Hacker Interferences Of Sales For WorldWithoutParasites, Sea

21 Nov 2008 08:01
Subject: Hacker Interferences Of Sales For WorldWithoutParasites, Sea
I have been gifting since April 2006 and posted my first orgonite experiences here on EW. However, I made the mistake on not posting about some of the interferences that I was getting due to my gifting runs around Malaysia.

Last year, the level of interferences was the worst that I had ever faced, when I was setting up an orgonite vendor ship, to finance a more extensive gifting campaign here in Malaysia. I had almost given up on gifting altogether from those interferences that I was getting from the scumbags. It was a mistake on my part on not asking for help from anyone about it then.

I am still learning that lesson about asking for help when I really need it. When the interferences started again recently, I decided to send an email to Don and Ale to explain what was going on.

Don suggested that I should post this on EW to expose the scumbags’ methods of interferences.

My email (below):

Hacker interferences of sales for WorldWithoutParasites, Seaorgonite and Updates of giftings in Malaysia and India

Hi Don and Ale,

This is a very long email as I haven’t written for some time now and there is quite a bit to report on the recent giftings in Kuala Lumpur, India, the interferences of sales and the sponsor in Europe (He has sponsored for ##### gifting project as well). I’ll send this via regular email and PM in case it gets blocked some how.

Hacker interferences of sales for WorldWithoutParasites and Seaorgonite:

I wasn’t sure if I should post this on EW right away or send you an email first about the hacker interferences of sales for http://www.worldwithoutparasite.com and http://www.seaorgonite.com

Sales has been extremely poor for http://www.seaorgonite.com with a grand total of # online orders only for the last two months (Sept and Oct) since the website was launched. Sales started off well in the first few days then it abruptly stopped. Luckily, I had some good last minute ‘offline’ sales from fellow Malaysians, in late September, which did provide me with some traveling cash for the gifting trip to India with Laozu Kelly and Cesco, recently.

I have suspected hacker interference for some time when 4 of the 5 of my customers told me that they could not place their orders via the website. They eventually sent me the orders manually to me, via email. I don’t know how many people had tried to order and gave up without dropping me an email about the problem.

I did the coding for the shopping cart software myself which will transfer the customer to paypal’s website to complete the transaction. I have also doubled checked from various PCs, including from various cyber cafes while I was in India recently and I still could NOT find any problems with the shopping cart program nor see any delay when transferring to Paypal, to complete the transaction. I have also asked a few friends to test it out from their PC and still no problems were detected.

I still couldn’t dismiss that 4 out of the 5 customers telling me that they couldn’t complete the order. They mentioned that the page (from the shopping cart) will not be transferred to paypal’s secure website to complete the transaction.

I have been back to Malaysia (from the India gifting trip) about a week now since I write this (Nov 17th) and resumed my gifting project in Kuala Lumpur. On a gifting run yesterday, I met up with K### and H####, who were my first two customers (offline) and who are also now helping out, by joining me for a few gifting runs together around Kuala Lumpur.

They both showed me their new Harmonic protectors (2 units), a Terminator zapper, succor punch and a mini power wand. They didn’t have any problem ordering the succor punch and mini power wand from Georg but they were unable to complete their order for the 2 harmonic protectors and Terminator zapper from your website at worldwithoutparasites

They faced the same problem, which was, unable to transfer to the paypal secure server. After trying several times, they gave up and bought the two harmonic protectors and the terminator zapper from Quebec orgone.

It is interesting to note that the feedback I got from various customers, reported the very same problem when ordering from worldwithoutparasite and seaorgonite website which is:

Unable to complete the order. Usually the redirect to Paypal’s secure server to complete the transaction takes forever or most of the time simply hangs up.

Yet when I went to both websites to try to order something….no problem. I asked Dan from Bali yesterday to try ordering some products from my website to see if this problem could be duplicated. He managed to duplicate it, where he added a few items from my website then clicked ‘proceed to checkout’ which will transfer him to paypal’s secure server.


