Hackers Interfering with Vendors Lately

I don’t wish to cause alarm but I’ve gotten email from two of my zapper customers who have tried to contact some of the orgonite vendors and have been unsuccessful.

When the NSA/MI6 freaks interfere with our mail order business, this way, Carol and I get busy with them and the problem stops but this other campaign seems to be a little reprisal for the damage we’ve been causing to the hacker horde’s stringpullers over recent weeks and months in the chatroom.

We’ll sure go after these specific, government-paid felons shortly but, meanwhile, I’m asking anyone who has trouble reaching specific vendors to contact me via the ‘webmaster’ link at the bottom of this page so we can get it straightened out one way or another and fast.

For what it’s worth, government interference with our healing business over the years has been responsible for an awful lot of sales and new distributors, so I hope you’ll see this temporary inconvenience as a solid but unwitting endorsement by the world odor for the fine vendors who are listed to the right of this post.



We worked on Marcus Guy’s interference, yesterday in the chatroom, and found the customary radionics expert, along with his wife, a voodoo practitioner, attempting to do to Marcus what they’d tried and failed, a few times, to do to Andy Schwarm of ctbusters.com, which is to erase them from public awareness.

One of the psychics saw a photo of Marcus from which his image was removed, as by scissors, and surrounded with a halo of dense, dark DOR. It was perhaps in the radionics device. We dodecked the guy and his wife, again, and I suspect that Marcus’ business will be better than ever. I’m not mentioning the radionics guy but you probably know who he is and that he has Vryal connection, if not membership. Since he apparently hasn’t murdered anyone we can’t do more than just knock him off our backs but Carol feels that his wife is another matter and that she’s the more powerful of the pair. We’ll see, I guess.

Meanwhile, I’m very happy to congratulate Marcus for attracting the attention of such a high profile attacker, who has said publicly that he’s on friendly terms with the CIA. I assume you know that having CIA sewer rats as friends is more dreadful than having them as enemies and the published photo of the guy shows the characteristic hollowness that one finds in anyone who is deep in the graces of the world odor.

Last week, Marcus lost his job (par for the course when one assumes a deeper level of commitment to this work) at the same time that hackers stopped prospective orgonite customers from contacting him. We apparently removed the hacker barricade shortly before we reversed the radionics curse so if you have any trouble contacting him at [email protected] please let me know, okay?


Hello everyone,

I want thank everyone who was in the chatblast last sunday.

It looks like I’ll be getting a few orders in now.


health, help, happiness


Hang in there, Marcus et al. I’ve gotten emails reporting that most of our vendors are being sabotaged by hackers, now. One helpful would-be customer gave me this useful intel, which we’ll use in next Sunday’s chatblast:

Still having problems contacting orgonite4u,message states,Mail from spam source refused-see https://www.spews.org/

Axel in Austria also suggests that we go after the specific hackers who interrupted the end of our chat session last Sunday, since this, too, will lead to specific predators in the world-odor hierarchy who are dedicated to using this human wave of drug-saturated, MKid,Cool booger-eating hackers to interfere with our communication and livlihoods.

The interruption by hackers of our latest chatbglast happened when we began discussing the big, new comet in our sky, so maybe we’ll get some good intel about that from our psychics, then. Marcus Guy of orgonite4u is off the hook, apparently, since we worked on him and I hope any vendor who is experiencing interference will contact me so that we can go to work on his/her assailants in a timely way. We have an outstanding track record for this, I don’t mind saying.

I hope you notice that this much hacker interference is an unwitting accolade from the world odor and ought to be seen as an endorsement for the fine quality of our vendors’ wares Wink and, not less, for the direct threat which they all represent to the world odor itself.


I think Peter Crow is back in the saddle with OrgoneZone, one of the links to the right of this post. He was careful not to short any of his customers after he became to sick to manufacture orgonite last fall. He’s doing it now, so feel free to order from him, okay? He lives and gifts on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula and we hope to meet him in 3D before long.

Last August he inadvertently crossed swords with an Indian dirty sorcerer when he was gifting a nearby reservation and he got sick from that and has only recently recovered after our psychics informed him about what he’d done. The shaman apparently just wanted to get a measure of Peter’s character by throwing DOR at him. ‘Know your enemy’ is a universal principle, of course.

This sort of ‘initiation’ ought to be welcomed by anyone, of course, because it’s usually the only way we can come to a workable understanding of how the world odor operates.

Overcoming the workings of dirty magicians, too, helps us build up our etheric muscles so that when orgonite reaches mainstream awareness and ever more desperate enemies come at us all we’ll be more prepared to deal with them appropriately.

By the way, indigenous magic practitioners ought to be held to the same standard as anyone else and, like psychics in general, it’s just as likely that a ‘shaman’ will be working for the bad guys as for the good guys, so use some discernment, okay?


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