Hi people I’m new here

I’m new to the forum I made a cb a few months ago since then I’ve been gifting towers around my home town. I hope to get more involved in this so I’ll probably be picking peoples minds for ideas :grin: mal

wow, good eye for spotting places needing gifting. that first one was a brute! I hope you put several tower busters around that. other poorly disguised places needing tbs are trees with fake branches. they only need one tb. Haarps, a cluster of towers usually need several tbs, maybe a holy hand grenade (hhg) or 2. a haarp on a mountain top near me took many tbs, didn’t stop it. an earth pipe, still didn’t stop it. finally had to pound a dozen eps around the top, but it was linked to another set up to the east. turns out the haarp was an underground reptilian-booger nest. boy did they retaliate!! (see archives about that horrendous adventure) and fair warning to everyone gifting the towers: there are MANY things you can do to protect yourselves. I’ll be posting much more