Helping Je Stake the HAARPy's Heart

I think everyone who reads Etheric Warriors is astonished by what’s transpiring in Spain, right now, thanks mainly to Jesus Torres’ wide-ranging and well-confirmed gifting exploits and his recording it all on the Spanish orgonite forum. Even a venomous psychologist was thrown at him to try to discredit him. I guess that’s backfired on ol’ Dr. Herbie the Sewer Rat Agency Schmuck [Image Can Not Be Found]

The use of the un-edited German satellite weather imagery to highlight heavily gifted areas has been productive, also the way satellite imagery was used to show how The Operators are apparently routing Atlantic weather systems around the Azores’ HAARP weaponry to reach Europe, lately.

Was it Gerhard who sponsored some gifters to go to the Azores to kill that HAARP installation some years ago? I’ll ask Alejandro when he gets up this morning. He told me that the gifter(s) that went there experienced some terror and failed to disable the main arrays but Je is eager to go, now. He can’t afford it, so all we need is some sponsorship for him. Anyone who wants to contribute can contact him directly and remember that he’s going to need. Since this will probably result in abundant rain and snow for Western Europe, immediately, maybe some of the European gifters will want to have a hand in this project.

Maybe all of us have experienced implanted images and frightful thoughts when we were on the verge of disabling prime death-weaponry real estate. The first couple of times might be a little daunting but after that it usually becomes cause for celebration to know that the sewer rat agencies’ psi corps care that much to show their hand this way [Image Can Not Be Found]

Don, Thank you very much for your help in our European climatic and energy war.

More than 6 decades of climatic modification to suppress rains in Spain across military facilities that there are hacked the natural call of rain from the big mountains.
All the big military facilities of air control in Spain are from USA
In 50s the majority of mountains with big biological power were provided by repeaters of radio and television, the massive wordl climatic control (world desertification) beggins.
But it seems that with this they were going very slowly and ends of the 90 needed to invent the mobile telephony to fill everything, absolutely quite of these damned antennas. In the new decade of the 2000 it is the excuse of the digital television to put many more antennas.
With these microwaves they seem to brake, to turn away, even to divide the clouds so that they do not gather together forming sufficient height to come to cloud layers of the atmosphere and dont precipitate.
And just in case it escapes a little, the chemtrails of products that absorb the humidity are thrown on the clouds (maybe no clodus when chemtrails in the sky, then the chemtrails absorbing humidity for clouds cant be created, creating false cirri), to this cold height, where the cloud must come to precipitate. Then, the chemtrails expand absorbing the high part of the cloud, of this form the cloud it never has sufficient height to come to the high and cold atmosphere layer and precipitate. In animations satellites this operation caould see because the cumulus are blurred.
Our instalations gifting and our cloudbusters are disabling a big part of all these operations, and it is the big one I relieve to have this one it arms to fight, since the denunciation without combat would be very frustrating. (thank you again Don)

Some examples of chemtrails dry effects over the cumulus clouds … -t1213.htm

Some examples of microwaves stop, diverting anddivide effects over the cumulus clouds … y-t928.htm

Example, stoping and diverting big cloud fronts in Azores isles … -t1232.htm

Gerhard Huber wrote and said me 2 german gifters went to Azores in 2006 and gifted some isles (Flores, Santa Maria, Pico, Sao Jorge), but when their want to travell Terceira, psychic attacks stopped them. now if necesary somebody go to Terceira, but i not sure that all this publicity will be a good idea. Not for personal fear but maybe will make strong the Terceira targets and will be very dificult to gift, or maybe the rats are watching my name on lists of airline passengers. [Image Can Not Be Found]

If somebody wants colaborate with me for gitf Terceira, please, contact to Don or me in (planetaesclavo [@] Thank you very much !

(sorry my bad english)

All the best

Je, I’ve seen a single chemtrail jet destroy a growing thunderhead just before the cloud produced rain. This was over a town that I had just thoroughly gifted and I watched the show from about ten miles away. There were no other thunderheads in the entire sky. That big cloud disappeared in about ten minutes after the single plane laid a trail through it twice, then flew away. It was a Boeing 747 in that case, and was flying lower than chemtrail jets usually do–right thru the center of the cloud.

I was on an extensive gifting journey in the late summer of 2002 in order to test the then-new towerbuster concept. I spent a month with that and got daily, consistent results, most often the production of a huge thunderhead and rain over each town I’d gifted by the end of the day, all across Southern Idaho’s Snake River Valley.

A few other people told me, in email, that they believed chemtrails were being used for rain suppression in large regions but I kept all that in my ‘wait and see’ file until Ale showed me your satellite imagery that proved it was happening in Spain.

