How can you tell what an average death tower is?

Hi, Don:

I’ve gotten to enjoy my gifting endeavors more…of course it helps that I’ve been seeing a plethora of sylphs and blue skies lately. Today whilst driving to work, I noticed a small cell tower which had a bird on each receptor panel. I think they were crows, and had never seen that before. Could the birds be an indication the tower is gifted?

Also, I watched a number of Andy’s gifting videos with great interest. However, it is not made clear the quantity of orgone required to fully gift a given tower. We’ve briefly discussed this before, but how can I determine how many TBs need I lay down for a given tower? I don’t want to use more than necessary. What if the tower has 2 or 3 layers of panels? As an example, I found three adjacent towers; one of them had two layers of panels. I decided on 2 TBs in that case, instead of 3 or 4. As always, thanks for your input.



Thx, Jim–the Sylphs are the best confirmation we know of, especially if the area you’re gifting was smoggy before you got started.

I think the birds are an indication that the tower is turned off. A gifted death tower is apparently too toxic for birds (except vultures–no kidding [Image Can Not Be Found] ), up close. Carol and others see a dark outline around a gifted tower and we assume this is the zone where the deadly energy is turned into life force by the nearby orgonite.

I’ve never given much thought to what constitutes an average death tower, really. Most of us seem to quickly develop a feel for how much is needed. Maybe that process happens so fast in the field because we’re more open to listening to our heart promptings in that situation. Some of us assume that this is how The Operators give us our instructions. This activity sort of builds ‘de facto faith,’ whether a gifter is inclined to have it or not. It’s so much fun and so empowering that we don’t often analyze the process or speculate about the metaphysical aspects. We leave idle speculation to the big-talkers and chest pounders, rather [Image Can Not Be Found]

The way I conserve my ammunition is to just use two towerbusters on a single tower that’s obviously worse than most. There’s no harm over-gifting, of course, and doing the towers is just the first step. The next one is much bigger–gridding neighborhoods and entire cities.

Putting orgonite in bodies of water is another project that takes a whole lot of orgonite.

Gifting ‘trouble spots,’ such as satanic ritual sites, corporate/gov’t institutions, masonic lodges and temples, mormon temples, copshops & courthouses, city hall, bornagain chump churches, etc., is also essential, I think.

Earthpiping underground bases may turn out to be very important in coming months or years as the corporate world order continuues to be exposed and neutered. I think these are their boltholes where they’ll ‘store’ their mercenary forces to wait for a chance to come out and commit mayhem after the demise of their puppet national governments. The amount of cash they spent buuilding these things makes the US Alleged National Debt look like chump change.


There’s a broadcast tower in Bismarck, ND that is on a hill above the state capitol building. It is “plagued”, according to various tower maintainers, by birds. Vultures, mainly, but also some crows & smaller birds. Makes me weak from laughter. They’ve tried everything except shooting the vultures (which are protected under the Migratory Bird Act) & the vultures just keep coming back. Kind of like a homely version of the swallows at Capistrano. [Image Can Not Be Found] Is like an ongoing pun!