Hacker and IP tracking

Ethericwarriors.com routinely gets hacked more often than not and site traffic usually redirects through cia/nsa computer hackers servers.

Visual Route will ping any IP to see where it redirects through. They are based in

Washington, DC, so they may actually be a cia front company, but still it is interesting to see how dot coms travel before they get to our browsers.

Try it here

I just checked to see where ethericwarriors.com goes and it passes through this company

which is just a wee bit strange. My typing in ethericwarriors should go to Jaques’s hosting company right away and not by first going to defenderhosting.

Thanks, Etic!

Eric kindly did this during our Sunday chat session, which is sitll in progress. We’re in the process of doing a clean sweep of the thousands of hackers who are interfering with the email of EW members and affiliates, and especially with EW, itself and our administrator, Jacques Laselle.

I think we should have done this a lot sooner but we’ll make a habit of doing these international hacker sweeps.

Today, we found hordes of mostly tranced-out MKids at MIT, Ber[serk]ley, Jet Propulsion Lab, and huge facilities in India and the Chinese Himalayas.

If you’ve been experiencing hacker problems in the past couple of months, either post in this thread or email one of us if that pressure eases up after today’s session, okay? We always want feedback after our group efforts.

We’re going to do a job on ‘defender hosting’ now.


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Most governments have large herds of hackers working for them. I once read an article stating a part of Korea had at least 300 hackers on the paylist that can carry out certain cyber attacks.

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