Hand Held Cloud Buster

How about a sholder held “Cloud Buster” 6 tubes tight together rubber tubes from back of tubes to a back pack of Organite, to be used for: Drones, unruly crowds, enemy troops, Town Hall, police station, etc. tape aroud tubes to keep DOR in them mabey plastic wrap to, any ideas welcom

I got a note from E Dog about this a few days ago and was reminded about our recent experience with a couple of drone aircraft on the nearby lake.

It was the last weekend of summer and we were on a camping trip. I was putting my sailboat, Juju Njema, in the water and Carol was returning from ferrying gear and passengers across the lake to the campsite in the Zodiac when we were each watching evidently separate drones at approximately the same time. The jet-propelled (much quieter than ordinary jets) one I saw was white, pretty large (the size of a small private plane), unmarked and was jet propelled. The wings were straight and thin. It was a couple of miles away and was doing aerobatic maneuvers at a low altitude. I was worried that it was a manned aircraft and was about to crash after a very steep dive but I saw it again after that before it flew away to the east. Unmanned aircraft can make sharper turns and dive recoveries. I don’t think that flight had anything to do with me. It was an über-cool aircraft [Image Can Not Be Found]

Carol was in the middle of the lake (she told me about this later on) and a small drone aircraft flew toward her at treetop level. It passed directly over the boat and then climbed straight toward the sun. She watched for it but didn’t see it again, so I’m guessing it climbed for a very long time until it was too small to see any more before it turned. She thought it was a radio controlled model at first, so she looked all around at the boats to see if someone was controlling it but that wasn’t the case. She didn’t hear a motor, so I’m guessing it was electricity-powered. Those are very quiet, compared to gas or jet motors and the $#!+birds put a lot of effort into stealth so can probably make the propellers very quiet, too. It was white or very light gray and unmarked. That was probably a mini psi-op, directed at Carol.

There’s some induced terror about all the ‘drones returning from Afghanistan to spy on Americans’ in the fake alternative media. What these terrorists fail to mention is that the US military are mostly loathe to harm Americans and the large, very well paid mercenary force that the CIA uses to murder Muslims abroad are mostly ex-military Americans, after all. The terrorists need a mercenary army because they failed to get the draft after they blew up the World Trade Center, haha.

So, even if you combine the real military and the CIA’s own private army there wouldn’t be enough soldiers to take and hold even one large US city, so why worry about them?

It reminds me of how the terrorists on the web are able to induce fear and hopelessness around the subject of chemtrails because just about nobody is inclined to notice the evident fact that chemtrails don’t drop to the ground, so of course nobody’s breathing the stuff [Image Can Not Be Found]

We have various sizes of cloudbusters for several uses but it seems to me that if you want to have an effect on the drone situation, just boost the people who are using one to spy on you or intimidate you. Carol and I were more entertained than intimidated, of course. It reminded me of the early years when the same $#!+bird agencies used to send flying saucers to intimidate us. I really miss that fun and these days I often have a camera, too.

Drones fly really fast and they’re quiet. E-Dog wonders whether they are used as DOR (subtle energy) weapons and that’s a good question. If so, aiming any pipe that’s stuck in orgonite at them would probably affect the weaponry but as soon as it’s out of range (a few seconds) the weapon would be back online. If anyone else sends me firsthand info about drones I’ll post it here. I think the $#!+birds mainly use them for surveillance but we ought to remember that there are tens of millions of people to urgently surveille (the ones who have expressed dis-satisfaction with this satanic regime) and relatively few drone crews. That’s right–it takes a crew to run one of these.

We’ve had 24-hour surveillance for over eleven years–probably by the FBI, CIA and NSA when we’re in the US and some others when we’re abroad–and it hasn’t been very productive for these terrorists, so why worry about a little bit of aerial photography? When more people realize that we have no real privacy (not even in our thoughts if we’re high profile threats to the baby eaters) the end of this global terror will come sooner.


What Don says about boosting the people using the drones, is what I too believe would be an effective approach.

Although I haven’t had experience with drones myself, I can inform about my recent experiences with chemtrail planes. This happened around August and/or September this year.

Those were the last two times I saw planes laying chemtrails. I decided to start boosting the operators of the plane and the people behind it. Starting by focusing on my heart center and sending energy out of my heart, but soon going over to use Source energy, or Creator’s energy if you will, rather than my own energy. (There is no mumbo-jumbo nor any effort involved in doing that, you just intend it to be that way).

In both of the cases, within seconds, the plane stopped spraying. The plane continued its trajectory over the sky towards the horizon and did not return for the next run over the sky as is usually the case. At the same time those trails that had been laid began reducing. On the first of those occasions I saw some sylphs working on the chemtrails, according to my estimation.

Another confirmation during the first experience came about half an hour later, after having seen that the sky had completely cleared and some puffy clouds subsequently moved in. As I lthen looked out the window a while later, I saw a clearly heart-shaped “cloud”, very etheric in its looks and different from the other, regular puffy ones on either sides of it. From the obvious heart-shape and from the fact that it was located right in the middle of my view, I took it as a confirmation. Being away from home at the time, I missed having a camera at hand…

Previously I have occasionally been boosting at chemtrails and the sky in general when seeing chemtrails in the sky. Most often the plane was already gone by then and only the trails were remaining. I never really saw any effect when doing that. Perhaps there were some effects. I just didn’t notice any. (Funny though, it only occurred to me the other day that I could have boosted the operators of the plane although it was no longer visible.)

By rather boosting the people behind a contra-survival activity, its like we’re giving them the choice to stop doing what they’re doing or to leave.

I think that everyone is capable of doing the same. Intention is the key here. Visualization is a good tool, as in for example visualizing the energy, the boosting target, or the desired outcome . But actually, it is also possible for us to go beyond that and simply use our intention without involving thoughts or images.

Two nights ago we experienced a low level quiet craft. It had little sound but it was so close to us. The light pattern was different then the regular white red blue flashes, in the middle of the underside was a square orange red light. I don’t believe there is enough man power to surveillance everyone. Boosting is effective.