Horrid Herbie Goes to Argentina

I don’t know why, but for some reason that subject line reminds me of a punk band that got sued by Hollywood for calling themselves ‘Gidget Goes to Hell.’ I think the original Gidget, all grown up and deeply troubled, was one of the performers [Image Can Not Be Found]

Dr Horrible is attacking the notion of chemtrails in Argentina, evidently:


I don’t know Spanish, so I’m only assuming he went there (tail between his legs?) to attempt some sabotage against the gifting network. Hopefully, he’ll attack orgonite cloudbusters [Image Can Not Be Found]

Nobody but the CIA, MI6 and the US/Brit Air Force pays ‘debunkers,’ of course and I’ve never seen a debunker on TV that I’d like to know, personally. They all seem like sociopaths to me. Even academic backstabbers have to at least seem pleasant to most people in order to earn tenure.

It wasn’t until after Dr James DeMeo travelled to Germany and Austria, in 2003, to attack our work that a whole bunch of new orgonite cloudbusters finally sprang up in those countries so I’m hoping that this other debunker will also inspire more and more people to do this work in Argentina. Maybe the Chile gifters’ progress, next door, has also motivated the CIA to send this representative to Argentina. There might already be a whole lot of gifting and cloudbusters in Argentina but for some reason they’re not talking to us, much. Maybe their efforts are mainly what drew Dr Horrible to that country–any knowledgeable Spanish speakers care to comment in this thread or email me at [email protected] ?

I rarely mention our attackers by name but Horrible Herbie crossed the line when he tried to publicly implicate Je Torres in the evident CIA’s bombing of several death towers in Spain, recently, so we’re not quite done with him, yet. I think the world order bit off more than they could chew when they tried to turn Spain into a desert to bolster their Global Warming scam [Image Can Not Be Found]

When Ale and Javi were visiting us in January Ale told me that a friend of his was vacationing in Southern Chile and got sick from chemtrails, which had just begun showing up in that region. South America, until recently, didn’t have any chemtrails as far as we can tell. I think they started spewing over Santiago only after the Chile gifters got very busy and Southern Chile is probably beyond the range of the nearest orgonite cloudbuster, so it’s not surprising that Ale’s friend got a respiratory illness, then.

We need more info!


Haha! I tried to follow the link to Horrible Herrbie´s Blogsite and found this notice:

The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.

This really gives me a good laugh.
Seems as if Herbie was allergic to your post, Don!


Parasites cannot stand exposure, right? In that vein, I heard this week that the ‘Freedom Tower’, the replacement for the Fed-imploded twin towers, has been quietly but officially renamed ‘One World Trade Center’. Which is very cheering to me, in that I believe it shows that the Ministry of Truth’s serial use of terms like ‘freedom’ and ‘patriot’ for things that don’t actually represent what those terms mean, has run it’s course, or is about to.

One the public wakes up to having been conned, they will not be con-able in that way, ever again.

Thanks, Manfred–the debunker might have pulled down that blogsite before I opened my mouth. I got a notice about it from someone in Spain but it was in Spanish, so I only understood the link, which I looked at after I posted. I think Je Torres has sparked a whole lot of discerning people in that country and this awakening hurts the CIA’s and Corporate AlGore’s sleazy, ruinous agenda, there, a lot more than I could.

I do know that Horrible is scared of my exposure efforts, though, because he sent me a series of personal emails in January, alternating between threats and wheedling.

I hope the Argentinians will drill him a new one, shortly [Image Can Not Be Found]

Good point, Jeff–documented, rational conspiracy information is spreading like a grassfire in America, finally. This wave of enlightenment is obliterating the official conspiracy theories, such as the one that the offiicial one which the feds’ own controlled demolition of the WTC on swarthy Muslims.


The wonderful part of making official liars squirm is that until very recently none of them were being held accountable for their creepiness. [Image Can Not Be Found]


Je wrote a post, here, but either he deleted it or hackers did.