All he got was a blank screen and he continued to wait to be transferred. He still could check his email and browse to other sites but the blank screen continued. Yup, it simply hung up. The next day, he tried it again and this time, there seemed to be no problem at all.

It seems very likely that the hackers maybe employing this dirty tactic on several orgonite vendors already, primary those using Paypal. Based on the feedback I received so far, I know for sure it is used on your website and mine but I don’t know if other orgonite vendors using paypal, have realized this.


Don, I would like to ask for you any advice or help that you could give me on some of the recent interferences that are happening recently.

I know that some of the interferences that I and 2 other people are receiving are very likely due to the recent 1000 TBs gifting run in Kuala Lumpur in Sept 2008. See link below:


I am actually depending mainly on sales via the seaorgonite website to finance an extensive gifting effort here in Malaysia, similar to how Georg in Africa is financing his gifting efforts there. As mentioned earlier, there seemed to be a lot of hacking and other forms of interferences on the sales of seaorgonite. The other direct scare tactic was the break-in into my room that I had when I was doing the gifting runs, which I posted a photo as well on the same thread above.

The other interferences which I didn’t report yet seem to involve my sole sponsor in Europe and a fellow Malaysian here, helping me out in gifting.

My sole sponsor from Europe, who wishes to remain anonymous, had sponsored 500TBs of the 1000 TBs I gifted in September, in Kuala Lumpur. I went to India to meet up with Kelly and Cesco in early October recently to open dormant vortices in India for 5 weeks. While I was there, I received another email from my sponsor, who confirmed again about sponsoring another 1000 TBs for the ongoing gifting for Kuala Lumpur when I got back.

However, once I got back to Malaysia on November 7th, I received an email from my sponsor that the 1000 TBs had to be put on hold as he was suspended from work recently due to economic turn down in his country.

It really seems too much of a coincidence to me that the sponsor got suspended from work after 2 weeks he sent me an email to me saying he will sponsor another 1000 TBs for kuala lumpur.

The sponsor wishes to remain anonymous and I didn’t ask him if I could mention his name to anyone. So I am not sure on how to go about writing about him without revealing his name. I do know that he has also sponsored ###### in ###### for his gifting runs as well. I am not sure if this sponsor has asked for any help from anyone, but I thought I would at least mention about him a little since he has sponsored alot of TBs for Kuala Lumpur and to my knowledge, has also sponsored orgonite to other gifters around the globe as well.

It was quite a bit of a set back for me for losing that sponsorship for my future gifting runs in Kuala Lumpur. I’ll have to some how work on improving the sales of seaorgonite products to complete the giftings in Kuala Lumpur. There is an estimated 7.2 million people in Kuala Lumpur and the adjacent klang valley.

Don, your estimate of one death tower per 2000 people is quite a good estimate. When I was in Chennai (Madras) recently, I read in the newspaper there about the number of cell towers (death towers) in that city. The newspaper mentioned about 4,000 towers in Chennai and that city has an estimated population of 5.5 million (according to the tour book I had). So, that’s roughly about 1 cell tower per 1,375 people.

Based on that estimate (1 death tower per 2000 people), Kuala Lumpur has about 3600 death towers. I estimated that 5,000 – 6,000 TBs should be enough to gift all the towers and grid around the city. So, far 1000 TBs has been gifted with another 4,000 – 5,000 TBs to go.

One of the two women from Malaysia who has joined me for 3 gifting runs together so far is K####. She is also one of the customers who had trouble ordering from your website, as mentioned earlier. There was also a break-in into her home a few weeks ago, when I was away in India. It is probably very similar to the break-in at my room that I experienced when I was in the midst of my 1000TB gifting run in Kuala Lumpur in September. I posted the photo at the thread on EW:


I am happy to report that Instead of getting really freaked out, these two women decided to arm themselves with succor punches and mini wands (both from Georg) Smile They managed to get the 2 harmonic protectors and terminator from Quebec Orgone finally, when they couldn’t order it directly from worldwihoutparasite (no doubt it was hacker interference).


