How About A Grounding Device To Connect To Your Bed?


Just been reading up on it and was wondering if there was a way to augment my bed for example to ground while I sleep. Orgonite enhanced. Is that why vampires sleep on dirt?

there’s this as a pre-made:
and also known as the lee crock device

Or any other clever low cost ideas?


Though they’re probably a couple hundred, sheets with silver fibers in them (real silver) with a clip lead with outlet plug that you plug into the wall outlet that connects to the 3rd, ground wire would be the best. You’d then be directly (and safely) connected to Earth ground.

Perhaps the first thing you should do is change your bedding if its loaded with metal coils/box springs, metal supports. This and a metal bed frame are all used as antennas by bad guys wanting to “roast” you while sleeping and this metal containing bedding also picks up, to some extent, cell phone radiation and other radiation in the ambient, concentrating it into your body.

The silver filled sheets may mitigate this issue but its always better to change to metal free bedding and a wooden bed frame.

BTW, just envisioning yourself standing in a grassy field barefoot, trying to feel the cool grass on your feet and between your toes, envisioning all bad energy simply draining out through your feet into the Earth as you do so is a very powerful, fast-acting etheric grounding technique and its one most people can visualize because we’ve all been on grassy areas with our bare feet so we have that cool grass feeling memory to call upon.


I was wondering about the spring coils being used and an antenna. I discovered / or observed the illness in the dowser was down to the coiled florescent CFL bulbs. The straight ones are OK as far as we know. I don’t think he’s tested them yet.


very busy and way behind in posting but wanted to get it out there that grounding is so important…
have had an overly swollen ankle for 26 yrs(crushed)… bought some fine .999 silver wire in thailand
this past winter and My love weaved it through a bedsheet/grounding pad and the first night of sleeping
on it swelling went down to nothing after 26 years! grounding is amazing, btw brought the sheet with Us to CANADA
and hooked it up to the grounding screw holding the plug plate on per Genes suggestion, over all cost is alot cheaper
making sheet Yourself…

have lots of gifting tales to post and will do when it slows down as it is turning out to be the busiest season yet and btw
Orgonite sales are happening everyday now

really need a website……

Sounds great Gare

I have no access to the silver thread or weaving so lets come up with some leads on how to make this cheap and accessible now.



I’d start doing this now however voltage is 220-240 here so I’d want to make sure this is wired up properly. There’s probably some clever way that the there’s no possible jump to the other +/- poles.

Build some orgonite into the circuit too?

Ok silver bed mesh is going to be freaking expensive so what are the alts?

Lets do this!!!


I was discussing ill winds with a raw milk seller and cow wisperer and she directed me to:

next trick is how to build these things ourselves.