Hospital Forced to Relocate After Gifting

(Don Croft) #1

I think you’ll find the following email as inspiring as I did and I can’t resist putting this report into the public record.

If you work in a hospital or know someone with a public conscience who does please share this report!

The person who sent this to me is one of the thousands who don’t feel a need to participate on a forum, I think, and so personifies the grassroot nature of this movement.

I’ve advised her that using a zapper apparently cancels out the bad effects of most pharmaceuticals and even outright poisons, so that if the serial killers decide to torture her again this way she may not have to suffer from it.

That point was brought home to me not only by my successful zapping of a rattlesnake bite but also observing the wonderful effects of zapping on my father-in-law last summer after his serial killer’s (MD quack) drug cocktails had nearly put him in a nursing home. In that case, he kept taking the drugs even though all the symptoms for which he was taking them vanished within a few days.

I also told her about Dr Kayiwa’s and Kizira Ibrahim’s experiences of literally emptying a couple of hospitals in Uganda by simply gifting them. The patients simply felt well, so they went home in that case. Of course, over there the doctors don’t rely on pharmaceuticals much because the UN prevents them from getting them, except for murderous AIDS drugs.


Hey Don, its been a long time. I corresponded with you a few times in 2004, and gifted my whole town and surrounding area, but have discovered I have left out some of them pesky towers.

I have got plenty of confirmation of my gifting done good. for example they are shutting down the newly refurbished hospital after I put enough towerbusters on the inside and outside. They are moving to an area very far from here, and people are understandably baffled at the decision as they have no reasonable explanation and the area they are moving it to is dor-city of course.

I had to serve a stint in the hospital myself after telling too much to a doctor about gifting and they pumped me full of drugs and it was a nighmarish experience, so I have been a bit apprehensive about getting involved again.

But there are new towers up and one very close by which I overlooked and when I ventured near one today the dor was overwhelming. Nausea, pressure in the head and general discomfort, and to think this is only a small array, one of them golfball jobs. Still the force from it was unmistakable. To think of the dorsoup we used to live in, and not really notice, baffles me now…