The vortex hunting trip in India with Kelly and Cesco recently was a very successful trip. I was actually wondering if we could actually travel around India and complete it in 5 weeks but as it turned out, we actually had the positive Qi canopy over India with about an extra week to spare Smile

Kelly mentioned that this trip was the longest he has been away (5 weeks) but in this trip, we got to open every single vortex that we hunted for. Unlike previous trips where sometimes it was too difficult or the vortex was not accessible (like the Malaysian trip in 2006), the vortex hunting India trip turned out to be very successful.

There wasn’t any form of interference on this trip. The only problem we faced (Cesco and myself) was a slight stomach problem for a few days from taking unpasteurized milk from the milk shakes Smile I had forgotten to bring my terminator and Cesco lent me his special terminator that you made (had old coppers coins).

I even had extra time to do small gifting run (slightly over 100 TBs – about 120 TBs) to gift the towers around Chennai as well.


Sorry if this email got a bit too long Smile I’ll send this via regular email and PM if it gets blocked some how. That’s all the recent updates of giftings around India and Kuala Lumpur recently. I am resuming my gifting runs in Kuala Lumpur.

Take care guys. I appreciate any advice or help you can give me.

(Harideran Sivagnanam)

P.S. Ale, I will be shipping your guan yin in a few days time. Putting on the final touches for it Smile

(South East Asia Orgonite)

drakull [at] gmail [dot] com
Don Croft
21 Nov 2008 15:50
Subject: Re: Hacker Interferences Of Sales For WorldWithoutParasites,
Thanks for all that, Hari! The more you will post, the better EW can get, of course.

We’ll spend some time in Sunday’s chat session hunting for the quasi-government $#!+birds who are molesting our PayPal access, also will go after whomever may be tormenting your sponsor in Germany. We don’t need to know who he is, by the way–the psychics will see it all clearly enough.

Lots of individuals get hacked these days, of course, but in my view it’s a lot less troublesome than the way these CIA and MI6 freaks used to surveille and bother us in 3D. It’s been fairly easy to correct the hacker problems in the chatrooms and also just by sending energy at them individually and more casually. I want more people to discover how easy this can be.

I’m glad, too that you guys weren’t bothered in India. In many countries, the CIA and MI6 have trouble working out in the open becuase people in those countries actually notice who is around them and the $#!+birds absolutely rely on hiding and secrecy to do their unlawful deeds.

Break-ins are usually a form of intimidation. Kam Wong’s car was broken into during one of his NewYork City gifting runs, many years ago, for instance, and only his Succor Punch was taken. It didn’t stop him, fortunately.

Malaysia is close to China and has a lot of ethnic Chinese, so naturally the world order are upset about your gifting progress and would like to manipulate you, psychologically, to give it up. John in Hong Kong reports frequent psi attacks from the ‘Pekingese’ (Triads are the chief $#!+bird agency for the blood-drenched commie regime in Peking, apparently, and they’re the best in the world at applying filthy magic) but he knows what’s happening, so considers them to be fine confirmations of his continuing success Cool

Please keep in touch after Sunday so we can konw whether our corporate-predator-busting efforts have been effective, okay? We’ll also want to know if your German sponsor’s life has improved after that. We make a point of staying on a problem until it’s completely corrected, so we rely on feedback like that.

Cesco’s going to send me Kelly’s report as soon as he gets it. I’m going to plug Cesco’s Little Secret in another thread to help him generate some more piastres for himself, too.


Don Croft
22 Nov 2008 19:22
Subject: Re: Hacker Interferences Of Sales For WorldWithoutParasites,
Jacques in Montreal has emailed to say that our worldwithoutparasites.com PayPal ordering process is also being blocked in Canada.

