Harbin, China (Sylphs!) and Vladivostok Gifted

Doc von Peters went to Harbin, Northern China, in August to study acupuncture some more and he had a few days to gift in Vladivostok, which isn’t far from there.

Here’s his report but I can’t seem to get photos past the sewer rats on the web–sorry about that. There are lots Sylphs over Harbin in one photo and, as he mentioned, exaggerated HAARP effects over Vladivostok in the other photo that he sent. We’ll be seeing him again on the trip back across the US this month and I’ll get more info about his gifting trip, then.

Steve and Lisa in Toronto have been very generous with orgonite for special projects like this one. Quite a few of their gifts are in the sea in our area as part of the HAARPicane-busting effort.

As far as we know, this has been the first significant gifting effort in mainland China. Laozu Kelly will be doing a lot more in and around Beijing pretty soon and will post his observations.



Hello Don:

Well I’m back in the US and working to get over the jet lag.

The acupuncture program at the Chinese University was very good, and the Chinese
people were very friendly.

Due to time constraints I could not get to Lake Baikal, as the airlines only flew
out of Harbin twice a week which compressed the amount of spare time I had into 4
days, which I spent in Vladivostok.

Vladivostok was a closed city into the 1990s due to the Soviet fleet being anchored
there. Now the Russian fleet has been moved to another location outside the city,
although some warships remain anchored in the harbor.

My gifting efforts in the city were around Primorye bay, which are the waters of
Vladivostok proper. There is a lot of pollution there, such as oil slicks, and it is
hoped that the gifting with underwater towerbusters will assist in cleaning up the
area. Standard towerbusters were left around the city as well to assist on

In China a number of towerbusters were distributed around Harbin, a rapidly growing
city and will help to keep air clean there. Many thanks to Steve and Lisa in Toronto
for providing the various towerbusters used.

Some evidence of aerial spraying was seen in Harbin, though not in Vladivostok.
Although, the Russian city showed some evidence of HAARP. I am enclosing a
photo of the skies of both cities.

Hope all is well with you and Carol. When are you coming through Chattanooga?

God bless,

Good for the Doc! China may be a key to things.

If we count Hong Kong as part of the Mainland (and the Chinese rulers most definately do now that the British have abdicated), we shouldn’t overlook Didier’s recent work there.

I’m also pleased to hear of the gifting of Vladivostok. Russia provides as big a challenge as China.

As a matter of fact – and sorry to disappoint those who believe Hong Kong is in Japan- Hong Kong belongs now to China (former British colony 1842-1997) is at the South cost of China, not too far from the Taiwan/Formose Straight. Hong Hong is what they call a Special Administration Region (SAR) and based on this, we also created SARS which is something different … but a nasty fake thing to make people completely scared about others … ahahahaah

if you check on a map … Hong Kong was handed over by the British to the Chinese on 01/07/1997, and that secured the South East part of China waters. Now China is fighting big time to “reunite” with Taiwan (even if Taiwanese don’t want to!) and that would be …wooo ooooo … all the South and East coast of China secured! Wink Well, I’m no expert, but this is maybe why there is so much anger going on between China and Taiwan. Allowing Taiwan to become a country would allow – among many other things – americans and others the liberty to get closer to China coasts.

Entering (mainland) China with orgonite in your bag might be dangerous that is if they check your 20 kilos of HHG/TB/EP … Laughing and gifting there must be done carefully. Prisons in China are not any better or probably much worse than those in the USA. We do have Fa Lung Gong sect members demonstrating in HK, and I tell you, the pictures of physical tortures made on their members that they display here, are all really scary. You definitely don’t want to get imprisonned.

A safer way to import orgonite to China might be to send parcels (gift – part of sculptures …) of orgonite to someone you know in the mainland.

Don can you tell us how did the Doctor von Peters get his orgonite inside China?

Beijing needs loads of gifting of course, but beware, police is everywhere!


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