How do we tell a ghost from an astral peeker?

The next question for Carol is,'How do we tell a beliigerent astral peeker from a simply curious one?

She’s told me all of this and the information has been very useful but I want you to read her own words so that you can get it first hand, rather than through the Don filter.

Part of the problem for couples who start global, grassroot progressive movements is that if only one of them does most of the writing, his or her personality will seem more prominent. In fact, I’d never met a courageous, inventive and phenomenally talented female psychic before Carol who has the capacity for commitment, too, so I’d probably still just be selling zappers now if she hadn’t come along. I tend to feel closest to my mate–some of us are just made that way, I guess.

Carol is uniquely suited to enable this work to become established in the world because she combines qualities of trustworthiness, commitment, courage and skill, all of which is extremely rare in psychics or anyone else, these days. In the years that this network has been expanding, we’ve only found three other psychics, so far, whom we’ve felt are trustworthy enough to work this closely with: Dooney, Dr Stevo and D Bradley. A score and more of extremely talented but untrustworthy psychics have gone by the boards in the meantime, sad to say, which mainly just makes our appreciation for these more suitable psychics that much stronger. I’m sure there are many more of the good ones around and that we just haven’t met them, yet. Danion Brinkley, Allison DuBois and James von Prague are good examples of other world-class psychics, whom we don’t personally know well, who use their gift to help others rather than to promote doctrines or organizations.

Anyone who lives with a psychic understands that the burden of the gift would far outweigh the glamor for the rest of us [Image Can Not Be Found] but it’s who they are, so they deal with it or go nuts.

The unfortunate experiences with psychics who didn’t make the grade in this network have also raised the functional standard for who we’ll all feel comfortable with in the chat sessions, which was inevitable. In this case, nothing can take the place of an earned, good reputation. We have acted on intel from lots of folks who have psi ability, though, after one or more of the psychics checked out the offered data and found it valid. We get a lot of good and timely intel, that way, and I hope it keeps coming in private email.

The reason most people don’t know Carol, yet, is that she’s been inclined not to write about what she knows and sees. The reason for that is that she was concerned that it would seem egotistical; she’s self-effacing and avoids promoting herself. Thanks to the appreciation that many folks have expressed for her candid reports about the dolphin experiences, though, I’ve managed to convince her to write more by sort of priming her this way. She’s not much of a friend of email, which is another aspect of being psychic, but if you want questions answered and posted, please send them to me privately, for now, and I’ll set it up for Carol. I get a lot of the same questions (which Carol–not me–can answer adequately), of course, so this should be helpful.


This is a very good question. “How do you tell the difference between an astral peeker and an ordinary ghost encounter.”

With in a month to a month and a half before Halloween the veil between the dimensions gets even thinner than it has already become. So people are more apt to see ghosts. The easiest way to tell the difference between an encounter with a ghost and an encounter with an astral peeker is that ghosts usually won’t look you. And if they do they will only glance at you. Ghosts aren’t used to people seeing them so they just tend to go on about their business. Alot of ghosts will ignore you because they don’t want to leave this dimension for one reason or another. They know that there are some of us that can help them move on, so they will avoid us like the plague. Usually because of unfinished business or just because they are afraid to move on. There are those, however, who want the help to move on, but these ghosts are upfront about what they want from you. They usually don’t sneak around.

When you have an encounter with an astral peeker it is totally different. They will definitely appear to be watching you, if not staring right at you. They will sometimes seem to be lurking or trying to hide from you. You may see a glimpse of them running through the room. Ghosts usually don’t normally act this way. The last time we were out in the boat down in the Keys of Florida we were motoring along and I looked out at the water and I saw what looked like a diver, sticking just his head out of the water, he was looking right at us. It scared me for a moment because he looked so 3-D that I thought we were going to hit him with the boat. He was just a peeker. Right when we got to him he just disappeared.

Whenever you get that feeling that someone is watching you but you can’t see anyone, that is more than likely an astral peeker or an ET. So I guess the key word here is NOT beware, but be aware!

I hope you find this helpful!

Blessings, Carol

Hey Carol, I want to personally thank you for answering that question which I have been making to myself couple of weeks ago. Lately Ive been receving what I believe are astral peekers, cause not only (the last ones) they were MIB’s (black suits) but they were trying to hide like zigzaging, so it just looked how you described it.

As soon as I blasted them, looks like they ran away.

Rather than feeling scared, it feels uncomfortable, cause there is someone or something watching. I think that one doesnt have to be psichic to feel these things, to sense it. If people just sit down and relax on their backyard and be open minded they would see, feel and sense lots of things, I think… and am NO psichic and lots of time I can tell when there is a presence around.

Am sure that there will come times (not far away from now) that these rats will be uncovered and reveald, as they only wanna play hide and seek…what are they going to do to hide from us? electronic tools, pure technology, we will be by that time much more confident right Don? [Image Can Not Be Found]

The rats operate with peoples fear…I think fear is lack of knowledge…and people is knowing the truth now.

What a great example, as I just finished the post I was attacked by a guy that kept me like a piece of s$%&t mind controled going to church everyday,he laughed at me and I blasted him , i dodecaed him but couldnt fill it with salt water that fast, he appeared to ran away from the dodec (someone or something backing him up) and then something smashed him out on the dodec, there were dolphins around, I thanked them and kept boosting, an image of black women doing voopoop just pop in my head.

The guy was stearing at my back with bad look like he was going to stick something in my back, and something took him out, he got stabbed I dont know by what or who.

Bad intended Astral peekers suck, and this is what they get when you fight back with love. A great lesson.

I can confirm the astral peeker experience. I used to catch a lot of these out of the corner of my eye. It would look like someone just walked past a door or window, and I would just catch a glimpse of a dark shadow out of the corner of my eye. This completely stopped as soon as I put on an HP. Now I rarely see astral peekers, and usually only when we are being heavily attacked. I’ve never seen a ghost, although I have felt and heard them, but the astral peekers are definitely affected by orgonite. I wear my HP around the clock.


Your welcome Jose……You are right, you don’t have to be psychic to feel these thugs/astral peekers. If you just stay aware of your surroundings you can tell when one of these idiots are watching you. That is the whole key. Be aware of your surroundings and also how you are feeling. Everyone has innate intuitive abilities. Some people just get a feeling, some people get a funny feeling in the pit of their stomach when something isn’t right. Some people feel a sort of pressure in the body, there are alot of symptom. There is a physical response in the body, when something just isn’t quite right. That’s where the saying, “I just had a gut feeling about it.” came from. Doing the work that we do, you have to stay on your toes. Be aware, so that when something isn’t right you can tell, and you can take the initiative and do something about it. You are the one in control, not them.

That’s really cool that you saw that guy and dodec’d him right away. Cool technique by the way Dooney. It’s a very efficent way of taking these guys down.

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