Thx, Jacques!

Tomorrow in the chat, maybe we can figure out if the agency $#!+birds are hacking the site access in entire countries or are only doing it to individuals in those countries. We’ll also probably find out which agencies are doing it and deliver some etheric spankings to the culprits Wink


27 Nov 2008 04:49
Subject: Re: Hacker Interferences Of Sales For WorldWithoutParasites,
I received another email today from my sponsor from Europe about the interferences he has been getting recently. He had also sent me a picture, two months ago of his inflatable boat with an outboard engine that he bought for his water giftings, in his country. I am assuming that he is referring to that same boat, which got stolen today.

That’s right. Aside from being suspended from work recently, his car which had his boat (was in the car) and an outboard motor for it, stolen today as well.

I hope he will be reading this post on Etheric Warriors as all my emails to him have been blocked or have bounced back. I am using a Gmail email account to send my emails to his Yahoo account. I don’t have any problems sending any other emails to anyone else except to my sponsor’s yahoo email account.

I have never seen an email error like this before, especially sending emails between these two large email providers like Gmail and Yahoo. Have you?

I think it has become very obvious to anyone reading this post that the series of hackings and interferences are NOT mere coincidences. I’ll take some screen shots of the hacking problems as well, to better document all of this and post it here in public.


My sponsor’s last email to me today (below):

Hi Hari,

I assume you haven’t heard anything. Just wanted to share something today. My car got stolen tonight, out of all the cars outside the building. I’d just gone outside and was about to take a drive, when someone takes off with my car right in front of me. It’s quite dark
in the parking lot, so I didn’t realize it was my car until I saw my parking space was empty. By that time they’d come further down the road, I ran after but I don’t think there’s anything I could have done anyway. If I’d reacted sooner and gotten in front of the car, they might have run me over or something. It’s 20 years old so it’s not worth much but I had my boat and outboard engine stored in the car, and that’s
worth more. It’s not obvious that there’s anything of value in there, but I guess it’s easy enough to unlock the door on such an old car and take it for a joyride. Man that sucks. I’ve reported it to the police so I’ll see if they’ll find it somewhere.


(Harideran Sivagnanam)

(South East Asia Orgonite)

drakull [at] gmail [dot] com
Don Croft
27 Nov 2008 15:08
Subject: Re: Hacker Interferences Of Sales For WorldWithoutParasites,
I’m sorry we weren’t able to get to this problem in last Sunday’s chat session, Hari and Frode! I hope you guys will consider doing some of this on your own, in addiition to what we can do for you. I’ve always known that at some point there will be too much for us to do, which is why I was happy that Dooney started a similar chat effort on Saturdays.

There’s certainly no problem if any contributors to this forum prefer not to participate in these efforts, of course, and when those members get into trouble I feel obliged to help this way because each gifting report is precious.

It might be that you two are being particularly challenged by The Operators to defend yourselves appropriately. The dozen or so EW contributors who regularly participate in the chat efforts understand that we do what we can for ourselves before we can determine if we need the group’s help. In many or most cases, tossing some energy in an appropriate and timely way at agency parasites and predators ends the problem. It may be that the longer one of their sabotage campaigns is allowed to go unchallenged, the more damage they’re able to do. Here’s a case where the activity of the agencies is like a bacterial infection, perhaps. There are new tools to deal effectively with ancient problems, for instance: any zapper quickly destroys a bacterial infection via simple ionization and sending orgone from the heart to an assailant can quickly neutralize his efforts. An aspect of flooding a target with healthy orgone is increased, measurable ionization, by the way.

One need not be psyhchic to send lovely, lively orgone at a DOR source and we mustn’t ever hate them; one simply needs to reflexively send it from the heart. We do it to each other as an expression of love, so how is this different, really?

