Heheh, I Guess EW Was a 'Specific Target' ;-)

The forum was down for almost ten days and the server was down for four or five, all due to extreme hacking on Christmas day, 2008. When we were in Dooney’s chatroom, on Dec 27, Francie said she distinctly heard some hackers in the ether, laughing like Bevis and Butthead and we all got a chuckle from that, I think.

I imagine that the CIA and MI6 keep truckloads of pizza-faced adolescent hackers on call as MKids for jobs like this but the extensive damage to ethericwarriors.com seems more malicious than that. Whoever backed the site up to Jan 28 of last year, ‘Thank You!’ I think I owe someone some money for many skilled hours applied to restoring EW. We’ll look into setting up a mirror site in yet another country so that we won’t have to worry about losing posts on account of forgetting to back up the site. I’ll wait til we see Ale to figure it all out.

There are some timing aspects that the psychics picked up on: last weekend we finished all three tiers of the Illuminati families that were on Fritz Springmeier’s list and as we progressed through these parasitic clans since the middle of October we’ve experienced no end of reprisals, though I think our efforts helped the process of decay along, too. Madoff’s fall from grace, exposing massive criminal operations of him and related Zionists, sure shook the blind faith of the Depression Babies and other previously-monied chumps who weirdly believed that the stock market is sacrosanct [Image Can Not Be Found]

I’m wondering if Israel’s attack on North Korea isn’t an ill-advised reprisal on the Chinese corporate order who may have engineered the very public de-pantsing of Madoff. Maybe everything like that which the Mossadomites®, CIA and MI6 will try abroad from now on is going to blow up in their faces, now. Bad timing, if so, for O’Bomber who has already promised an armed civilian brain police corps at home and an invasion of Persia. Notice that his cabinet are all BushSr devotees, as usual.

Carol and I watched EAGLE EYE last night and got a big kick out of the obvious portrayal of the ineptitude of the executive branch, coupled with out-of-control CIA/NSA skunkworks. Hints of massive scale Monarch programming but I suppose later movies will bring that out more. The false nature of the ‘terrorist threat’ has been the basis of lots and lots of movies lately–very nice to see that. The other shoe to drop will be for some movie maker to name the US, British and Israeli governments as the only terrorist organization(s) on the planet. It would be even sweeter iff that movie maker portrays bornagain chumps and newagers as these terrorists’ main enablers, of course.

A newager emailed me to say that I lack trust for not supporting O’Bomber. After I told her what he promised for Persia and for martial law, she dropped me from her list [Image Can Not Be Found] I think that even the hardest newagers and bornagain chumps have a hard time ignoring that rogues gallery he’s calling his cabinet.

We’re seeing public discussions of the peaceful secession of US states, finally! Patrick Timpone featured it on one of his radio shows. He also posted the interview with Carol, Dooney and STevo, by the way: oneradionetwork.com and I think it’s featured on the homepage. We’re making history in a lot of ways, which is probably just one more reason the CIA and MI6 hate us so much [Image Can Not Be Found]

Some writers are suggesting an end run to the apparent plan to join the US, Mexico and Canada into a country; that end run being to set up individual republics as states and/or regions, all by public will and presumably peacefully. Even teh Russians and Chinese won’t come here to enforce martial law. The US Army brags about a plan to send 20,000 troops throughout the US to enforce martial law but that’s like sending a single schoolyard bully to enforce martial law at a university, of course. They’d be laughed to scorn if they tried it. I think the felonious feds know that.

Short of getting their Armaggedon wish granted, the US, Brit and Israeli gov’t don’t have a lot of options, any more, especially since it’s become evident that China is more powerful than all of them, combined, but China is not bent on genocide the way they are.

John Burchell in Hong Kong, who is gifting Hainan Island, this week (we ran interference for him in the chats and apparently disabled a Triad attempt at reprisal for his good work on actual Chinese terriitory and his fine webwork). He said that his website is up on the Chinese intternet but their hackers are preventing the orgonite instructions on that Chinese-language site from being accessed by people in China. I asked John to start posting so that we can help him more easily.

Meanwhile, looking at all these year-old posts makes me feel pretty proud of what we’ve all accomplished in the past year. We’ll figure out a way to get those posts back up–would be nice if we can get the photos, too.

There’s a rash of new sicknesses that are apparently caused by bioweaponry. Most people assume that chemtrails are doing it becuase these folks didn’t see chemtrails years ago, when they were indeed sickening and killing millions of people. I have gotten new, isolated reports of chemtrails being spewed below the lowest cloud layer, though. This has happened very occasionally since we shared info on how to make orgonite cloudbusters but I think the reason the $#!+birds do it so rarely is because even teh PJ folks notice those planes and feel threatened. The continuing apathy of hte PJ folks has become one of the dwindling assets of the corporate world order, of course. They’ve perhaps given up on terrifying the PJ folks and turning them into a fascist weapon, a la 1930/40s Germany, Italy, Russia, Japan, England and the US. How sad for them! [Image Can Not Be Found]

Atle John Lovaas in Norway, whom we helped preserve from the wrath of the Norwegian high (sic) court when they were trying to railroad him into prison a couple of years ago for healing thousands of people, told me that he’s mainly seeing flu toxins, with mycoplasma (chemtrail fare) a distant second. Flu poison has to be administered up close and personal, of course. They burned his house down shortly after they failed to railroad him into prison, by the way, but he didn’t miss a beat and he’s still healing lots of sick folks from around Europe whom the serial killers (MDs) drained dry and cast aside.

Thankfully, when the CIA and Whomever trashed that server in Santiago, Chile, they left our livlihood website alone. I guess the only thing worse than ‘getting the Blues for Christmas’ is getting attacked on Christmas [Image Can Not Be Found]

Thanks again, whoever is responsible for putting EW back up! I’ll share that info when I get itt


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