How to Insert Images in Posts

You cannot upload directly on this forum, you have to host the photos elsewhere, such as in photobucket or imageshack and link them by pressing the “insert image” button:[Image Can Not Be Found] Do NOT use the “upload image” button : You need to use the direct link to the photo (Photo URL) in photobucket and image shack this is very easy to do.



Thanks again, partner. Photos are very important on a lot of levels!


Another thing, direct links for photos always end with .jpg .gif .png or such. The URL (adress) of the slideshow will not work, you need the DIRECT link. I highly recomend using for this since it will give you the direct link just by pressing a button. Otherwise you have to right-click and “open image in new window” or “copy image location” .

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Is there a way to post photos without using photobucket, etc? I’ve always gotten hacked when I tried to use those services. That’s why I haven’t posted many photos. I can now get a URL for each image I want to post so is there some code I can use to cause the photos to show up in my posts?


Georg helped me with this in another thread. All one needs to do is to paste the image URL in the post and type [, then img, then ] in front of it, then type [, then /, then img, then ] after all that.

Photo, courtesy of Carol Croft, is of a typical chatblast session somewhere in Montana, with a psychic (Dooney) a boosting mule (me) and a couple of intrepid canine assistants (Sam and Molly).


Image shack works. Here are some steps: image shack>browse>upload>copy forum code which is in the list paste into text doc or forum post>optional step is to delete excess code as shown in screenshot below
note- you don’t have to sign up to upload to image shack. they want you to but it isn’t required.
Another thing to consider is image size. i made my shots 750pixels on the long side before upload, but you can let them resize for you. there is a dialog box for that on the upload page. it may degrade the quality of the shot if they scale for you so i picked do not resize when i uploaded.

here are a couple shots from the last 2 days. looks like a small blue hole from a CB in the first shot :

Thanks, David–I think most folks can use imageshack and other public photo sharing sites but when I tried to use them, four years ago, I was dogpiled with hackers, each time, and the images were even deleted from the sites [Image Can Not Be Found]

Dooney set me up to put photos on her site, right after that so I could post them but I just didn’t want to impose. I think those posts were all destroyed by subsequent agency hacker assaults. It’s been educational-- learning to keep a legitimate orgonite forum website online and there hasn’t been a successful assault on our forum since the summer of 2009, when Capt. Azti too charge of hosting it and managing security. They even tried to burn down the building his server is in but fortunately he was there in the middle of the night, doing damage control after a failed CIA/NSA onslaught. Otherwise we’d have been screwed, again. I think that was last Christmas or New Years Eve. Most of the assaults on our previous servers happened on holidays.

I love history and always assume that a few other people do, too.

Ben taught me how to put photos on my hidden pages in September after he put the entire site into accessible code–an enormous job.

The sewer rat agency hackers can’t seem to interfere with a private site that has photos.

Anyway, as the rate of exposure of these baby killers continues to increase these would-be genocidal agencies are allowed less and less opportunity to do damage in our world.


Hallow Baba Nora and Alejendro
Very good, all the instruction of sending the photo that you together with Alejandro, we had tried but to our surprise is that from the photobaket we clit the button then we copy to EW. So when we tried to open it in another window, we found that there it’s written image but when click it ,instead of opening the photo it writes there is a problem with loading the page. So I don’t know what we have missed to include. So please do us some more favor for even us we longed to send the photos directly using that method
Thx Dancan

Those are the places which were formerly a desert and after gifting these areas now even trees can grow very well and you can see the out come on the photo above.
Thanks Dancan

For those having troubles with accounts of photo hosting sites like photo bucket, image shackle, flickr, etc I recommend the following site, wich is pretty simple to use and with no accounts to be messed with.

Uploading a photo will show a page like this:

wich shows the link to the photo:


Click the photo for seeing the full sized picture.

Rigth click on it and select the option “Copy Image Location” (I’m using the Firefox web browser, but there is probably an equivalent function on any other browser). Them paste the image adress betwen the

between the

That’s it. You still need to upload an image with the size you want it to be displayed, otherwise it will be big like this one
EDIT: Oh pretty fun to delete those pics above. How old are you? Thirteen? Ahh those kids…