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Harsa is a prolific gifter in the Czech Republic:

I’m trying to persuade her to post, here, but like most of the folks who are now posting on EW used to feel, she doesn’t think that her accomplishments are remarkable enough [Image Can Not Be Found]

Alejandro is off misbehaving with Kelly somewhere in the American Northwest, so it will be a few more days before he can get back to the hacker problem that’s keeping so many EW members from posting for now.


She sent me the following report, also a photo of the most horrendous death tower I’d ever seen.

[Image Can Not Be Found]


Harsa Devi, January 16 , 2009

This morning, I watched satellite photos as usual, and could observe that the sky was manipulated again, as usual. Today, the weather producers practiced zapping/pulsing/waving the clouds, or how to say it.

The special thing I could see today was an elevated point in the clouds, a sort of “navel”, just over my town; clouds were passing over but the spot did not move, for several hours. On the time loop, one could even see pulsed waves around it. You can see my “navel” in the southwestern part of the following NOAA picture. (There are more of them. You can even see the waves but as for them, I could post much better photos.)

So I became curious and asked my pendulum. It told me that the cause was one of the death towers in my town, a special one not with panels but pointed, close to a large building called “Radiocommunications”. I had already gifted it before but it has probably been “upgraded” (so as many others in my town). The pendulum was thinking that the tower would need 20 TBs. It seemed a little bit too much to me, but OK. I had time and TBs so I went there with 30 TBs. asking myself where I would be able to put 20 TBs because the place was not easy to gift; even more now in winter, when everything is frozen and you cannot bury your TBs.

But when I came there, I found some neighboring yards open, with a lot of juniper bushes and trees, and gifting was very easy in fact! So I placed my 20 pieces and hoped for some confirmations. Some blue spots started to appear but not too much…

Then I thought that I could have a look at some high tension lines not far from there … I never had gifted them because I was thinking they were harmless. So I offered the remaining TBs to the lines; the energy under them was really unpleasant. There are 3, sometimes 4 different lines close to each other, a real power highway…

As you can see in the picture, the sky over the lines started to clear.

When I finished, I had to walk for half an hour to get to the bus stop. So I was enjoying watching the sunset, with (maybe Sylph´s?) clearing activities over false (or at least half-fake) clouds…

When I came to the bus stop, most of the sky was already clear …. unfortunately, it was already too dark so the most important final photo could not be taken. I only took the western cloudy part of the sky, which is also instructive. You can see obvious chemical criss-crossed patterns remaining – most of previous fake clouds hanging on them have already dissolved.

So I hope that I understood well the guiding and that I gifted the right places… Lets hope that our sky will be clearer in the next days.

I think it makes the Langley Fart Hammers crazy when I try to post photos. I can’t even use photobucket or the other public picture files on account of hacking. I know it’s hackers doing it because I can manage to use one of those websites once or twice before I get blocked. Alejandro promised to help me with this pretty soon.


More from Harsa, for the record. I hope to convince her to post her own reports, here, and it’s likely that she’l be able to upload these incredible photos she’s sending me.


Hi, thanks for your compliments [Image Can Not Be Found]
So the photos do not show on the forum?
I add one map where can be seen the points or “bubbles” over some
places – could be observed for 2 hours or so. I noticed them several
times before. Then a photo of the tower that maybeeeee caused one of
these bubbles. I go on watching if the bubble reappears……

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