When I saw massiive chemtrail assaults just before rain fronts came in I assumed that they only did it because the humitity conditions enabled the seeded chemtrail clouds to last longer, producing a psychological effect (depressing) on even the Pajama People on the ground who don’t consciously notice chemtrails.

Now I see it’s mainly for rain suppression. Of course that fails in regions like ours (and now yours) where enough of the death towers and weather warfare transmitter weaponry have been gifted.

We’ve seen some old death towers on mountain tops that were apparently set up as prototypes as early as the 1980s but nearly all the rest of the death towers we’ve seen in our region were thrown up within a few months of each other in the fall and winter of 2001. The HAARP transmitters are generally older–judging by the amount of fading of the red paint on some of the arrays I estimate that the older ones were built 30 or more years ago. Since Tesla originally developed the science that the $#!+birds use to damage our atmosphere I think that your statement that weather warfare dates to the 1950s is reasonable.

They were using variations of Reich’s technology to produce DOR in the atmosphere in those days, apparently even before they murdered him. Of course they routinely detonated nuke bombs in the atmosphere in 17 US States in those days, until enough people protested it. The main purpose of the nuke blasts was apparently to savage our atmosphere and health. Apparently, the American gov’t has been murdering lots of people with nuclear devices at a pretty steady rate since 1945 (1943, by some estimates).

Spain had a viable republic in the early 1930s, until Britain, Germany and Itally contrived to destroy iit and replace it with Franco’s horror, the last vestige of which might have been discarded just after that regime blew up those trains [Image Can Not Be Found] so I’m not surprised that the vanguard of genuine, scientific evidence of orgonite’s liberating power is in Spain, right now. No wonder the $#!+birds are sticking their necks out so far by fielding Horrid Dr. Heriberto against you, Je [Image Can Not Be Found]

Ale and I are trying to decide whether to post something with his name on it on YouTube–a little expose [Image Can Not Be Found]

I wonder if that predator is about to snap. I wonder what the $#!+bird agencies promised him if he were able to isolate you from the rest of us. They apparently even sent a psychic mole at you with the same purpose (good job on that one, socio!)

The rational mind wants to put some ‘plausible deniability’ for the $#!+birds on the sudden appearance of millions of death towers around the planet in those few months.

As far as we can tell, the reason they never drew attention to the death towers in an effort to ‘explain them’ to the PJ folks, who probably haven’t yet consciously noticed them [Image Can Not Be Found] , is simply that they fully expected the chemtrails to have decimated the population, by then, to a number so small that the death towers would have made ‘resistance futile,’ but at the same time that the death towers were being thrown up, enough orgonite cloudbusters had been erected in enough of the affected countries that the kiling phase of the chemtrail program was prevented.

It seems likely to some that the countless millions of people who are still sick from repeated exposure to (mainly) mycoplasma between 1998 and mid 2002 were supposed to have been killed by anthrax, smallpox, ebola, etc., from teh skies. I assume that a lot of milliions of other, healthier people should also have been destroyed by repeated exposure to the deadlier bioweaponry.

That’s evidently what the Illuminati families were planning, before the Chinese bought them out four years or so ago. It may be that the thousands of enormous underground b ases that these families still apparently own and operate were to have been their bolt holes if all else had failed and they were to have nuked the entire civilized world.

The previous time Etheric Warriors and its server were destroyed happened at the tail end of a two-month campaign to ‘boost’ each of these families/hives in turn and the psychics clearly saw that those families directed factions of the CIA to do the deed.

Last night, when EW was nearly destroyed again, Carol saw the same families and CIA freaks, this time goaded by Horrible Herb. The fact that she, Javi, Ale and I were able to defeat them over supper in Seattle is good evidence that their power has waned to a piitiful level. They did prevent us from touring Pike Place Market, though. We need a mirror site so they can’t pull these stunts any more, of course.


I remember corresponding with Gerd and one of the fellows he sponsored to go to the Azores, several years ago. I don’t blame anyone who succumbs to psychological warfare. I think all of us have lost some steps that way. Hopefully, we learn from those mistakes and then steel our resolve to bust up the world odor’s murderous infrastructure [Image Can Not Be Found]

Some of us welcome the remote psych-physical assaults as evidence that we’re on the right path. It’s easy enough to hit them back, after all. After those etheric tussles, whom do you reckon is the worse for wear? Not us, obviously.

I’m even getting email from militant pacifists who gift, then get attacked by the psi corps. They tell me, ‘I just sent love back along the pathway I got attacked from, then the attack stops and the pain goes away!’ These are folks who won’t look at or even discuss the challenge of displacing a world order that feeds on the death and misery of countless millions of innocents. So, if one of these anti-warriors can so easily kick the agency $#!tbirds’ @sses it’s a wonderful sign that the world order, itself, is pretty weak and ineffective, by now.

Life is good!


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