How do we post photos here?

I notice that some are posting photos and others (including me) are apparently unable to do so. I simply chalked it up to hacker interference because before EW was destroyed by NSA hackers the second time, last year, I was able to post photos for a little while but maybe I’m just missing something now.

Any user-friendly help and advice available for us incomputerates? For what it’s worth, every public photo album account I set up, back then, got hacked to death in a short time.



I think if the photos are on your computer you simply use the button with a small tree depicted in it next to the smiling face (emoticons) above.

Above the box that says front size when you are writing a new message.


I have to put the photo on my site/internet first, I then right click on photo to
get the url under “properties”. Doesn’t always have it I have to say, and probably not what you were after. Gozilla (the reptile browser) does it better.

I then paste the url into the box provided

You can send me the photos and I can put them on whale and send you the url, if needed, or page url with them on, wouldn’t want to missm any pics.

My profile is still dead, I guess that is a tribute

My good friend Wouter has made me a nice upload script which can be used to upload files and link to them.

One can upload 5 files at a time, there is no limit in size or file extension.

upload the files with:

The files will be placed in:
Upload script target folder"
Thank you.



First, navigate to the upload page:
Upload page

You will see the following screen:

Choose the button "bladeren" or "browse" depending on the language of your browser.
A popup screen will emerge which you can use the select the picture on your local computer.
Click on ok after you have selected the file on your local computer.

Repeat this for each file/pictures you wish to upload. There is a maximum of 5 each session.
Click on send after you’ve selected all the pictures you wish to upload. The application will
now send the files to the internet.

After sending the application will display a list with uploaded files and the links. As shown here:

Now you can use the underlined link in blue in your posts on EW.

While typing you post. Click on the picture icon (encircled in red) as shown here:

A dialog will emerge. Now copy or type the underlined blue link that was given
by the upload application. In our case:

It will look like this:

As you can see, the EW forum will show a preview of your picture. Fill a description and
a title if you like. Click on the insert button and you are done!

The following 2 pictures are: ;

For any questions:
[email protected]

thank you.

Thanks a lot, guys–this is all very helpful and you’re very generous, John and Satish, to offer your own websites for my pics! Now, I need to start taking pictures again so I can post them. The bottleneck for me was the public photo album setups, after all.

Very good for us all to know what the tree icon is for, Pekka.


Ironicly, the upload script, that has not been used up to this date, was used to exploid and hack my website. I’ll install a better and more secure upload script in the very nearby future

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