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Hi everyone, Nice to meet you! :slight_smile: Just new here, looking forward to participating in this forum! :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hello. I’ve only recently learned about Orgone energy and find it fascinating. I ordered an ozone pillow, 7 layers I believe, but haven’t really used it. I’m in Milwaukee and we don’t get much good Sun exposure most of the year, so recharging happens infrequently. I’m really hoping to find a local resource that has the tools to tap into this unlimited resource, mostly for my own health improvement purposes at this time.

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Greetings from Canada’s west coast.

I’ve been using and studying Orgonite since mid-2018. Some writings of my own about the subject began to emerge early in September of this year.

Finding an essay by Jon Logan AN OVERVIEW OF ORGONE MATRIX MATERIAL (2002-2004) has given me some insights into the physics and semiotics of the Orgonite phenomena.

Jon making connections to electromagnetic polarities rang all my bells at the same time.

I would appreciate being able to communicate with Jon Logan via email if anyone knows how to make that possible.

Thank you, and best regards.

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