Helping out patients on a distance? confirmation at least

Hi there,

Tonight I was on duty, being standby at home. I was called to be informed about a youngster that had to be put in the separation chamber because of bad conduct. That can only be done for a short while without a special permission, so I had either to go over to the hospital to talk to her, or hope the people over there would be able to talk some sense into her.

As I was informed about this, and waiting by the phone for the outcome, my girlfriend suggested some boosting. What a great idea, giving her some support while she was having a difficult conversation!

So I took my PW, a few orgonite devices, and some stones and minerals and started working. When working on someone on a distance, I connect with them in my mind (stepping into them). Often that allready is enough for healing (?) to take place, but often I try out the different orgonite bits and minerals.

I worked mainly with the PW, one hhg, rose quartz and a regular quartz crystal that volunteered. For a few minutes, changes were hefty (I feel them in my body), spasms in my back and me making sounds. My girlfriend was laughing, we are both new to this, you see.

After some 20 minutes The phone rang again, everything worked out fine, and now I can go to bed instead of having to go to the hospital in the middle of the night…

good night,