Either way, I want to express my thanks to Je for setting me straight on this menagerie of clever liars on the Spanish internet. I evidently swallowed a baited hook from someone in Spain, assuming it was genuine.

That was going to be my very last comment about this Herbie guy because he’s obviously no longer a threat to Je Torres’ safety and I’d be a jerk to kick anyone when he’s down.

The latest concerted assault on our business involved some attempts to induce me to put my foot in my mouth in private email and I came close to falling for that, too.

After this, I’m going to be a lot more circumspect and will cling to a realization, thanks to my patient wife, that offering evaluations of disinformation websites, even when asked by someone, is actually interfering with that person’s own volition in a real way.
I might continue to exhort people to pay more attention to their guts than to programmed endorphin-squirts (‘Sieg, Heil!’ for instance) in the path of personal discernment and social intercourse though.

The liars crave for us to mention them so that they can play the lapwing. Denying them that pleasure and rather drawing attention in a general way to their tactics and strategy (they’re everywhere on the web) has been one of my own small pleasures.

I wish we weren’t all programmed to make excuses for clever, charismatic professional liars–the ancient dirty-clergy paradigm. The more we’re willing to see them, without judgement, for what they actually are, the sooner their poisonous influence will go away.


Hello Don, sorry me, not was a hacker or me, was the admin of forum in an error. Alejandro said to me post again.

I paste my deleted messages:

2009/04/24 – 18:34

Subterfuge In Spain
Message posted in relation to Xavi in Spain desinfo about Heriberto in military bases. (Please Don post again)


Personally I think that chemtrailsbaires is a blog created and handled by agents to rise up to the reputation (misinforming and creating fear) for later to be closed and to release a speech to scare all and that the whole world creates that to make use of the freedom of speech can bear some problem.
We all already know here that the rats presume to have more means, power or weapon to control us, and then it is a lie.
Chemtrailsbaires insulted me for i denounce an agent called Antonio Leonardo that went out in the public tv (Cuarto Milenio program) making to happen for an activist worried by the chemtrails. Openly he criticized the orgonite and said that it was a slightly serious foolery. Logically his plan was to stay as an idiot in front of a respected “meteorologist”.

I have decided to write in this message for which it has already seemed to me very coarse that Xavi (I know by intuition that it is chemtrailslleida.wordpress.com) was writing to you similar foolery. This agent, much friend of chemtrailsbaires carried out a similar strategy a few months ago. First it made his blog famous and approached us then to start putting fear on the chemtrails and overnight closing his blog and to disappear, creating an aura of mystery as for his disappearance.

Its funy that Xavi send you info about rare subtances in military bases for chemtrails, hehe, again fear, again mistery, this is a part of another desperate campaign after we have denounced that the planes that they fumigate are camouflaged in all the airports and camouflaged like commercial.

in spanish, look our discovered about chemtrails planes. The chemtrails planes are in all aerports in the world camouflaged like commercial! The fumigation does not escape of the engine but of the supports of the flaps.
http://chemtrails.foroactivo.com/demost … -t1236.htm

Please, look this photo


http://www.airliners.net/search/photo.s … AIR_TO_AIR

What are spraying?

Maybe Diatomite. Look, China practices artificial rain reduction for sunny Olympics spreading silver iodide and 2,800 kg of diatomite into the clouds.
http://en.beijing2008.cn/news/dynamics/ … 4996.shtml

A time had us cheated, but at once we knew who was (Xavi, chemtrailslleida), we even continued the game a time in our forum. It was funy.
The same with un_garcía, chemtrailsvalencia.wordpress.com, wilhelmreich.wordpress.com or escapandodelacelda.blogspot.com. I think all agents in the same team of Heriberto but with differents strategies.

