"Her eye was clear and sane, her ways were natural, her speech direct and to the point."

“France will rise again. You shall see.”

“Rise?—with this burden of English armies on her back!”

“She will cast it off; she will trample it under foot!” This with spirit.

“Without soldiers to fight with?”

“The drums will summon them. They will answer, and they will march.”

“March to the rear, as usual?”

“No; to the front—ever to the front—always to the front! You shall see.”

“And the pauper King?”

“He will mount his throne—he will wear his crown.”

“Well, of a truth this makes one’s head dizzy. Why, if I could believe that in thirty years from now the English domination would be broken and the French monarch’s head find itself hooped with a real crown of sovereignty—”

“Both will have happened before two years are sped.”

“Indeed? and who is going to perform all these sublime impossibilities?”


It was a reverent low note, but it rang clear.

What could have put those strange ideas in her head? This question kept running in my mind during two or three days. It was inevitable that I should think of madness. What other way was there to account for such things? Grieving and brooding over the woes of France had weakened that strong mind, and filled it with fantastic phantoms—yes, that must be it.

But I watched her, and tested her, and it was not so. Her eye was clear and sane, her ways were natural, her speech direct and to the point. No, there was nothing the matter with her mind; it was still the soundest in the village and the best. She went on thinking for others, planning for others, sacrificing herself for others, just as always before. She went on ministering to her sick and to her poor, and still stood ready to give the wayfarer her bed and content herself with the floor. There was a secret somewhere, but madness was not the key to it. This was plain."

From "Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc", by Mark Twain, 1896

I had a dream this morning that the great battle was preparing, and all these legendary dudes I didn't know were showing up. One, with long dark hair, had heard there had been some minor disagreement in the command, and that they had better hear of no such thing again. There were maybe a dozen people in the gathering. There were no weapons on any of the attendees. They were all wearing exotic clothes not from this current time. I was "myself".

My friend, Wes, who is on this mailing list, and my dad, who is now 84 and not long for it, were both there.

It was not a fearful situation. I was excited, and couldn't wait for things to finally get started. 

I woke up thinking "ah, it's already started, and we're in the middle of it, and we're winning it."

It's August 2020, and great positive changes are underway at every level of our reality. They began in earnest in 2012, and have been increasing in speed and magnitude. I've been writing articles on the subject since 2013.

These changes are being driven by the collective influence of untold thousands of inexpensive Orgonite devices based on Wilhelm Reich's work.

Since Don Croft first fabricated tactical Orgonite in 2000, its widespread, ongoing and ever-increasing distribution has been collectively unknitting and transforming the ancient Death energy matrix built and expanded by our dark masters, well, all the way back to Babylon and before. And, as a result, the Ether is returning to its natural state of health and vitality.

One of those changes is fish growing larger than ever in history. Since that statement directly refutes our State Religion, which holds that "Poor Mother Gaia is Dying, Crushed by the Virus-Like Burden of Mankind", I've appended multiple recent examples below to support it.


The agent writing the article is named Kym Kemp. They put the headline in block capitals to frighten, and started by telling you the fishing season was closed for the year. And only after you'd assimilated those two things did they let you know "record number caught".

They threw "caught" on the end to imply that it was simply "more assiduous fishing" that led the most halibut ever in all history.

The name of the propaganda organ, "Redheaded Blackbelt", is a thinly-veiled reference to the red-headed Neanderthal race who've run things in all the nations, well, all the way back to Babylon, and before.

The article continues: "The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) announces the recreational Pacific halibut fishery [closed] Tuesday, Aug. 11 at 11:59 p.m. for the remainder of 2020. Based on the latest catch projections, CDFW expects the 2020 California recreational quota of 39,000 pounds has been taken.

The quota amount is determined annually through an international process and is largely driven by results from the annual stock assessment conducted by the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC). CDFW tracks the progress of the fishery each year to ensure catch amounts do not exceed the California quota. CDFW field staff sample public launch ramps and charter boat landings to monitor catches of Pacific halibut throughout the season, along with other marine sportfish species.

During the last week of July and beginning of August, CDFW field staff recorded a record high number of Pacific halibut being caught.

“Reports from the public also confirmed an extremely hot Pacific halibut bite during the second half of July, with some anglers catching their limits by 8 a.m.,” said Marci Yaremko, environmental program manager with CDFW. “The significant number of fish caught during this time is unprecedented in California’s fishery, and the quota was reached very quickly."

Neither Kym nor the California Feds offer any suggestion as to what's causing the historically unprecedented "hot bite". The implication is that the same number of fish are there, only they are however biting more assiduously.

Despite historically unprecedented halibut abundance, the catch will be kept as low as possible to keep prices as high as possible, and commercial fishermen are fine with this ruse. A quick workday, sell all you catch for great money. What a racket!

In August 2020, Martin Koenig, Natural Resource Program Coordinator said "Texas angler reels in new catch-and-release record cutthroat trout".


(Tom Hix of  Bellaire, Texas (left) with guide Josh Heilson (right) shows off a 30.5-inch Yellowstone cutthroat trout from the Snake River.)

