaps due to teh extensive gifting we’ve done, with significant mountain top and vortex help from Kelly. No matter how many times people gift a few of the ‘mountaintop death ray arrays’ around our valley, though, the $#!+birds still manage to put up more weatherballs and HAARP arrays on adjoining peaks. That’s been a main motivator for my flying aspirations, actually Cool since many of those roads are now closed and monitored.

My guess is that the HAARPies only managed to achieve this capability about six years ago, which is when we started hearing reports of unseasonal tornados in odd places, such as Salt Lake City. All of the technology connected with death towers and HAARP facilities is a military secret, of course, so we have to be content with circumstantial evidence along with the observations of reliable psychics and energy sensitives.

Reminder: no tornado has ever touched down within 20 or more miles of an orgonite cloudbuster, as far as we know. News of any tornado is probably also news that gifting needs to be done in that area. Much of the US Southeast is ungifted, perhaps showing us that the severe artificial drought of the Appalachian region can be reversed if anyone will take on the responsibility of doing so with orgonite and a whole lot of up and down legwork. I think Louis Onder has big plans for that region.



louis onder
29 Mar 2008 18:40
Subject: Re: HAARP Manipulates Gravity For ‘non-seasonal’ Tornadoes?
Don you must have ESP because we plan to head that direction as soon as we finish the area(s) directly to the south of us. I think your comment about the southeast not having many gifters is spot on but I’m not sure why that is so. (We surely welcome any help our fellow southerners can give us) As far as I’m concerned, I plan on gifting until I cant anymore because it’s in my blood. Once a person comes to the realization how powerful a little orgonite is and how easy it is to make or buy it and how well it works, then they get hooked too. Orgonite is so ambitious!
I’m looking forward to alot of people waking up in the coming months and joining in on all the fun!

Until next time,


29 Mar 2008 19:06
Subject: Re: HAARP manipulates gravity for ‘non-seasonal’ tornadoes?
I’ve witnessed a couple of times how the HAARPies stoped a iminent rain front with non typical HAARPing. Strange rounded clouds formed. Is this the same phenomenon you are refering to Don?