Hong Kong Sylph Update/Insight From Hong Kong Johnny

Don Croft
12 Jun 2008 13:27
Subject: Hong Kong Sylph Update/Insight from Hong Kong Johnny
Hi Don…thanks for all the wonderful insights you shared…I find it deepening when you share. My home computer got completely hacked, so I’m down for the count in that area until the neighbourhood repair guy can get it up again. yesterday…beautiful sylphs after 2 days of heavy rain. of course the chemtrail jets showed up when the sylphs appeared. when I felt into the chemtrail jets i got the insight that they are not even jets…but cloaked…weird…not that it matters. I love sylphs really and truly Don I really light up when I see them and feel so happy. Perhaps they are like the immune system of the Earth mother…and the chemtrail jets the attack of a parasitic infection…anyway what matters is the gifting…and the boosting…and that we heal this infestation of parasites that we’ve given our power to.

Thanks for everything…mucho appreciated…with love john in Hong Kong

Don Croft
13 Jun 2008 05:36
Subject: Re: Hong Kong Sylph Update/Insight from Hong Kong Johnny
John is the only gifter in China, as far as I know. I asked him whether he’d like to be in touch with other gifters thru EW and here’s what he replied:

On 6/13/08, John Burchell <[email protected]> wrote:

Great Don. Yes I am open to having my email address shared with folks in the area that are genuinely interested.

I’ve felt some subtle attacks lately. Pain in my hips of all places. My strategy is to feel the love I have for my Cocker Spaniel (I had when I was a boy) and send it to those wanting to bother me. The pain then dissipates. Interesting that my father has had 2 hip replacements…so perhaps they have a way to map ones genetic history.

I’ve learned to be firm and strong and clear about throwing off these parasites yet do it in a manner that maintains an open heart-space. I think I got this idea from you or EW and from my experience it seems quite effective…it makes a lot of sense.

Have a super weekend…wonderful that Carol has great resources at her fingertips to heal her arm…way cool…john

He had met Didier, who had been gifting in Hong Kong but left not long ago. This is not the same Didier on EW who is from Reunion Island (near Madagascar) and gifts there and in Southern France, by the way.

It’s 2:30AM for me, now, and I was unable to sleep after I had what was apparently a pretty startling lucid dream at 1AM in which I held a thin-walled, blown-glass/crystal vessel, about four feet long and perhaps four gallons in volume which I held with the open end directed at some Sylphs.

The pearlescent glass object was spontaneousl ringing in what was perhaps the tone of middle C (or the higher tone that Lemurian and Diamantina crystals ring) and the impression that this vision came directly from Sylphs was so astonishing that I was unable to get back to sleep. I’d never had a direct interaction with them other than getting a good feeling when seeing them, though the time one of them apparently came down to the ground and brightened the entire town was pretty remarkable. The timing of John’s comment about Sylphs perhaps being part of the planet’s immune system is interesting. I think it was Frank in Wisconsin who recently mentioned that the CIA and other freak agencies are the old world order’s immune system Cool which in terms of the more elegant and rarified etheric dynamics of Sylph actiivity might be compared the way gorillas can be taught (with a lot of academic fanfare) to slightly ape human communication, so to speak.

Until very recently, it’s possible that the almost complete absence of Sylphs for almost a century was due to aggressive HAARP and other predatory electromagnetic and nuclear interference. This might be similar to the way that poisonous antibiotics cause the human immune system to go to sleep so that parasites can invade then entire body from the colon. See why I call the the world odor’s leg breakers and poisonmongers, ‘sewer rat agencies?’. The newage movement is patterned on them, so would-be enlightened people are programmed to confuse cunning with wisdom.

Carol and I found a photo of a magnificent Sylph that was taken from a boat on the Grand Bahama Bank (east of Bimini in that enormous vortex, before a crew of starry-eyed newagers were duped by a then-popular masonic Theosophy guru into crapping in that punchbowl) in 1990 and I once saw an exhibit of black and white photos of Sylphs that were taken in the 1930s at a remote beach on the coast of Maine but until many prolific gifters around the world started seeing them overhead, a few years ago, I’d never seen one with my own eyes.

