Harry Oldfield


I am a client of yours from New Zealand.

I have been intrigued by Harry Oldfield a UK biologist and inventor who wrote a book called the Invisible Universe.

Basically he understands there is a an energy field around our bodies and for that matter everything. This field isnt visible to the normal human eye …. or it may be whoolly or in part to those gifted ones who may be clairvoyant or similar.

He developed a way of photographing this field and it uncovered many fascinating stories. At the seminar I attended he was able to pick out every injury a man had ever had…and can pick out developing illnesses. This is done by observing the energy leakages and general colouring. He has spent 30 odd yrs on this subject and I understand many UK doctors send the patients to him that they cant diagnose. He can also repair the energy field using a chrystal system and pulsing the weak areas. Many sick people from all over the world roll up to have him mend them.

He has photos of pictures taken in graveyards where crypts are shown …in the example the crypt hadnt been there for a 100 years…but his photo picked it up. Similarly he picked up ghost like energies in human forms.

My understanding is that DOR is converted to POR by orgonite. This process is an energy conversion. I couldn’t help thinking that Harrys system (called PIP) may help in measuring that process. The system basically uses filters over a normal camera and the filters arent that expensive. Pictorial record of orgonites activity would be beneficial.

Someone in Etheric Warriors probably has already examined this. If so I would love to hear how he/she got on. If not then maybe a UK member might like to track some filters down and take some shots. You never know it might help explain orgonites action.

There are 11 videos on you tube taken of his recent presentation to a group in Glastonbury UK. All of the detail I mention is on those videos. Part 4 is here

or you can track it down simply by googling his name.