Hong Kong Gifting Update From John

Don Croft
24 Nov 2008 16:25
Subject: Hong Kong Gifting Update from John

Hello Don,

A little Hong Kong gifting from the heart (see attached photos). The new tower (with the bamboo scaffolding) is being built very close to my work place and I made sure to gift its helicopter pad so all the lads have safe flights. I could feel a tickling sensation in my palm when I held the TBs close to the towers…now this could be “Qi” or simply the parasites under my skin itching to jump out. Either way, something was felt.

I laughed quite spontaneously when gifting “The Li Hall.” Somebody was happy to see the Li Family graced with a TB…God bless their little banker-wanker Illuminati cotton socks.

I awoke one morning with my lower back out. So I was off to the Chinese bone doctor. His office is in Mongkok one of the most densely populated places on the planet. The Mongkok triads are well known for their activities, particularly with sex slavery. So the area got gifted, I got my skeletal structure straightened out and also vowed to do at least one form of body work (massage, accupuncture etc.) per week.

I get some fairly clear confirmation that gifting the areas where darker human endeavour takes place (like Mongkok) are important targets since they are large areas of energetic feeding for etheric parasites.

We are reclaiming our planet one orgonite gift at a time and the number of gifters is expanding at an exponential rate.

All the best…Hong Kong John


Good work as usual, John. I read your note to Carol and she told me that the tingling was from the orgonite in your hand changing the death energy from the towers into life force. She said, too, that the Triad psi predators knocked your back out during sleep (quite common with some of us) so we were tickled that you responded by gifting one of their sanctum sanctorums (Mongkok).

You’re in the groove for sure! Great to see that you’re following The Operators’ promptings without hesitation.

Great tower pics!


Don Croft
25 Nov 2008 17:13
Subject: Re: Hong Kong Gifting Update from John
Thanks Don for the confirmation…mucho appreciated. I’m also getting a lot of confirmation through dreams and experiences on orgonite’s ability to change the frequency of energy similar in ways to how a “soft skills” martial arts person reflects aggressive energy back to its source in a beautiful way.

I believe that this form of “battle” is perhaps one of the highest forms of military expression. Who knows? Well certainly not me, but its very cool and very practical. It gets me thinking of what a farse all the “good vs evil” themes we’ve been exposed to in all our stories and movies etc etc. Even in the Matrix how the “good guys” fight the bad guys with force. When really if you could just reflect the energy of agent Smith back at him in a clear and beautiful way then the guy would be powerless…geez then the movie would only last 15 minutes instead of part I, II, III…thats Hollywood!

All the best…Hong Kong John


I think you get the picture, John. Another aspect of this corporate world order is that they’re in rebellion against universal law. What we do by invoking balance is to rather serve universal law. This is the opposite of how the What To Think Network presents these dynamics; the Star Wars episodes are a good example of the latter.

Most gifters aren’t even conscious of the fact that they’re defeating this corporate world order; they only like to gift because it feels terrific and produces astonishing confirmations in the atmosphere. A lot of them are militant pacifists and resent us for directly opposing murderous, corporate tyranny.


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