Hong Kong Johnny - John Burchell in Hong Kong

I rag on EW contributors who share their orgonite field reports but won’t share personal information. I want people to also share personal information because that shows our readers that we’re just like them but simply have committed to this work, so are producing miraculous results, as they also can. I constantly share my personal stuff if it seems to help cement a more personal awareness of what we’re doing in the readers’ minds. We’re nobody’s saviors except our own.

One who also doesn’t mind sharing personal info is John Burchell in Hong Kong. We’ve been having a nice discussion for five years or so and he’s the one who inspired Carol and I to start eating better in order to survive this ancient corporate war against humanity with much more equanimity and vitality, which means we can now do a lot more damage to the parasitic world order than ever [Image Can Not Be Found] . We feel more youthful and vital, now, than we ever did on account of the way we’ve improved our diets. Thanks, John!

He’s also an avid supporter of Ai Wei Wei and has done some large-scale gifting in nearby parts of China in addition to his work in Hong Kong.

John is devoted to examining reality independently and he avoids dogma and blind imitation as much as I do. Here’s a YouTube video that a friend of his made:

There’s an awful lot of important things that I would also like to say about several other prolific orgonite flingers who post reports here but some of them don’t even want to share their names, so I’ll just keep encouraging them to be more forthcoming as time rolls along.

I suggest that shyness is often a form of arrogance (that ought to light some fuses, here [Image Can Not Be Found] ).


If I may add, arrogance is also often a fear of not being accepted (for our mistakes, mostly).

I was terribly shy when I was a child up until my early adult life. When I mean shy I mean straigh up socially inept! [Image Can Not Be Found]
It was only later I learned the skills to more easily interact with people on a more familiar or intimate level. Once I picked up on it, though, I learned pretty fast – at least that’s what my first girlfriend said [Image Can Not Be Found]

Nowadays I am usually anything but shy, sometimes bordering on shameless! That doesn’t mean I’m never arrogant, though. “Quitting” the ego is harder than to quit smoking because the bastard is much more subtle!

I’m convinced that a lot of what happened in my life (coincidences anyone?) had intervention from the Operators, or the Creator, however you want to namet it, just so that I had the chance to fulfill my life here. Just so that I could participate in this beatiful transformation of the planet, through orgonite and other positive etheric means (i.e. boosting/blasting). And finally after 32 years of denying myself, I’ve come much closer to fully accepting it and actually feel quite lucky, even humbled sometimes, that I was “pushed” here.

These days I’ve been in a kind of “goodbye gifting” mode. Me and my grandparents are leaving this house soon and so I decided to gift this area thoroughly before we leave and (not having a driver’s license) all is being done on foot…
Suffice to say it has been shocking for this sedentary western man to walk a few kilometers a day, but damn it’s being fun [Image Can Not Be Found]
Today it was a cliff of vulcanic rock where I believe a small vortex may have been laying – pictures were taken and a post will follow soon.


Great video! I enjoy those warm Canadian lakes shots in the middle of winter. HKJ you are 51? look more like a healthy 38 year old with the body of a 20 year old. Good inspiration for all those people who think aging is slow death…or there’s nothing you can do to stop chemtrails , towers and nukes are too powerful for little old me. Great diet! I’m not too sure about eating raw pork though. YUK!(filthy shit eating animal)There’s a reason we refer to the bankers leg breakers as ‘pigs’(they eat shit too)
HKJ have you gifted Ontario?Hong Kong?
Shyness is for business reasons . Need money to gift on a large scale… just like good health. Tibetan monks have lived over 150 years, imagine how much they could gift in that life span?(if they had cash,and knew how to drive an SUV)

Thanks so much…

I simply hope that the video inspired others to explore greater possibilities. Everybody’s path is different and what works for one may not work for another. Yet I feel we can all PAY ATTENTION and find methods that are beneficial. Yes Bear Claw by next month I will have been around the sun 53 times in this body…perhaps the number of revolutions is less relevant than we are told. I am also open to living on no food at all and simply the energy of life…orgone I think that would be great…no more dishes to wash and I could sell my fridge.

