Homeland Security Wants to Nuke Some US Cities?

Carol and I were wondering why we’ve been blocked from accessing the chat sessions for the past couple of weeks. Yesterday, at the ‘factory’ I heard Paul Havey, on the radio, announce that Homeland Security will conduct tests in several US cities, next week, about what to do if a ‘dirty bomb’ goes off. I didn’t realize what a nazi Paul Harvey is, by the way, until he also advised using nuclear weapons to ‘end the war in Iraq.’ Yikes, no wonder the Depression Babies are such lost, drunken souls.

So, we’ll try again to get into the weekend chat sessions but please look into this if we get blocked out again, okay? Dooney and STevo might still be off gifting somewhere in Montana, then.

The frequent hacking is also why I’m not keeping up with my email. I hastily do my business email when I manage to get online, so a lot of important other stuff has gone unanswered for now, sorry!

I’m still in Nampa, Idaho, finishing my airplane at skyraiderllc.com —it’s the ultralight version, which will be the first aircraft of the global Unorganized Etyheric Air Force [Image Can Not Be Found]

Meanwhile, Carol’s doing fine–hasn’t even been poisoned during our separation, which is probably a milestone.

These Fatherland Security fascists can’t be allowed to commit mass murder, no matter how desperate they become in the face of the Pajama People’s increasing apathy about ‘terrorism.’ I hope Carol and I can manage to bust through the hacker wall this weekend, otherwise if Dirk and/or Stevo and Dooney show up the job will no doubt get done and we can ensure that this world odor takes yet another leap toward extinction, going out with a sigh rather than in their own ‘sour grapes’ conflagration.

Enough earthpipes around the will stop them from going to ground, so to speak.


Paul Harvey has a distinctive style and does daily conservative commentaries–widely syndicated. I doubt he’s heard outside the US, of course. I heard a joke about him, years ago:

Paul Harvey said, 'A man is hit by a truck every thirteen minutes in the US……

……sooner or later, it’s going to kill him!

Around the time I posted the above, a couple of weeks ago, our psychics started getting hacked and assaulted pretty severely, apparently in an effort to keep our chatgroup from having eyes and intel during our sessions.

I was hacked, too, and the post was the last thing I managed to get on the forum until I got home last Saturday, 13 Oct. I was even blocked from logging onto Etheric Warriors during that time and when I went to the coffee shop to get online, I was even blocked from picking up the strong wireless signal.

I didn’t feel a lot of distress, though, because I’m pretty confident, by now, that the feds will be unsuccessful with their reign of terror, no matter how many innocents they might manage to blow up or irradiate in coming months. I think all of that would have the opposite effect of what they hope to accomplish because not even the most obdurate Pamama Person loves this government by now. You might have noticed that nobody laughs at conspiracy information any more, for instance. Most of the PJ folks still thrust their fingers in their ears when you speak plainly about how things are but if they were laughing, I think it would be a bad sign [Image Can Not Be Found];

Carol wasn’t attacked during my 4 and a half week absence until the night before I got home and the attack wasn’t debilitating. We figure this is a bright sign of progress because whenever we’re apart they start trying, right away, to kill or incapacitate my wife.

I asked Dooney and Stevo to do some work with us in the chatroom to heal Carol and I suspected that they, too, were under attack (I was right). We worked on them, too, of course. I’ll share something funny and interesting from the session:

When Dooney first started looking, she said that her sight was sort of blocked by a dwarf or gnome figure. Carol said, ‘Yeah, when Don left I put a figurine of a little gnome in my pocket for protection after it told me that’s what it’s for.’

Dooney then saw the gnome blocking a tall Man in Black from savaging Carol. One day, when Carol changed her pants and didn’t transfer the gnome, she started feeling pretty rotten, so understood that she needed the figurine on her person. When she put it in her pocket the bad feeling went away immediately.

Once in awhile, Carol and I have encountered physical objects that are a sort of interface for benevolent entities and we’ve used them productively. This is an old magical practice, of course, and the principle is also used by dirty magicians to do harm with the help of parasitic/predatory entities and agencies.
It’s all hard science to us and makes life even more interesting. So, if you’re prompted to pick up a device to benefit yourself, I hope you’ll follow through on your hunch.

I’ve emailed Dirk to ask him to show up in tomorrow’s chat, if possible, so we can work on him, too, since I assume he’s under assault. Most of the good psychics won’t ever ask for help until he/she is on a bed of pain, so I’ve found it prudent to ask them how they’re doing if we haven’t seen them in awhile [Image Can Not Be Found];

So, we’ll get back to regularly hunting for mass murder plots among the treasonous agencies of the US Government, etc., now that our psychics are back in the saddle. Dooney said they really tried hard to kill Carol when I was gone.

I brought my little airplane home on Saturday and have been taxiing several times a day, getting used to handling a tail wheel on the ground under various conditionsl, which is what some experienced pilots advised me to do before flying the thing. Tim Collins of skyraiderllc.com , who sold me the kit and instructed me during the past month during construction, flew it on Friday and said ‘It flies like a homesick angel!’ I really enjoyed my time with him and the other fellows at the little factory. My plane, which will be named ‘Madam Carol,’ is the ultralight version shown on skyraiderllc.com

I can’t wait to paint it and to letter the name behind the cockpit. I’m going to ask Ryan McGinty to come over and teach me FTP so I can post photos on EW. For the past six years or so I’ve been mostly unable to even send a photo in email due to incessant hacking. I wonder why the world odor jerks think photos are so important.


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