I believe that it is not necessary to keep on giving publicity to this strategie (Heriberto the public bad man), for whom it is what the current agents want. They have centred the attention on a reveille and they it use for them to happen unnoticed. Believe me if I say to you that Heriberto is the most inoffensive of all the agents that I have known. In Spain I can count more than 20 persons doing a big theater to create a movement of false activism worried by the chemtrails and others, which of course not orgonite gifting publicity or true operations.

the hard blow that a few gifters have given to the operations of climatic control in Spain (by meteo radar, military radars, aeronautic radars, cell towers, tv and radio towers, digital tv towers, etc…) is causing ravages in the highest spheres. desert Spain was the plans of these tyrants in very few years and they the plan has gone away to the fret. They have putting a lot of attention in us and need to control at all costs our movement, not by the force of course, but playing to the absent-mindedness.

it turns out to me very difficult to be able to explain what we see and discover in another language. I hope me one deals with other parts of the world so that our learning does not fall down in broken sack and other gifters could walk from our point to avoid disappointments, frustrations, fear, etc.

As the new strategy of the agent Alex Jones (continued by agents in Spain), they now speak about the chemtrails but they say that they are good and that they protect us from the climatic change (bad solar rays). These agents do not say that the climatic change is being provoked artificially from antennas (DOR, heat by microwaves, etc…) and with these chemtrails (greenhouse effect and destruction of clouds heap). I am sure that all this they are maneuvers to the desperate one. Our information could not already stop, only turn away.

Alex Jones video chemtrails desinfo

Thank you for reading.
All the best

2009/04/24 – 18:46

Re: Horrid Herbie Goes To Argentina
“it turns out to me very difficult to be able to explain what we see and discover in another language. I hope me one deals with other parts of the world so that our learning does not fall down in broken sack and other gifters could walk from our point to avoid disappointments, frustrations, fear, etc.”

Je, it may make you happy to know that I’ve forwarded a number of your posts to close friends of mine, and several have replied back to me “I love how he writes.”

Meaning, I think, how impressive and inspiring it is to see someone go forward and speak without fear in a language different than their own.

Your writing is inspiring to me, too.

2009/04/24 – 18:55

What Contain Chemtrails?
Ey Jeff ! Thank you very much for your words!

Its clear i dont have fear of this rats.

I consider to be very important that this information should go out to the international light.

The fear in these times is absurd. We are the people of good and we should not be afraid. Those who have to be afraid are those who are carrying out this ecological crime. And I who some day are going to pay it.

Maybe you dont read my last post edit, i re write

…"What are spraying?

Maybe Diatomite. Look, China practices artificial rain reduction for sunny Olympics spreading silver iodide and 2,800 kg of diatomite into the clouds.
http://en.beijing2008.cn/news/dynamics/ … 4996.shtml "…

Thank you, socio. In fact, this forum is buried under a mountain of fakery, which the search engines favor. Anyone who wants real information in English about orgonite and its wonderful effects on the environment and on human awareness has to dig quite a bit to find us, even though we’re setting the standards and are providing no end of good reports for the record.

I’m grateful that you’re posting a history of the same fakery directed at your Spanish forum, also documenting some of the chemtrail technology. When this information is posted on the same forums as the instructions for disabliing the corporate weaponry that’s deployed against humanity and the environment our readers can easily arm themselves properly and join the exhilarating effort to neutralize the parasitic (corporate) old world order.

As we saw in January, when we outed Herbie, a forum doesn’t need to be well-known in order to damage the disinformaiton apparatus. Etheric Warriors is still quite obscure. I only outed him, then, because he was trying to harm you, Je. I only outed James DeMeo, last week, because he had been trying to ensure that Georg, Carlos, Tino and Prophet received prison sentences for gifting in Mozambique.

Otherwise, I don’t generally mention our detractors specifically; I only record the strategies and tactics that their employers direct them to use. I don’t know if DeMento is agency-affiliated or is just trying to protect his alleged turf but he tried to actually harm four innocent, altruistic, jailed people with his broadcast lies, so it’s a moot point in this case, perhaps also in Herbie’s case.


