Help & suggestions on metal shavings and metal particles

Hi! All:

I started not long ago to make my own TB’s. sometimes all I can get is long metal spirals I cut later into small pieces and sometimes I just can find small metal particles. I’m worried about the following:

I’ve seen a short video at ‘‘you tube’’ and the guy there said small metal particles ought to be ‘‘oil free’’ and when it concerns small metal particles, all I can find here is ‘‘oil with’’, so, if I’m worried it’s because I did about 100 TB’s ‘‘oil with’’ b-e-f-o-r-e to see this video and I never heard nothing about this point anywhere, so, … Does this sort of mineral oil bloks or interfere TB’s effect on DT’s??? (((((((((((Please, say NO … … … if available)))))))))))))))

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for about five years now, folks have been making orgonite from the sweepings of shop floors the world over. there may be machining lubricant in your metal stock as there has been in others’ metal stocks. the main concern here i think is whether or not the resin hardens. if the resin hardens within the metal matrix, then you have orgonite.

i think you are doing just fine. apparently some very special properties emerge electromagnetically when one makes a material that has metal particles mixed and suspended within a homogeneous resin (organic) like the stuff we use.

this type of material has the property of being able to change electromagnetic radiation in significant ways. apparently the metallic content acts as resonators of the incoming em waves and the substrate diaelectric resin acts as a capacitor. the opposing charges set up within resonating metal particles act as magnetic or electrical dipoles which in turn affect em waves in significant ways.

this info is sorely incomplete, i know, but comes from institutional scientists who are now working with materials remarkably similar to orgonite. they call their stuff metamaterials and have discovered a wide variety of uses for specifically arranged particles of metal in a resin matrix.

it is quite clear to me that orgonites scientific basis , or at least a partial explanation can be gleaned from looking into their studies. what is cool is that we know it works and have so for years. these material scientists are actually behind us iin their persuit and categorization of it’s effects. metamaterial research in their labs is really only about two or three years old. way to go don!

i had been looking into the scientific basis for how orgonite works in terms of physics just three weeks ago and came across this info. about a week later, my sister informs me that she heard the same stuff on rockefeller radio (npr) and i saw where these “discoveries” were presented on some national tv morning show. they had touted their metamaterial construct proposals as being able to bend lightwaves enough to produce the effect of invisibility. very sensationalistic, yeh?

i am assuming that orgonite has now gone public, but as a material that they have invented. the uses are , of course, all related to security and defense.

the plain fact is- orgonite changes electromagnetic waves in significant ways, just as the clairvoyants have told us for years. applying it to negative wave propagating machines, systems and situations will change those things to beneficial wave structues and emanations.

they will say that orgonite is a metamaterial. that is a reversal of the history of these kinds of wave-changing materials. the so-called metamaterials are in actuality… orgonite. orgoonite came before.

i will post more on this subsequently. i thought it important that you all know they are working with the same materials we are and calling it something else.

our inhomogenious, random mixtures ( the metallic part) are precisely what is needed to do the work it covers entire spectrums of frequency. their work is highly specific and fabricated for specific applications at specific frequencies. it is typical that now lower level scientists would be allowed to work in this area and to reveal this info to the public.

so, to the gentleman who started this thread (that i hijacked) just know that you and all of us gifters are ahead of the curve on the material scientists. i just want this on record that this may be a systematic hijack manouevre of the o.w.o. scumbags to shine over orgonites public emergen

HI All,

I use oily shavings all the time. The oil just bubbles out as the resin hardens with the heat created. There are not any adverse affects to the orgonite in my experience. The orgonite will come out a little oily. Just wipe it off the orgonite and you are good to go.


I use dirty metal shavings with oil and I get to feel the energy from the towerbusters and HHGs, my orgonite may not be the most attractive but its effective for sure.

Any person with a very open mind can get to feel the energy from a towerbuster, by making and holding the TBs. This is just to feel its energy. Fortunately, it works whether you believe in it or not. Or you get to feel the energy or not.

I suppose the constant flow of energy activates the chakras located at the hands, and that is why the energy can be felt. Also holding Cesco´s little secret device triggered the chakras.

Since making orgonite, and been surrounded by it constantly, it has brought to me the abbility to indentify my space better than ever and defend myself, plus many other things. And I use oily metal shavings. Just any regular dirty metal.

