How To Cleanse And Balance Your Chakras

We all know to take care of our body, mind, and spirit, but we often don’t pay attention to our energy, which is stored and distributed through our chakras and can be felt or sensed by others via our aura’.

If we have a blockage in our chakra system, it will manifest into the aura which will then attract experiences that align with our disrupted energy. This, in essence, means that if our chakras are not always clear and balanced, we will spend too much energy on clearing up the consequences of walking around with an unclean aura. Instead of uncovering and reintegrating the essential parts of our ‘self’ that will aid our personal and spiritual growth.

Aside from the distraction to our spiritual growth, blocked energy, and dirt in our aura can also cause us to be and feel unhealthy, to attract situations that support the distorted energy, disrupt sleep and can be the cause of all of many of the challenges we face in life.

If we can instead maintain a healthy balanced life externally, and keep our energy clear, then we will heal ourselves in a way that will positively influence our life internally and externally. I

We can use chakra cleansing as a form of ‘internal healing’ instead of just trying to fix our physical health and wellbeing. To influence our energy positively, we can work directly with our chakras and use the chakra system to promote a healthy body and to keep our path in life clear so that we can do what we were meant to do.

There are different ways that you can clear your chakras, although I recommend creative visualization as an excellent way of clearing your chakras without relying on somebody else to do it, which will be cheaper and much more empowering!

Here’s the process:

Creative Visualisation For Chakra Clearing & Balancing.

● Step 1

Visualise and check the status of your chakras as described in this article: What Secrets Your Chakras Can Tell You About Yourself and How To Check Them.

● Step 2

Choose a chakra to clean.

You might find some chakras easier to clear than others, so it’s useful to start with the easier chakras so that they can run optimally and support you with clearing the rest of your chakras.

● Step 3

Visualize yourself clearing that chakra (or glass ball that represents the chakra).

You can use your imagination to clear the chakra; I like to imagine using a sponge and water or even a power wash. Try different ways of clearing your chakra until you find a way that you prefer.

Tip! Remember this is creative visualization and is only limited to your imagination but it works because the unconscious mind will take your visualization as an instruction to do what you want it to do which is to cleanse the chakras.

● Step 4

Pay particular attention to the stubborn parts that are difficult to clear, or that keep looking dirty again as soon as you’ve cleared them and continue to clear them away.

Note: As you clear, your chakras repressed energy that your body has been maintaining will present itself for resolution (clearing) which is why when you first clear your chakras they may look dirty as fast or may develop dark spots. This all needs clearing and then all of a sudden, they will stop getting dirty so fast – this is a clue that you’ve cleared all residual energy.

● Step 5

When you are happy that you’ve cleansed your chakras you’ll need to move on to balancing out the balls by imagining them to be the same size and form. They should all be large with a solid and smooth edge.

● Step 6

Check the colors of your chakras, are they vibrant now, or still washed out or dark? If they are dark you have more cleaning to do; if they are washed out, you need to imagine the color and energy that the color represents pouring into the ball and filling it up to the brim and keep repeating this until it rejuvenates your chakra.

Tip! It’s also worth implementing aspects that relate to the washed out chakra into your life because it’s a sign that you need more of this energy. For example, if your first chakra is faded, try doing some physical exercise, managing your money, cleansing your home, planting a garden.

If it’s your throat chakra it’s time to start paying attention to how you communicate and try to improve your communication; writing is an excellent way to begin to verbally express yourself and is good for the throat chakra without having to actually speak! But if you don’t speak out and you know you should, this is what you’ll need to work on to refuel your throat chakra.

● Step 7

Make a final check to see if you are satisfied with the form, clarity and color of each chakra. If you are not, it’s time for more cleansing activities! Repeat this process daily until your chakras retain their form, color and clarity for at least one day.

● Step 8

Set up a regular chakra cleaning routine to maintain your ‘new’ clean and vibrant life.