Help Boosting - I felt there is a strong entity trying to killl me

i started gifing heavily again some weeks ago. Just a few towers. I´m feeling very sick and weak, i went to the hospital, i took blood exams, urine exams and there´s nothing wrong with me. But if everrything is ok with my body I should feel ok.

There´s nothing wrong with my test exams, urine, blood and so on. So i I should feel ok, right? I din’t feel ok, I FELT i was about to die yesterday.

I felt there is a strong entity trying to killl me.

I remembered about boosting.

Please help me fight them.


Keep using your zapper no stop just in case you have been poisoned! The common medical exams won’t detect exotic poisons.

I know a trick that migth be helpful. It’s based on Dooneys rose technique (……cises.html ).

During the attack pay attention to the points in the surface of your body that are feeling painfull. This is where the attack energy is entering the body. Imagine a clockwise spinning flower or rose right over the painfull spot, sucking the incomming energy. Them ground the flower making a steem that conects with your grounding chord or directly with earth. This will redirect some of the attack energy and ground it, preventing it from causing more damage.

Keep your aura charged with the triangle exercise. Making it under the sunlight feels more efficient.

Another thing that may help is the breaking of agreements, also described in Dooneys site. I think shitbirds hypnotize us during sleep into accepting the attacks

I always go back to Dooney’s site when in trouble and read it again and it usually pays off.


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Andrea, most of us who have done significant damage to the ancient corporate order are under constant assault by various attackers, including ritual magic/sorcery (usually masonic/Jesuit), electronic (some claim it’s ‘scalar’), and poisoning.

Zappers easily handle the poisons, so far; orgonite transmutes the bad energy that they’re able to direct at us with 3D weaponry but the other stuff has to be countered in the etheric realm, which is where it’s sent at us in the first place. Those who don’t or won’t fight back end up suffering a lot more than necessary, in my opinion. Dooney has taught hundreds how to regain some energy autonomy by hitting back in the etheric realm effectively and you already know Dooney from past work together.

It’s a good idea to experiment, of course, and this usually leads to success. The old enemy of our species are only parasites, after all.

Meanwhile, I’m sure a lot of us are sending you heart energy, as requested, and many times this is all someone needs in order to get the energy up to start hitting back, then life typically gets better for that person. If you don’t have a zapper any more I’ll send you one. You did a magnificent job undermining the old Jesuit occult hegemony of Sao Paolo with your orgonite, years ago, and they tried their best to destroy you after that. I’m really happy to see that you’re back to work again! The sometimes inevitable reprisals can be a good confirmation for us and posting about it helps to undermine their effort, too.

Edu, who is flipping death towers, etc., in a city not far from Sao Paolo, was posting the same time I was and I’ve just read his–thanks for the good advice, Edu!


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Thanks guys, those are really good advices!

Andrea, it’s very good that you posted about this.
The shitbirds always try to isolate us because they know that, alone, we make for much easier pickings. We should never be too shy to ask for help [Image Can Not Be Found]


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Andrea has done amazing gifting work in São Paulo. I remember a group chat that followed
after Andrea had seeded the ground with orgonite, and apparently there was a shock wave
that went around the entire world when energy was released. That vast city is an important target.

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How are you doing, Andrea?

Hi Andrea,
Sorry what happened to you we are boosting boosting you.
Mrs O

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Doesn’t seem like she has logged in since. I sent her a message 03.Nov, and it’s still in my outbox.
I’m a bit concerned.

Frode, I don’t think Andrea logs in very often, usually.
I’ve sent her an email, asking her to let us know if the boosting helped.


OK, thank you Carlos. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been in touch with her.
I do remember she was hit very hard when she was most active with gifting.

Hi Andrea,
How are you today very sorry to leanr of your problem lem me boost you I know your heart will get healed up through our booooosting!!!