So, from my point of view and experience with orgonite, oil in metal shavings wont harm the effects.

This is a picture of the orgonite I get to feel the energy from and the one am massive producing/selling/gifting in Dominican Republic. Not bad eh?

Hi! All:

Thx a lot to you all for your support. Gracias José Miguel. It’s funny, Isn’t it? Now I feel better with my . And, Yes!! I noticed how my TB’s, once finished, were oily outside. Best Regards


Pedro! is nice to see you post here, to me this forum feels like home and we are a big family. So it’s good to have you here too. Looking forward to see some photos of your oily excellent working Tbs hasta luego,


Dear All:

I’d like to share with you all about what I’m doing; I mean, my Orgonite affair. This is not only about one-direction-sharing but also I’d like to ask you anything you can tell me based on your experience since you have much more to share than me and I’ve a lot to learn. So, Jose Miguel I’m glad to introduce you (you all) my TB’s and my “clandestine” workshop. Laughing I wonder why the bleep most of alternative initiatives have to start from a garage Wink??? Anyway, this is my TB’s “chain production”: Smile…..hopzw5.jpg

This is my main worktable: … blelf7.jpg

A closer view of my tools:…..olsmw8.jpg

A view of the last double terminated I bought: 54 pieces, 4 cms. long = €91,20 (this about $2.15 each crystal per 1,57 inches long) … tednv4.jpg

And Here I go with TB’s. Those ones you can see here were my first assays. My “oily” TB’s. Not very well finished, sharp edges, air bubbles and definitively I did not like final result. So, I bought bigger muffin aluminium tins, I treated them again with more resin and I got smooth and incredible thick double resin coated TB’s that I’ll be using to gift seaside (unfortunately no dolphins here), rivers, dams and an odd lake not far away from here. Yeah!! Undecided They are a “little” bit big. This lake is odd because it is not fed by rivers but an underwater complex system which includes volcanic chimneys. Surface is 1,279.709 sq.yrds. Depth is controversial. May I ask you, pls., how many TB’s would be ok to gift this lake??…..bs1xd1.jpg

These next are my “normal” TB’s. I have to make 18 more and I shall have arrived to my goal. Right now there are 100 of this type. Once all are finished, [Image Can Not Be Found] I shall be starting my “move”. I’ll let you know.

Now are coming these, … “things” I do not dare to call them TB’s or HHG’s; just “things”; I explain you why. These are really my very first “things”; made before joining this great forum. I remember Don, saying me: “Pedro, pls. Do not reinvent the wheel”, but it was too late, … I did it!!! After reading (not in deep and quite in a hurry) several sites about Orgonite devices I decided to make some. You have to understand my line of thought, all I had seen were small TB’s, then without even considering I was smarter or similar nonsenses/trivialities, I wondered, What about if I add more metal shavings and a huuuuuuuuuuge quartz piece? But this is not all Cool, I saw Orgonite devices have to see with electric fields, then I thought, What about if I add a magnetite piece??? (3 on the left) without any doubt, vibrations will have to arrive till next galaxy, … al least ! Anyway, 2 ones on the left are not HHG’s, just big conic things with a lot of metal shavings, coil copper and 5 or 6 enormous pieces of white quartz. Not double or even single terminated.
So, I do not know what to do with them, keep them into a box, bury them somewhere, throw to garbage container, … ¿¿¿??? Would you be kind enough to suggest me what to do, other than throw myself to wastebasket???

And finally resin. I buy it at very good price, the lowest I’ve found, at a small truck carbodies repairing garage. As you can see these are water bottles refilled with resin. These guys wholesale resin.

Well, it has been a pleasure to share with you all this stuff. I can’t wait to hear from you, your criticize or whatever.

Best Regards


Hi Pedro,

Your setup is incredible. Keep up the good work. The TB’s look good also. Use your intitution in gifting the lake. Gift until you are satisfied that the energy is right in the lake.

Take care


Wow! I believe that you could use crystals of worse quality, because of the expensive price. But anyway, I find that your work is great.

Yes, use your intuition to gift the lake. Personally, in this case, I’d prefer to overgift.

Thank you for the photographs for your “clandestine” laboratory. Great.