Orgonite’s peculiar ability to neutralize and transmute even the worst of the world odor’s etheric poisons (disharmonious electromagnetic and nuclear radiation) is, to me, sort of like how simple ionization by a ten dollar zapper (tendollarzapper.com) is able to neutralize and dissolve parasites and their acid excretions in the body, thus eliminate most diseases.

The other impression I got from the 1AM experience was that the remarkable dream/vision was a gift for my wife, who is quite anxious about the operation that will happen in a few hours in a clinic/hospital in Post Falls, Idaho. I’ll tell her about it when she wakes up in a couple of hours.

A surgeon will put a plate on her broken arm bone at 7AM to get it back together and she’ll get general anaesthesia, which concerns her a lot. Dooney and Doc Stevo graciously offered to get into the chatroom with me, then, to help her get through it and to block any CIA/Triad attempts to harm her by subtly influencing the surgeon’s or anaesthesiologist’s behavior. These predators are pretty good at that, as several past events have shown us.

The queer part of this new dynamic, for me, is that we’re each and all fully accountable for what we do but we also need to instantly forgive others when they harm us. This spiritual principle is so much more than a newage-sewage, intellectual ping pong ball. It’s the opposite of the way people in the West are inclined to litigation or other forms of revenge any time one gets wounded. I think the only time we shouldn’t show mercy is when we’re in the process of stopping predators who are in the act of plotting or committing crimes, such as the efforts of the sewer rat agencies to initiate WWIII. There have been exceptions, like the way we go after the US and British Navy people who slaughter dolphins and whales, after the fact. I think we’re about to do that on behalf of those whales that were slaughtered in Madagascar.

Attrition seems to discourage these murderers from giving free reign to their cetacean-genocide urges. You might feel similarly inclined if you were a student in a progressive school and a FBI SWAT team came in and started gratuitously murdering your professors. According to our experiences in the international chat sessions dolphins and whales show up en masse, etherically, to help us whenever we pursue these murderers.

Otherwise, many of us encourage creative personal responses to psi aggression like the one John described, above.

Post Falls is the town directly west of Coeur d’Alene, on the shore of Lake Coeur d’Alene, which we heavily gifted in October, 2006 after we got back from Florida. Ever since then the water has been getting clearer and no matter how many chemtrail jets try to mess up the sky over the lake it all dissolves in a few seconds, nor are the HAARPies able to white out the sky overhead, even now. There’s been a very big blue hole over Post Falls for the past year or so, similar to the blue hole that’s usually over the airfield where we live and this puzzled us because we don’t know anyone in Post Falls. I asked Carol whether the blue hole is from the Spokane River, which empties from the lake, just west of the town of Coeur d’Alene and flows past Post Falls and Spokane, west to the Columbia River. There are spectacular waterfalls which gave the town its name. She saw the energy moving up into the sky from the river and confirmed my hunch. We took Cesco to see the waterfalls when he was here last March.

Maybe there’s an etheric pitot effect involved in the highly orgonized river, here, and this may relate to Frank’s recent discovery that water which has been orgonized by putting orgonite along the outside of a house’s plumbing makes it possible for water coming out of a hose to create a temporary blue hole in an overcast sky. In Frank’s case the experiment is golden because he doesn’t have an orgonite cloudbuster, nor is there apparently one near him.

The pitot effect is the creation of higher pressure when a substance moves through a narrowing passage. This enables a directed jet of water to cut through a steel plate, for instance.

The blue holes that so many of us have created with orgonite devices isn’t permanent, of course; it’s mainly seen at the beginning and end periods when rain is present but many of the pilots at our airfield (including me) have taken advantage of being able to fly on days when the surrounding airfields are not operating for VFR flying. VFR is ‘visual flight rules’ and when there is restricted visibility VFR pilots don’t fly. Pilots who can fly ‘blind’ by only using instruments can fly any time, day or night, sunshine or fog.

Roger, who is one of our professional-pilot neighbors, has expressed appreciation for the blue holes that our cloudbusters create and he flies a lot on those days. He also told me that one area to the south always feels unpleasant to him and is especially turbulent, so I gifted the mountains all around there with my plane a few weeks ago. I haven’t yet asked him to check on the area again and tell me what he senses, but I will. He’s pretty objective, so he’ll give an honest account.

Always pay attention to your dreams and visions, okay? Telling others about them is important or even essential. We’re all getting them, now.