Congratulations to Sam Hix of Bellaire, Texas on setting a new catch-and-release state record Yellowstone cutthroat trout at 30.5 inches long! Hix was fishing the Snake River on Aug. 7 when he hooked the monster cutthroat. After measuring the fish and taking a quick photograph, Hix released it to swim another day. His fish tops the long-standing record set by Nate Ivy in 2016 (28.5 inches) and will set a very high bar for future Yellowstone cutthroat trout records!"

As a sidebar, I'll note that Bellaire, Texas takes it's name from "Ba'al, Lord of the Air".

The author provides the lengths of the old and new records, but carefully hedges by omitting the percentage increase between them. So, I had to do the math. 

The current Texas catch and release state record cutthroat trout, from 2020, was 30.5 inches long, and was 7% longer than the previous record holder from 2016.

Such records are usually broken by tiny margins, as organisms grow in progressively smaller increments as they approach their maximum possible size. 

There's clearly been some huge positive change in the environment of the cutthroat trout in Texas.

That change is energetic, Etheric. The size, fertility and longevity of any organism vary directly with the health of its Etheric environment.

The author plays the ruse that it was a "longstanding" record, from 2016, just four years previously! That's to cover for the fact that records are now being broken left and right, with the agents claiming without any explanation whatsoever that it's "the new normal".

A similar ruse was used in an article I just found from Nebraska. Both of the propagandists are going to now force me to document the number of state fish records that have been set for all history, and compare those numbers to 2020's, and then compare Texas and Nebraska. In the old days, this is what was known as "science", and also "hard-hitting journalism".

On April 28, 2016, Idaho's Tight Line Media's Kris Millgate said "Fly fisher lands possible record Yellowstone cutthroat trout".

Where "lands" puts the attention on fishing acuity, versus the fact that Yellowstone cutthroat trout are booming and buregoning to an historically unprecedented level.

The words "mystery", "baffled" and "puzzled" are memes, used, among numerous similar variants, whenever anyone in the wholly-controlled-and-coopted Political, Academic, Scientific and Media establishments wants to lie about, well, basically anything. Two of those variants are "unbelievable" and "eye-popping".

That's why Agent Millgate goes on to say "Idaho fly fisher Cyndle Clift has a fish tale on her hands that is 'unbelievable'. She caught an estimated eight-to-10-pound Yellowstone cutthroat trout on the South Fork of the Snake River last month.

Yellowstone cutthroat trout commonly weigh two to three pounds. Four to five pounders are considered big. The 'eye-popping' poundage on Clift’s fish is double that so naysayers are actually calling it a brown trout. But cutties have orange slits on their lower jaw and this fish has orange coloring around its mouth.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game biologists say despite the size seeming fishy, it is possible and consider the catch a cutthroat."

Wait, what? No, it is, or it is not a cutthroat. "Seeming fishy", "possible" and "consider" let the subconscious of the Coincidence Theorist say "oh, that was just a misclassified brown trout!"

“That lower end, there’s occasionally some really big cutthroat down there,” says Dan Garren, Idaho Department of Fish and Gamer regional fisheries manager. “When fish get that big, they’re probably eating a lot of smaller fish and getting a lot of nutrients into their body.”

Where "getting a lot of nutrients into their body" is a mouth-breather, Middle-Ages plausible-deniability excuse, put forward to keep your eyes off the wider trend I'm documenting here. 

Fish growing to double their normal size regardless of geography is "compartmentalized" down to there only "occasionally" being only "some" cutthroat that Kris hedgingly describes as merely "really big" or "that big" in this one, specific location.

Agent Millgate doesn't make any mention of the fact that fish records are being broken by wide margins regardless of geography.

Here's her picture:

I've included it so you could get a better idea of what a generational Satanist in a position of marginal influence looks like.

She's a "reknowned environmental journalist", but the descriptions don't mention that she's also a generational Satanist. They're all linked by bloodline, which is euphemistically referred to as the distinct and separate race known as "Neanderthal". They're in every city, town and village on Earth. Other than the occasional insider "secret" Illuminist hand sign, the only way to identify them is by their codified propaganda language.

The first rule of Fight Club is that you don't talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is that you don't talk about Fight Club.

On August 16, 2020, redding.com said "Here's a list of Northern California's record-breaking fish catches"

"The chinook are laid in the gravels here locally," Currier said referring to the North State. "The journey and power of the fish are unprecedented"

That story is hidden behind a paywall. It's the latest technique to "compartmentalize" the phenomenon we're discussing.

Can you see how they said the "journey" and the "power" of the fish are unprecedented, but make no mention of the numbers being unprecedented? As a Middle-Ages reader, you are so intoxicated at having said a five-syllable word like "unprecedented" that you haven't noticed the omission.

Can you see how the headline carefully omits the word "salmon", to make the subject as general and unsearchable as possible?

For this moment, propaganda and programming are holding back wider awareness of the phenomenon I'm documenting here.

But propaganda has a lifespan. While the great positive changes that the propaganda is attempting to obfuscate aren't stopping, but are, rather, increasing in speed and magnitude. So, these articles will appear curious to those in the future, who will be unable to understand how the populace couldn't see what was happening before their eyes.

The propagandists are desperate to keep you from realizing the simple fact that the size, fertility and longevity of any organism varies directly with the health of its Etheric environment.

Jeff Miller, Brooklyn, New York, August 19, 2020

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