All parasites, including the two-legged professional ones, use deadly orgone radiation as the medium/fuel for their assaults and everyone probably knows what that feels like. Our imaginations are the targetting devices so all we have to do is be like curious children and trust our instincts in this case. I’ve lately been calling DOR, ‘death energy,’ and ‘the energy of decay.’ There’s never a need to use proprietary terminology for any of this stuff we’re doing. I assume our readers understand that we only do it as a convenience and to honor Dr Reich.

donebydooney.com has the updated, simple instructions for fighting back in these circumstances. It sure makes the psychics’ job easier when the intended victim has been fighting back before they get into the act. I hope you’ll pass that request along to Frode, Hari.

I suppose it’s worth mentioning, for our new readers’ sake, that personal history or present attachments to any of the agencies, through Monarch or similar mind control programs or even through personal friendships with agents and/or programmed assets, has to be resolved before we can feel free from their easy influence. All parasites reuire a ‘connection’ in order to do their worst to someone. This is just as true for CIA and MI6 operatives as it is for tapeworms or genital herpes. This has forced a lot of us to ‘grow’ our awareness and to refine the way we confide to people. I hesitate to assign a spiritual aspect to this because it’s more about survival and autonomy than about building our characters in that case.

Another thing worth mentioning (and I’m sure it’s not the case with this problem) is that the agencies throw a steady stream of people at us who are in constant crisis in their lives. Helping them in the moment provides some releif for them but it’s temporary and it tends to burn out the psychics… Years ago, we had to learn to filter some of this out because it was taking up all our chat time and was wearing out the psychics in the process. This is why we generally ask people to do some of this on their own before asking for help.

Fortunately, the vast majority of gifters don’t experience this level of sabotage and it’s actually something one can be proud of in cases where the gifter has earned that ‘attention’ through a lot of good work, as Frode has apparently done.

Another positive aspect is that the more damage the $#!+birds do to an innocent, like Frode, the more attrition we can expect to justifiably inflict on them, which is always a public service and weakens these massive agencies’ ability to hide from the Pajama People.

I’m sorry we failed to get to this last Sunday. The life and death problems (Dr Loretta’s kid was apparently injected with fast cancer by a CIA agent in this case) have to take precedence but the $#!+ birds escalated their attacks on Frode since then. Fortunately, he wasn’t physically harmed. I’m hoping the psychics will be able to do a long session on Sunday or will take up one of our pressing problems on Saturday. Another free energy device inventor is under the gun, for instance, and we feel it’s important to stop the CIA killing these inventors so that humanity can discard the petroleum and nuclear cartel as soon as possible. Also, we just hate to stand by and let these horrible agencies murder innocents, of course.

Hari, please ask Frode to try some of the techniques that are described on donebydooney.com in the next couple of days, okay? We’ll do some more work on that PayPal problem. Since we started using that ‘service,’ several years ago, the agencies have blocked many of our customers abroad and it never even occured to us to do something about that until you mentioned it. It certainly is worth our while to attempt to correct this sabotage problem, though, and thanks for your patience!

Hopefully, this has been a good advertising opportunity for you, at least! We sell a lot of stuff on account of their interference becuase our customer base around the world are generally pretty awake and committed people who see the agencies’ continual interference with our business as a personal endorsement. I wonder if this has ever happened in history Cool


Don Croft
27 Nov 2008 16:46
Subject: Re: Hacker Interferences Of Sales For WorldWithoutParasites,
The hacking has gotten out of hand, again. Ale just emailed me to say that he’s gettting hacked a lot and I just replied to an email from Frode but my reply bounced.

Fortunately, the hackers have failed to shut down EW for the past year and a half, since Alejandro took charge of it in Chile, which is one more step removed from the CIA and MI6 Hacker Horde Cool

Please post about your hacker woes for now, folks! Let’s expose them some more and resolve to go hunting in the chats for the suited CIA and MI6 freaks who are in charge of the current hacker campaign.

