How Many Are Busting Out There?

This is what I wrote to Christopher Owuor:

I made some progress here, found new antennas. Soon I’ll do some new cities…

Something funny happened to me, while waiting in the bank a quite old womed asked the banker there for the "cell phone antenna on the ( …. – tower) ". She wanted to know how exactly she could drive there. This is not too far from where my parents live.
Of course this is done longtime, and I wanted to tell her that I already gifted it.
But she was too much in a hurry and left with the words: “I’ll find it, I found the tv-tower in …… too” I’m sure she was busting, why then would she ask like she did? If she was interested in the
tower, she’d have asked in another way.

We’re still very few, but this is encouraging, especially when an old woman of about 75-80 does that.


Very encouraging indeed Habibi, thx eh… Old Women can be foreceful and fearless when trying to correct
injustices and We can use as many as We can recruit!

Yes, wow, that’s tremendous. Re: the aged, I was sitting with my parents, then 70 and 75 years old, and said ‘all the politicians work for the same people, and they’re not on our side’. My mom, then a nurse at an old folks home, said ‘well everyone in the home agrees with you.’ Older people lived in a time when crooked politicians were still being run out of town on rails. I’m not surprised that, presented with the facts of the situation, they’d get busy gifting.

Off topic:

Please send some heart boosts fast to Simon Zielosko, Pforzheim. Urgent!

Thank you so much.


And as is this the place Habibi?

Bombing of Pforzheim in World War II
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During the latter stages of World War II, Pforzheim, a town in southwestern Germany, was bombed a number of times. The largest raid, and one of the most devastating area bombardments of the war was carried out by the Royal Air Force (RAF) on the evening of February 23, 1945. As many as 17,600 people, or 31.4% of the town’s population,b were killed in the air raid. About 83% of the town’s buildings were destroyed, two-thirds of the complete area of Pforzheim and between 80 and 100% of the inner city.

……………… … rld_War_II

This place, yes…

(only text on this post)

The police found him, he is well.

Thank you so much to all. He is not really well, please send him more heart boosts.


I only saw this today, Habibi, but am boosting Simon, thanks. I’m glad he was found, at least.

I think most of the people who read EW and flip death towers don’t want to post here or to even contact any of us. The reason I so strongly encouraged Sadachara to post about his accomplishments and unusual experiences over the past six years that he was working ‘in silence’ is that too many people who read our accounts, and especially some of the weirder ones involving the corporate $#!+birds’ interference with our lives and also some pleasant ethereal if unusual experiences, are afraid to even consider that what they’re experiencing is real until they can read a similar account from someone who is reputable.

I’d probably be in that category if I weren’t with Carol. Since we got together in 2000 the parameters for ‘weird’ have altered so much for me that I sometimes have to refrain from mentioning these things in an offhand way to still-frightened pajama people [Image Can Not Be Found]

I think the entire species are all being challenge to widen our horizons this way, now. The most refreshing thing about visiting third world places, for me, is that the materialism/atheism programming that we’re born into in the West never got established in those parts of the world and people still have a fresher view of reality on account of that. When I was living in Tonga a young local man, very inquisitive and intelligent, was visiting us and my five-year old son showed him his book about dinosaurs. The fellow wanted to know if creatures like that can still be found and I envied his innocence, a bit.
It’s a valid question, actually [Image Can Not Be Found]

Old folks in Europe are a lot more savvy than the old white ones here, who often still hang onto fascism and flag waving. They attended book burnings in America twenty years after the last one happened in Germany. People of color in America have mostly always known that the federal government is clearly the enemy. Local politics in America wasn’t completely subverted by the corporate until after WWII, I think, and now you can’t run for dog catcher without their endorsement. Gary Allen wrote a book that includes information on how this was accomplished, largely through Rockefeller-type foundations.


Thank you for boosting, it’s still appreciated.

The family Simon derives from is genetically special, as many under attack are. His brother can catch two flies with one hand each in the same time, and he#s also under attack, also his dad and granddad and the whole family.
Three kids were lost out of six, and this in Germany, not a poor nation during war times.

You read a lot to understand the system, but unfortunately what is missing is information from Germany. The reason why is probably that there is very few genuine information, and this very little bit is all in German. Germany was the leading nation regarding science in the world before the second world war. Yo
This war was created to destroy Germany. America stole about 30.000 patents from Germany after the second world war, in many industries they were 10, 20 or more years in front. Most history books, even those that are not mainstream, are missing the German perspectice. This is a very importent missing link.

I’d like to know why evil forces want to destroy Germany. I didn’t get behind it yet…

Even high ranked German politicians said openly that Germany has to be destroyed. “Joschke” Fischer (Joshua Fischer, the jewish former minister for foreign affairs under zionistic control) said, that
the money has to leave Germany, regardless why, to weaken the nation. Helmut Kohl, longtime cancellor, whose name is actually Hennoch Kohn, also a jew, did this job perfectly and managed to steal hundrets of billions from the Germans…

There is much more to say, but still all this is hard to understand for me. I just put it into the “wait and see”-file and are looking for more information.

Wanted to write more, but our two kids are sreaming and I cannot concentrate any more…


The Hitler Book is a good read if someone wants to get into this subject, thanks Habibi. There are some other good books out of print that might be helpful. I think it’s a mistake to separate Germany’s corporate structure from London’s and America’s, though. Both countries still share assets with the major German corporations and these factories and other facilities in Germany were not bombed during WWII, nor were the corporations affected. I think it was the same with Japan and SONY was born right after the war. It’s an anagram: Standard Oil of New York. [Image Can Not Be Found]

Jim Marrs does a good job documenting the entry of SS war criminals into US/British gov’t and businesses after the war and The Hitler Book gives a good picture of how the Brits also populated the secret police of their puppet Arab regimes with SS men, then. To me, this partly explains why it was possible to overwhelm those populations with the present, bloody form of fundamentalism in one fell swoop in 1979. We get a clearer view of history if we can get clear of excessive nationalism, I think.

The German people were always the target, obviously; not corporate Germany. One out of print book whose title I don’t remember outlined Tavistock’s role in creating Germany’s government with compliant prisoners of war who were programmed, there. Willi Brandt, the mayor of West Berlin in the troubled postwar period, had been a communist before WWII. I saw a photo of him in Spain, standing with a group of well-known British volunteers who were being sponsored by Stalin.

Sure, there are some Jews in management among the corporate order but I remember Eustace Mullins (author of World Order: The Hegemony of Parasitism), who actually hated Jews and people of color, stating in a radio interview that the men in charge of the corporate world order at the time were mainly Episcopalians and Unitarians, with a few Catholics thrown in. We can assume they were all at least 33d degree Scottish Rite masons, which trumps all the pew sitting and toneless hymns. I do get a kick out of the way the hatred of Jews is referred to as ‘racism’ because most Jews are Aryans: descendents of Khazar converts of the Asian steppe of the middle ages and the Semitic and Hamitic Jews in Israel, a minority, are treated like dirt by these Zionist folks. Zionism is a cynical construct that was generated in the early 1800s by London’s corporate elite in preparation for taking the Turk’s holdings in the Mideast, which they completely accomplished by 1918. There are obviously also other, creepier reasons why they developed and still promote Zionism, of course.

I hope we haven’t opened the floodgates to a ruinous and useless debate here [Image Can Not Be Found] --this topic fuels a lot of crazies, after all.