How a Psychic Sees the Energy of a Succor Punch

I’m mainly posting this to show you how interesting my email is every day, also to show you how hard it is to get a lot of EW contributors to write their posts in the same way that they write their emails to me–it’s been kind of frustrating! This one is from a very talented and committed new forum contributor whom I’ve, so far, been unable to persuade to post material like this.

I have to respect his anonymity but I sent him zappers, boxes of TBs and (last) a Succor Punch because by helping him out of his current dilemma I’m kneecapping the local, baby-killing masonic oligarchy who have been trying to shackle him. I do like to help people but I enjoy defeating the enemy a lot more, honestly. ~Don

I got the succor punch in the mail a day or two after the TB’s arrived. WOW this thing is something. The energy that comes off it is wild. just from turning it on i felt the same way as when i 1st put the zapper with the pentagon shaped contacts on my heart chakra. Thanks for sending it. Correct me if im wrong, but isn’t that a lemurian seed crystal? im asking because it had ridges on several flat surfaces and i remember reading the lemurians had ridges. At any rate i can tell it is powerful.

I have been practicing working with the energy and boosting by visualizing that my heart chakra looks something like the thing on iron man’s chest but bigger around and the cobalt energy comes flying out at break neck speed with the main beam spinning wildly clockwise, and then smaller beams rotating around the main beam 1 clockwise and 1 counterclockwise. Sometimes it happens almost automatically with very little effort, sometimes it seems it takes a few minutes to clearly visualize it.