Help request for my mom

Please I need some helping boosts for my 72 years old mom , Anna Maria , who today felt to the ground and broke her left femur , this is the second time , she broke the right one the previous year in the exact time frame (concidence ?) and was just now finishing to recover from that traumatic incident , and now this happens…. [Image Can Not Be Found]

It could be a retaliation toward me because I and John L. gifted a major Jesuit pediatric hospital at the Vatican this weekend with orgonite and earth pipes.

Please send her your helping boosts , thanks.

Hi Igor,

No not concidence Igor, Last time I Gift Jesuit I was attack hardly. When they unable to attack you, they pick someone Near to you.

So Double DoDec on Anna Maria.

Get ready to enjoy things as they should be from an Original Creator’s
point of view.

Hi Igor,

Stevo and I are sending boosts to your mom. If you can get her permission, we can do some remote healing on her as well. Come to the donebydooney chat this Saturday at 8pm your time and we’ll do some group boosting on her. You’re doing great work, so let’s make sure they leave you and your loved ones alone!


Hi guys!

I want to thank you who was helping me in healing some time ago and you know yourself who you are. I’ve not replied earlier because I wasn’t sure what had happened and I did also have problems with my monitor which has been replaced today. You know the feeling, is it really true….and wow…it’s placebo or something, ha, ha!

The result: I feel much better….better than before the incident. I have been healed on more than one level. I feel calmer than ever, thank you again.

Now, if you could take the time to check out this man, he is called Atle Johan Løvaas, Norwegian and living in Bergen. He is really fighting a battle for all of us. (A Witch hunt) The right to choose what kind of healthcare we want. He has already won two court cases where the Nazi like authorities took him to court, but they have appealed and this is now going to the Supreme Court of Norway. How about some boosts on his behalf? If you need his permission, I’ll get it, OK.

Check out this blog on David Icke’s web-site:

Peace, Elen

Hello Elen,

I’ve boosted and double dodec’d Atle to assist in his success. I’ve also requested cetaceans to assist him too. He’s taken a position against formidable foes and there is a lot of life and money at stake if he prevails. Organized (not orgonized<img border=“0” alt=“Smile” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-smile.gif” />) medicine and harmaceuticals stand to loose much when humanity wakes up and realizes the genocide they represent. Natural healers will have more business then they can handle when that occurs.


ps Glad to hear you’re doing better!

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