I think Don makes a valid point. I feel closure/secrets restrict the flow of energy, or POR orgone in our lives and on our planet. That’s why I have IMMENSE respect for Ai Wei Wei. He grew up in jail in china with his father…he is now an artist who lives a completely open and transparent life…he includes nude shots of him and his wife in some of his art…he speaks out honestly and openly and when the Government bull-dozes his new art gallery he turns it into his “finest work ever” by being open on the internet with photos.

The main reason I gift, SIMPLE orgonite, is to increase the frequency of my life, my community and this planet. The other day I was lying on the beach very sick with a chest cold (I see getting sick every year or two as a good thing…kinda like pressing the reset button on your computer). I was feeling, that as we all gift the planet with orgonite, clean up our lives, become more genuinely open and filled with authentic JOY…then so much of the nefarious activities will just fall away. With those thoughts the most BEAUTIFUL sylphs appeared overhead…gorgeous… like flocks of etheric birds. Of course the chemtrail jets showed up to spray. And I imagined at that moment a world in the future when the engines of the chemtrail jets won’t start…a world where jet fighters won’t fly, where guns that have an intent of malice won’t fire…the whole military industrial complex just will grind to a hault…completely obsolete. Yet invoking a world like what I describe goes beyond tossing orgonite (although that is very important). It involves raising the entire frequency of our entire life. It’s being a “rainbow vortex” of shining light…like a human HHG… Being a “rainbow vortex” school teacher, truck driver, lawyer, engineer or sign painter… That is an ART…being open is an art…knowing the art of openness is truly an art. If you are too open for some people it will blow their circuits…knowing just how much openness to give people is a skill…it’s quite hard cos often we fall flat on our faces when we first attempt it. Yet I think we can learn a LOT from each other by being genuinely open…it’s a beautiful thing.

Yes Bear Claw eating raw pork is very dangerous. I don’t recommend it. Yet at the same time you can see in the video how the consumption of some raw pork is killing me. Chinese medicine has taught me that there is no such thing as a bad food…they even use poisons in small amounts to balance the body. Some even believe that parasites are “good bacteria” morphed into bad bacteria because the body is so full of toxins. Once the toxins are removed then the parasites morph back into being good bacteria… Hard to say…I don’t know….

All I know is the sylphs in the sky this morning while driving my motorcycle by the sea in Hong Kong were GORGEOUS! My girl friend and I call them “orgasms in the sky”…we laugh and giggle and I think the sylphs do too…but I can’t say for sure. I thanked the sylphs for coming…they are so beautiful. Yet I also thank the chemtrail jets for coming too…I’m grateful for them…they will awaken many people. They woke me up…I saw the chemtrails FIRST before I saw sylphs…that’s what got me into orgonite. So I think that says something about my childhood…where I came from.

But we can transform…quite often when we let go of so much of the propaganda we have all been exposed to. I think that’s one of the benefits of living in a culture where I don’t understand very much…less propaganda. It also has helped me to see so much of the fear/control propaganda I grew up in…It’s all around the world.

I feel we can stand up without being violent…Ai Wei Wei teaches me that. So many gifters teach me that. Yet it’s when you are in the thick of things when you are truly tested…like when the government bulldozed Ai Wei Wie’s brand new art gallery. The government WANTS you to get violent…since they have a MONOPOLY on violence for sure. I think that is quite obvious in USA right now… Here in Hong kong we can buy raw cheese and also raw butter…But in USA here is a video where the government destroyed a 30 year family business by taking all 18 tons of raw cheese and bankrupting the family business. What astounded me about this video was just how PEACEFUL the people were…like Ai Wei Wei with his art gallery. If it was me could I be so peaceful?!?!?

May we all be genuinely inspired to create a real and wonderful world…time to go HOME…raising the frequency a notch at a time…