Haarpicane chris

Chris doesn’t look to be very orgonized(no pun intended) to be FAKE, but that may change as it moves closer to the HAARP towers in SE florida.



i don’t think the haarp towers anywhere in the bottom half of florida will be doing this or any other storm much good.

there is also so much orgonite in the water that we believe it is having a sort of synergistic field effect and turning out to be much stronger than the ordinary sum of it’s parts. i mean, for instance, that a thousand tbs in the water is stronger than a thousand tbs on land.

we shall see how this season goes. i do know that the weather prediction types are back-pedalling like hell right now. this info i get by scanning a number of ‘bellweather’ forums to see what the sleepy and programmed people are thinking.

also know, everyone, that resident bush visited the national haarpicane center in miami this weekend. now why would they go there of all places? and lookee here… by moday eve we got us a swirly going…hmmmmm.

test number five: do we still have our assets in the bahamas and south-east florida?


welllll, they may still have some stuff in the bahamas but we are working on that right now too.

story to follow.

The ew doesn’t load first time you type it in my browser, but if you refresh the page it usually comes up.

Is it a coincidence(not) that Don, Carol’s and Jeff’s Bahama gifting run yesterday had anything to do with the drop in wind speed of HAARPICANE Chris ?

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