Let’s have some more fun at their expense, while performing a useful public service! Wink


28 Nov 2008 02:44
Subject: Re: Hacker Interferences Of Sales For WorldWithoutParasites,
Thanks Don, I most certainly will need to learn more about boosting and sending energy. Last year, when I had a lot of interferences and almost gave up on gifting altogether, I had tried out a little boosting on my own and had some limited success. I’ll need to work on this a little more.

Thanks Ale, for the info on the chat session times (I was very late logging in last week). I think the time difference that you mentioned in your email, would make the starting time to about 3.00am, Malaysian time. Though the time difference makes it difficult for gifters in Asia, to join in regularly, I’ll definitely login to a few boosting sessions, to get some experience.

Frode has done quite a bit of gifting around Norway and had also recently started gifting the lakes around there, with his new boat. I can understand why the scumbags considers him to be a threat, due to his giftings in Norway and his sponsorship to other gifters around the globe.

The scumbags also showed their desperation in Malaysia in September, when they broke into my home and removed a piece of the false ceiling, close to where I sleep, in the middle of the series of gifting runs here. I wasn’t physically harmed in any way, however, scare tactics and interferences such as this simply strengthens my determination to fully orgonize Kuala Lumpur and the klang valley, in Malaysia. No doubt, it was good confirmation for me, that the scumbags were starting to feel the impact of the gifting runs in Kuala Lumpur recently, of which 500 of the 1000 TBs was sponsored by Frode.

I know Frode is following this post and whatever attempts by the scumbags to isolate gifters by disrupting their emails, won’t work either. I had experienced this sort of isolation (only PJ folks around me here in Malaysia) and countless psychological attacks from the scumbags, last year and I made the mistake on not posting about them.

Below are screenshots of the recent email hacking that I was mentioning in my last post. The screenshots were taken yesterday, when the email hackings took place. I am sending my emails from Malaysia, so there is a time difference seen in the email details, in the photo, as the email servers are located in the US.

I am posting these screenshots of the email hackings, as Don mentioned, to better expose the scumbag’s interferences and to document it all. From what I understand, the scumbags don’t like exposure very much Smile .


Thanks for reading.


(South East Asia Orgonite)

drakull [at] gmail [dot] com
Don Croft
28 Nov 2008 20:43
Subject: Re: Hacker Interferences Of Sales For WorldWithoutParasites,
Excellent data and evidence, Hari, thanks again!

I broke through the hacker obstacle by forwarding the ‘failed attempt to send this email’ response to Frode after cutting and pasting the ‘failed’ message, then our following emails were not interfered with. It’s getting easier, in other words,k to break through the barriers that the NSA, CIA and MI6 hackers are throwing up around us.

Dooney has graciously agreed to take on some of the ‘workload’ in her chatroom tomorrow. It’s too much for us to do in one session but it’s all timely and needs attention now. There have been a few times when this problem showed up and I think that by next week we can get back to hunting for genocide and annihilation plans to disrupt. We believe that Peking is riding herd on The US, Britain and Israel and mainly preventing those three (a single criminal syndicate) from blowing up the world or trashing the global economy but we’re not taking chances on their continuing success.

Peking’s demise will have to wait, I suppose, until enough of the billion Chinese get tired of being governed by felons and start tossing orgonite on a grand scale Cool

I’m hoping that the Russian secret hierarchy are already making plans for saving their own butts and that the plan involves co-opting the general population’s discovery of orgonite by ‘overseeing’ the distribution of it but we don’t have enough evidence, yet, to know if this has been happening. We’re getting there, though Wink


Don Croft
30 Nov 2008 19:49
Subject: Re: Hacker Interferences Of Sales For WorldWithoutParasites,
Hari was up at 3AM in Malaysia to participate in today’s chatroom effort, much to our delight.

So many of the front-row gifters have been targetted in recent weeks that the psychics looked for, and apparently found, the source of this coordinated effort. Carol was taken out of commission with a persistent bronchial cough for the past few weeks, apparently designed to prevent her from speaking out in public in LA. They failed in that case, of course, though the physical trauma and lack of sleep have handicapped her psi ability since then.