Yes of course Don, and thank you very much !

When i speak of others ocult agents in a skin of activits is for they are speaking and writing garbage about me, my forum, orgonite or my research.

For example, trinityatierra said that orgonite is danger, and chemtrailslleida said that i am a debunker because i say the chemtrails are for destroy cloud rains with an absorvent product from comercial planes an aerports. He said that the chemtrails are for genocide and from military secret bases for do a siniester, freak and urban leyend way. Too, Rafapal.com (Rafael Palacios) spoke a lot of disinfo garbage of orgonite and it initiated a campaign to make to believe to the whole world that I was Heriberto !!

These 3 supposed activists have always tried the same, make to believe to all that I am an agent disinformer. why? because we have managed in Spain to finish with the drought, and that in full June rains intensely. also our denunciation is serious and for the barking of the agents, we know that we are in the good way.

Of course, in Spain there are so much fakery, dozens of sites and i dont report all, only those who affect me.

Today report of Spanin weather. Where is now the fatal climatic change for Spain?? This good results are thanks to the big tdt, tv, radio arrays, anda big aeronautic, meteo and military radars and radiotelescopies.

http://chemtrails.foroactivo.com/seguim … -t1572.htm

All the best

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Dr. James Demeo (Quack)

I’m not far from Ashland, Oregon, so I could stuff some Orgonite Tb’s right under (not up) Demeo’s butt. [Image Can Not Be Found]


If you can stomach reading dis-info this is Demeo’s website www.jamesdemeo.org/

[Image Can Not Be Found]

If you’re ever in Ashland, swing by Demeo’s place and gift him some Orgonite.
His address is 2305 Ashland St. or his office at 12543 HWY 66 right off I-5.
I wonder if Demeo (541-552-0118) takes calls from Orgonite gifters ? [Image Can Not Be Found]

Someone sent me this link to a recent Mercola article where he mentions orgone energy for the first time ever.
http://articles.mercola.com/sites/artic … t-Why.aspx
She thought I’d be pleased as he’s consistently failed to recognise its existence until now.

Unfortunately this article seems to be a collaboration between Mercola and DeMeo.
It promotes Reichian accumulators but fails to mention that accumulators concentrate DOR as easily as they do POR; making them a little hazardous in these DOR-polluted times.

Orgonite renders accumulators safe of course and the fact that both DeMeo and his new accomplice Mercola fail to mention this would seem to call their true motives into question.
In Mercola’s case; it could be a midture of ignorance and naivety but DeMeo has no excuse.

I posted a comment about orgonite and accumulators in the blog following the article and it was immediately deleted (as have three previous orgonite-related comments to other relevant Mercola articles).


Thank you Dan for adding your intel to this thread !

I drove into Ashland yesterday to gift De-mento’s place, but the addresses on www.zabaseach.com for his place in
Ashland don’t exist, which is a bit off, so I tossed a tb into the small creek running through town where all the shops and restaurants are located. Oddly, Ashland is absent of any death towers. Maybe it’s a city zoning restriction, but
I’ve been to many a small town and found death towers and this place doesn’t have any

I wanted to get a photo of me and a tb in front of Demeo’s place to post, but it wasn’t to be I guess.

Ashland is a very lively little artist community, so if you are ever driving along RT 5 you should swing into the
downtown area and have a look around and maybe something to eat.

I’ve never seen so many restaurants in a town the size of Ashland.

I’m heading back east and have been gifting death towers along the way, however I can’t get them all and I’m saving
my tb’s for the big towers I pass.

Thanks for the shaving orders while I’m out exploring. I’ve now got a little more room in my suv .

Eric [Image Can Not Be Found]


See he got a good mention on Mercola.com.

So sent them off info on the gardening trials and results with youtube link.

Still waiting to see if they publish it.


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