How I Make Earth Plugs

I wanted to add that using more Earth-Plugs seems to be increasing the effectiveness of my gifting.

In the past, I used EP’s sparingly due to the added time and difficultly it took to make them in quantity.

After combining a tip from a friend for a better mold and figuring out how to cast them without having to tape the bottom, I have been able to make them more frequently.

For example, a good EP mold you can find at most Hardware stores is a 1-1/2" x 6" Sink Tailpiece . This is made of POLYPROPYLENE and PVC. I have found that using a mold made of polypropylene will release the hardened resin unlike PVC.

Usually somewhere on the item is stamped PP with a triangle around it[/u:3j1rqy43] to indicate the material is polypropylene. This is an example from the bottom of a food container.

I was then able to find a silicone mini-muffin mold in which the cups are only 1-1/2" wide to plug the bottom of each EP mold.

This effectively eliminates the need for taping the bottom of the mold and is reusable many times. This really speeds the process up in my experience…Yeah!

Double-check the width of the silicone mini-muffin cups before you purchase as most are wider than 1-1/2".

Here is one on Amazon that is perfect for plugging the Polypropylene EP mold.

I cut the silicone mold into sections of 8.

I use one set of 8 as a plug for the bottom of my mold and cut the cups out of the other set to use as a way to stabilize the molds during the pouring process.

I use a wide-mouth funnel to pour in the metal shavings.

After hardening, I can then push the EP out of the mold easily or soak them in hot water for a few minutes if they are a little stuck.

I just use a normal pair of metal snippers to trim any sharp resin on the edges if necessary.

There you have it. I have a few sets of these molds, so I can make lots more EP’s…!!! They seem to make a big difference. Happy gifting.


Do you put them in copper pipes and hammer into the ground or do you put these in signposts?

Great idea Toby! Yeah but how do you get them in pipes or don’t you?

Maybe I am misunderstanding the questions. These go well in open fence/sign post poles and small sections of pipe pounded into the ground.

I personally use aluminum pipe for small sections to be pounded into the ground because of the cost…Simply start a small hole, pound the pipe in halfway, then add the E-Plug and finish hammering.

For fence posts and the like, if the opening is out of reach you can buy an inexpensive EZ Grabber to extend your reach. See the link for an example of one on Amazon.

This is all quite straight-forward. Like most applications of orgonite, you don’t have to be perfect for out-in-the-field gifting…just do the best that you can.

If you are like me, then experience will refine your approach. This demo was to help folks get started.

Happy Gifting.


Here is an extra tip that I recently used successfully.

My last pail of resin was much thicker than usual, which nearly ruined a batch of Earth Plugs since the resin was NOT able to spread evenly throughout the cylindrical EP mold.

It is frustrating to put all that time, effort, and money into making a batch of EP’s, only to pop them out of the mold and have significant sections that have no resin covering the metal. [Image Can Not Be Found]

I added some Acetone to my resin to obtain a thinner consistency, and Bingo!.

Extra catalyst was needed to cure the thinned-out resin.

The acetone worked well to thin-out my resin enough to work its way all through the tall EP mold, packed with metal and crystals.


thx fo the tip on acetone Toby… We use styrene monomer for thinning resin and does not need extra catalyst or extra curing time…
all but expensive