Francie took the reigns early on and made some good headway, then Dooney and STevo were able to get into the chat and after a couple of hours they found the culprits: the Warburgs in Germany, who will hereafter be called Warbugs® (very creative artifact from Dr Stevo)

Aapparently, the corporate shift of power from London to Peking is meeting some resistance from the Armageddonmongers in the West, who are particularly sore at orgonite tossers. The Warburg family have always been closely associated with the London banker trolls and the latter have experienced a lot of decline, lately.

The cool part about the present orchestrated assault on some of us around the world is that the attacks are shallow. It was kind of hard to find the source this time, though, and the psychics found an alien computer, many times more powerful than the Cray mainframes that they usually see running NSA nad CIA poisonous radionics efforts. The computer is apparently alien bug technology. The bugs have been seen in several corporate efforts to destroy humanity and they usually hide pretty well. Our first glimpse of them was from Denis in Quebec City, who found one of them underground at the Rosicrucian HQ in San Jose, California during a meditation after he had been psychicly assaulted by some Transcendental Meditation (CIA Monarch drone) operatives. That was over five years ago, if memory serves, and Kelly went to San Jose and gifted the place after that. A year or so later, Ryan, Josh, another fellow and I earthpiped the ‘Ramtha’ HQ, which butts up to Ft Lewis Army base and the psychics said we aced a bug there, too. We encountered some invisble feds that day in a surveillance vehicle Cool

We found the Warbugs® today by focusing on the attack on Carol, which has been ongoing for over three weeks–an inexplicable bronchial cough that started right before we went to LA. The corporate freaks apparently wanted to prevent her from talking in public. She’s been the relatively silent one but I think they know that her direct communication counts for a lot more than when Motormouth (Don) talks for her. I think she’s going to get the courage to start putting stuff out on her new blogsite, which Dooney set up for her some months ago.

Francie, our ‘new’ psychic, apparently connects to teh Wingmakers and that connection also seems timely to me. I’ve hesitated to mention them because the NSA co-opted the entire subjectt when they set up their disinformation site, wingmakers.com . I didnt’ take any of it seriously until Al Bielek told Carol and I about some of his experiences with the Wingmakers in the 28th century–he said he spent two years, then, as their guest and student and we believe him. We also believe that they have an active interest in the gifting effort becuase this may prevent humanity from turning into witles slobs after the universal introduction of robotics, nanotech and free energy, hence the end of toil and corporate enslavement. If you want to see what the world would look like without self-starters like us, watch the movie, IDIOCRACY Cool which I sometimes call a ‘documentary.’

We smacked the bugs, the Warbugs® and their fancy computer pretty hard today and I’m asking all the people who got attacked, lately, to keep me informed about their situations so we can have some followup.

At the end of the day, Carol has lost her voice but I think this is a sign of healing. The other psychics found a 4D, barbed implant in her throat chakra that has been causing teh coughing and they apparently disabled it. There’s a bruise-like mark right on her throat at the chakra location, by the way. Nice confirmation. We’ll visit Dooney and Doc Stevo next week–he’s an incredibly skilled and successful physician and ‘etheric surgeon,’ in case you didn’t know.

The relatively shallow and disjointed assault on the network by the NSA, CIA and MI6 under the direction of the Warbugs® probably indicates that the Chinese will continue to pull the plug on the Armageddon agenda. EW’s server was taken down for several hours before the chat effort. It came back online a few minutes after we started. We had shifted over to Dooney’s chatroom, which is the default for when hackers take down ethericwarriors.com during our chat sessions. A year and a half ago, Alejandro began administering this website from a server he uses in Santiago, Chile, and the site has been relatively secure from CIA ‘assassination’ efforts since then. It’s never been down for more than a few hours since we moved it out of North America.


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